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It’s that time again. We are well into the primaries. And you need to hear this. What you’ll do with the information is anybody’s guess. I’ve been barking at the moon about it for years. I said it in ‘16. You didn’t see it, or you didn’t share it. And we got the Ukraine phone call hoax and the Russia hoax. THOSE were the ONLY contributions Congress made. We also got insane lock-downs and the destruction of commerce we are still reeling from today, in response to a virus.

I said this more emphatically in 2020. And still, 95% of Congress, an organization with poll numbers that range from 19 - 23% got reelected. I’ll explain why in a moment.

But since 2020, our White House went into business with the cartels and threw the border wide open. We’ve had an invasion of many millions of foreigners, often diseased, often criminal gang members, mostly male adults. The White House has been permitted, by the nearly permanent governing class, to actively kill 60 to 70 THOUSAND of our fellow citizens with the drugs they are happily permitting to pour across what used to be a sovereign border.

We went from hammering out the Abraham Accords to a Mideast conflagration. We went from energy independence to begging a shit hole like Venezuela for oil, in the process propping up the scumbag, Maduro.

We have the UN, through UNESCO, with the blessing of our own government, working with and giving money to social media companies to silence ANYONE who leans right. You can still say it, but they’ll rig it so no one hears or sees it.


If you’ve been with me for a month, you know what the Davos/WEF cult is doing to you. I recommend you browse recent episodes to see that. They ARE taking your food and energy options away! They say it all themselves, nakedly, proudly! And so far, you are allowing it to happen to you.

I repeated this call in the midterms since 2016 as well. It went ignored and the decline toward serfdom continues.

If no one wants them, how do they stay around?

How do these ass hats continue to get reelected? Good question.

Legislators spend 75% of their time fund-raising - not legislating - fund- raising. More time is stolen from their job by campaigning. They suck at legislating, as we saw with that poison pill border bill this month.

But they are very good at the other two. They have it down to a science.

Incumbency relies on a few things. Primarily, it relies on your willful ignorance to what the hell your reps are doing in DC and in the Statehouse. It also relies on tribalism, false friendship and tribalism.

On the MANY recesses these people take, your representative comes home and, with great fanfare, rarely mentioning anything substantial, he takes on the mantle of celebrity. He “listens” to your concerns, then feeds you word salads. He ALWAYS tells you, in so many words, that HE is the GREAT rep. It’s all those other ass hats that ruin everything, You must send him back as a bulwark against the ass hats.

But consider the numbers, and the nation we are becoming. It’s a better than 90% chance, your guy is a world-class ass hats. In the medium to smaller districts there is also the connectivity of people to consider. Your ass hat knows your uncle. Or your boss golfs with the guy who hosts your ass hat’s town halls, or whatever. A sense of personal connection, often an illusion, is big for incumbency.

Then there is base tribalism. FAR TOO MANY of us are a part of it. Since FDR or Truman or Reagan, your town or family have been members of a political tribe. I call it that because you are now following it out of identity, not quality or policy.

It’s time to shake off the mold. You are a thinking person. You can see with your own eyes what is happening to this country. We have real trials ahead. To weather the trials we need to be strong. And you watch as the smug clan in DC continues to weaken us.

The solution? 65.

You will see here and in almost all of my posts from now until election day the number 65. That is the number of GOP seats we need in the Senate. And we need a strong majority in the House. If you are presently Dem or independent, take a breath, relax, and remember the previous paragraphs as I explain.

We don’t need these guy because they have an R after their names. Only tribal drones care about that. But right NOW, in this national and world situation, we need a certain type of philosophy.

We need the people most likely to get out of the way of REAL commerce (not the public/private bullshit).

We need people most likely to zip lock the border. We’ve gone far beyond our obligations to the rest of the world in the last decade, and certainly in the last three years! We don’t owe anyone anything. We certainly don’t owe China or Yemen or Iran ANY consideration at our border. We also need to disappoint the snowflakes and start shipping people back, starting with criminals, even minor criminals. They have no place here.

We need people most likely to put a foot in the asses of the cartels, not assisting them in raking in billions of dollars while killing us.

We need people most likely to put Iran in their place, and then get our troops OUT of places where they are doing no more than “maintaining a presence”.

I make no guarantees. I am telling you to play the odds - maturely, honestly.

But 60 is veto-proof, right?

Right. But there are always holdouts who, for their own benefit, will break with the sound policies, in favor of the popular. We always have a few who think as a Senator, for example, they represent popular notions nationally, and not their constituents at home. (AOC, the Squad, McConnell, Schiff… and on and on).

To make up for that, we need a more-than veto proof majority. We need 65.

But if you read this passively, no matter how much you may agree with me, nothing will happen. To be certain, 65 won’t. You need to share this. You need to be tacking the number 65 to all your social media. And you need to tell your followers why. “65” needs to become a code, a mantra.


To my left-leaning friends:

I have at times stood among you. I have personal beliefs that DO NOT line up with what is considered typically “conservative” in this country. And I don’t care about the labels. I am an American. That is my motivation.

I like RFK, Jr. When I come across his stuff I always listen to it end to end. There are many lessons we can learn from his candidacy. I especially like his rules of politics.

  1. If you give government a power, even when it is no longer needed, they will never give it up.

  2. If a power can be abused, government WILL absolutely abuse it.

If you doubt rule 2, look at the disfigured creature Social Security has become, then look around. You’ll find dozens of examples without the least effort.

But now is not the time for an RFK, unless he might consider a cabinet position like Commerce or HHS. Now is the time for clear-eyed, free market, America first candidates. To understand why you might want to browse my 11 Points episodes, starting with this one. You can browse all of 2023 at your leisure to see the other 11 points. Perhaps I should rerun them on social media.

I will say, for the record, if the race for the White House came down to Haley vs any other establishment Dem vs RFK - I’d vote for RFK.

So I invite my non-establishment, non-tribal liberal friends to join us for now. I realize that there will be times for more of what we call liberal pursuits in the future. This is not one of those times.

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The Political Party Pooper Play Book (P4B)
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