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A WAPO Whopper

A WAPO Whopper

Ridiculing girly journalism with some wind distortion for the first 90 seconds.

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There’s a movie line, made famous by that Lefty kook, Martin Sheen in Wall Street; “I guess if a man lives long enough he gets to see just about everything.” Perhaps I’ve lived TOO long!

I always say we need to read Lefty rags, in this case WAPO, and watch Lefty programs that we might check our own positions and see what the children are up to.

And today I got a real treat. This is the first article I read by a major newspaper that makes the case that global warming is an extension of racism, sexism and class envy.

This is the opening paragraph of the piece I read today:

If you’re in the Northern Hemisphere, you’re probably aware that it’s been quite hot. Parts of the United States are bracing for a potential record heat wave this week, while wildfires are already spreading across areas of the American West. The season’s earliest heat wave on record in Greece saw the closure of the famed Acropolis in Athens and a number of tourists collapsing and, in some instances, dying while hiking in parts of the Mediterranean nation. More than a dozen Muslim pilgrims died of heatstroke on the road to Mecca, as the annual Hajj in Saudi Arabia was ravaged by extreme temperatures.

The girly alarmism doesn’t stop there. But let’s take a breath and digest this load of drivel before moving on. History IS NOT being made here. Lazy tourists in Bermuda shorts, out walking further than they have in decades in Italy, Greece, Egypt, Thailand and hundreds of other places, are passing out AND SOMETIMES DYING from the heat! Lions and Tigers and Bears! Oh my! This is not fucking new!


And they have had a dozen Muslims die just walking around the big box a few times. The event is a nightmare having nothing to do with anthropomorphic climate change.

And humidity? Are they joking? There are places between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn that have never know a moment that isn’t bug-breeding sticky. When people not accustomed to these places travel there, and you get a REAL hot day, people fall out. Some people die. And we all know the dry heat has advantages over humid heat. But humid heat is better for you skin.

Then there’s the big news! There are wild fires in Western North America! Memory must strain back a few months ago to remember the last time that happened!

Travel is expensive. And we are still setting travel records post Covid. Many of the travelers are people whose lives went dormant during the virus shutdown scam. So when it’s hot as hell outside (that’s called summer) and you have record setting travel, you’ll have record numbers of lard asses falling out in the heat.

This entire WAPO article is the stuff of which teenage drama is made.

Then there’s this:

“By the end of May, more than 1.5 billion people — almost one-fifth of the planet’s population — endured at least one day where the heat index topped 103 degrees Fahrenheit, or 39.4 degrees Celsius, the threshold the National Weather Service considers life-threatening,” according to my colleagues.

Why is 103 life-threatening. We’ve had people going tits up in 95 degree weather because they insisted on tanning or hiking or using the BBQ when they were in no shape to do so in good weather.

So the correlation between heat and death as a phenomenon is NOT new! And in this article, the writer is trying to attach a common, if tragic occurrence to the shit that knob, Al Gore preaches.

And what of the 1.5 BILLION people? Scary, right? Well, Guber, if you consider an hour or two of solar declination from the equator, there are at least 1.5 billion people, likely more, who will experience exactly what this article says, if not more, on several late Spring and early fall days, and ALL of summer every single year.

The number of people means nothing as a data point. It’s just big. And like the prosecutions closing arguments in the Fat Alvin court case, “a lot” can be misconstrued as meaningful when it is not. In this case 1.5 billion people is not a dispositive data point.

This next segment is just chock full off the kinds of empty predictions we’ve been seeing since the late 80’s and makes me wax nostalgic for the STUPID, contrived “hockey stick graph.

“Researchers have linked the rise in temperatures to the El Niño climate pattern and decades of global heating from human emissions of greenhouse gases,” my colleague Scott Dance wrote. “A decade ago, scientists had estimated that the chances of the planet warming 1.5 degrees C” — the threshold greater than pre-industrial levels beyond which spells climactic disaster for the planet, according to the scientific consensus — “by 2020 were nearly zero. Now, the probability of that happening by 2028 is an estimated 8 in 10.”

Do you remember when that damaged and exploited child, Greta Thumberg and the bimbo, AOC said we had 12 year to end GW/CC or our demise would be inevitable? Yeah, this previous paragraph provides one of those moments.


What is the optimum temperature of the earth? Are we moving toward it, or away from it? The earth is GREENING right now. The opposite of the desertification, they hounded us about, is occurring.

And of course they have to say EL NINO?!?!?!?! All the “experts” have been saying since March the El Nino is receding and La Nina is waxing.

Before I get into this, let me say for the record that all the bullshit they attribute to this ONE Pacific Ocean current phenomenon, yes they are ONE thing, is a load of shit. I have seen everything from New England snowstorms to the carbuncles on Joy Bayhar’s thighs attributed to El Nino, often within a week of being told that we are in a “La Nina” cycle.

I am sure there is a quirky characteristic in the Pacific that someone named El Nino. I am sure there is counter motion that someone else unimaginatively named La Nina. I am equally sure that 90% of all the random weather activity attributed to these currents is pure, manufactured bullshit.

Like the “devil gas”, CO2, people like that knob, Al Gore want you to believe El Nino makes rain and draught, cold and hot, wild fires and floods. It’s not the other thousands of conditions and influences occurring daily on the planet. It’s just CO2 - OR it’s Nino/Nina.

The article talks about the sudden increase in temperatures, but makes no mention of the markedly increased solar activity of late. Sunspots and solar flares are up in number and severity. You don’t need to create skewed models based on wild assumptions to say THAT causes an increase in temperatures here on earth. And that effect is immediate, and coincides neatly with our mild winter and hot-ass summer.

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA), This year to date ranks about 13th in terms of high temps. We have peaks like this about every 10 to 12 years. And solar cycles run about every 12 years. Hmmmmm. NAH! It’s GOT to be El Nino…or CO2.

The fact that the increases are being recorded almost uniformly around the world argues for a solar cause verses fluxuations in gasses and currents here on earth which are by their nature inconsistent and non-uniform.

Before we get to the really stupid, girly bits of the article, the writer returns to using big population numbers, having nothing to do with actual physics or the barely legitimate climatology to shock you. He speaks of “5 billion people” and says they will be exposed to unhealthy heat. 5 billion people already ARE! This article doesn’t move the needle on that.

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The writer, Ishaan Tharoor seems to sense that what he’s saying here will correctly be received as more WEF horseshit, so he is adding a new twist. He didn’t invent it. I’ve heard it before. But I haven’t mentioned it here yet. It’s more like UN crap, but in full support of WEF horseshit.

Now GW/CC is a class envy issue. Over several millennia, cultures have developed in ways that were heavily dictated not by global warming bullshit, but by the actual prevailing climate, geography, topography and culture of the areas populated.

But suddenly that is a point of contention! Tharoor CLEARLY wants us to feel some sort of silly guilt because a guy on the equator doesn’t have a three-bedroom bungalow on a lake with central AC. Actually I don’t either, but I am supposed to be moved by the injustice of it.

I am not so moved. You are not. Even if you claim to be - you’re really not. Neither you nor your car, nor your countries politics created this world. Tharoor knows this. But he also knows that if he repeats this kind of propaganda long enough, and often enough, then enough of you will start pretending to believe it. Enough of you will put stupid memes on you social media to get other people to pretend to believe it. Perhaps, over time, some of you will actually be stupid enough to really believe the nonsense is real.

But there it is was, in the article:

This putative effect of climate change also illustrates the growing global divide in how it’s experienced. “Long-term projections indicate that future warming will also lead to milder winters, sparing people in the wealthy Global North,” my colleague Harry Stevens wrote. “But in hotter, less wealthy countries — the places where people are least able to buy air conditioners, where poor laborers can least afford to miss work, where water is scarcer and the power grid shakier — summer heat will grow more dangerous.”

There is so much absurdity in this adolescent paragraph I won’t be able to cover a quarter of it here. So in reverse:


Power Grid? Is Ishaan joking? Hundred of millions of people in the very areas we are supposed to be beating our breast about DON’T HAVE A FUCKING POWER GRID! Many millions more have power grids so crude and basic, the weather won’t change anything.

“The wealthy global north”? What about the southern hemisphere? There are lots of places just as far from the equator there as what this dramatists refers to as the GLOBAL north. Are we to assume that those people are too stupid to make a life for themselves? Is the wealth and comfort they experience morally superior to the wealth and comfort in the north?

And of course, the term “wealthy” loudly implies that such wealth must be redistributed, which is already is on an insane scale, to fight…the climate. It wouldn’t be a WAPO article without more redistribution of other people’s money.

The article complains about people in hot conditions not having indoor AC. We are only a few generations removed from times when there was NO air conditioning - ANYWHERE! On average we are talking about fractions of degrees in overall increases. To act like people who live in those regions are suddenly going to dry up and blow away is ridiculous. It’s propaganda.

Then WAPO goes really crazy - and inaccurately so.

For good reason, public health experts fear for the resilience of communities living in the age of climate change. The latest World Risk Poll Resilience Index, produced by Lloyd’s Register Foundation using data gathered by Gallup, found a global increase among 147,000 people surveyed in 142 countries in “people who say they can do nothing to protect themselves and their families from the impact of a future disaster.” Climate change looms over these sentiments, fueling what the index’s authors suggest is “a global loss of agency and growing sense of helplessness.”

At this point, Tharoor marks himself as a true Lefty mouthpiece. A poll of 147K people in 142 countries?!? Are you joking. How many are from the poorest, hottest nations and devoid of cooling technology? Because there are a few things you can say almost uniformly about those people. First, they know it’s hot outside. They don’t know the exact temperature, but they are moving commensurate with the heat, as they have every day of their lives since they were born. Second, they were most likely not included in any polls in any great numbers. You’re not going to get feedback from a lot of people in these regions, unless you GOT IN A PLANE, and burned a shitload of fossil fuels to ask a couple of loaded questions.

And resilience? Is the writer joking? People in these regions are THE MOST resilient and adaptable people on the planet. They overcome more by noon, every day than the majority of the people “polled” deal with in a year.

I have traveled all over the world. The thing that stands out to me, in the context of this remarkably stupid article, is the poorer and hotter the region, the stronger, craftier, and more resilient the woman are - because they have to be.

The vast majority of the people responding to the “World Risk Poll” live in modern comfort, so the concepts claimed in this dog pile of a story don’t even apply to them.

Their IMAGINED “loss of agency” and their “helplessness” is the product of two things. 1. ALL educated respondents under the age of 45 have been told since kindergarten that their parents were causing the end of the world. They were instructed to fear any weather event as a product of GW/CC. They listened to prediction after prediction of pending doom that never came to pass. They are victims of Greta Thumbskull’s manipulative parents and that knob, Al Gore.

And 2. They live in a world where most of the civilized governments have made HUGE strides to improve the environment. But the newly monied but still uncivilized nations, like China, India and Russia, are happily sending lots of poisons into the atmosphere - increasingly, every day.

And CO2 is not among those poisons. CO2 is a substance critical to life on earth. And there is not a lot of it. The only way carbon dioxide can be a factor in ending life on this planet would be for us appreciably reduce it. But the numb nuts who write crap like this want us to do exactly that.

I would guess the vast majority of the population has seen enough bogus predictions to appreciate farce that is Climate Change Alarmism. The time has long passed that we start pushing back publicly against this kind of emotional nonsense.

Tucker Carlson once asserted that we have an obligation to hold these kinds of people up to ridicule. The damage they intend for our society is infinitely more serious than their hurt feelings.

Amazingly, in two consecutive articles, Ishaan Tharoor has looked at the world, taken a stand and gotten it wrong. Next time, Netanyahu vs the world.

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I call him loony Left for his years of support for Left wing causes. Some were good, but so steeped in woke emotion that they lost their value. And this year he doesn’t disappoint. He has announced that he is supporting Biden, not because he’s stupid enough to think Joe Duh is a good president. He is doing it because the establishment is set against RFK, Jr. To accentuate his importance (relevance?), Sheen has enlisted other show folk to announce who sheen is supporting. I think I’ll have Ron announce who I’ll endorse in the general election.

Fair warning: I am a subscriber to two WAPO email services so I get this nonsense served up every day. And yes, it usually gives me gas. Jeff Bezos, being a member of the WEF/Davos Blob, sees to it that his publication carries an editorial line widely to the left of Lenin. No article is too nonsensical, so long as it promotes blob-like messaging.

That would be the recent NYC Trump debacle.

Eeeeew. Try to erase that image from your mind.

I think earthquakes and floods and animal attacks loom a lot larger than GW/CC.

The Knob has been using the GW/CC alarmism to rake in millions of dollars, usually of your tax dollars, to build “Green Scams”. He’s been known to pump and dump shares in companies that would never go on to do a thing worth paying for.

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