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Biden to Mumble Tomorrow!

Biden to Mumble Tomorrow!

Anticipating Hate, Goofy Screamers, Illegals and Silencing Speech

Tomorrow, Dr. Jill will cart out the puppet, on behalf of the cabal who are running the government. Anticipate that he will be propped up at the podium to spew fresh hate on his opponents. He’ll use the standard, stupid drivel they write for him, including “ultra-MAGA”, “White Nationalists”, “Right Wing terrorist threat” and “threat to democracy.”

Be aware, these dark tantrums are intended to piss you off. ALL of you. Right and Left. The primary goal is to get ANYONE who ever said ANYTHING nice about DJT to commit an act of violence. Getting a bunch of people worked up would be even better for the Regime. They would be overjoyed by any violence they can provoke.

But they also know that the Right, people with jobs, people with dignity and responsibilities, are rather difficult to rouse to violence. We only have one real riot to our credit since WWI. And the Regime, and their silly trolls, have been milking that for three years!

But the backup plan is built into the provocation. Through the puppet, and media fluffers, the Regime wants the Left primed in the event they lose in 2024.

It isn’t likely since the Left has ballot manufacture down to a science. It wouldn’t surprise me a bit if they have calculated how many votes they would need to create, and where, to ensure another false victory.

But failing that, the hate speech, from an “elected” official will be the gasoline they throw on their minions.

The Right may not be prone to riot. But riot, gratuitous looting and violence are the default go-to for the base of the Left. In the event they do lose, the Regime won’t be satisfied with the stupid cry-ins we saw in 2016.

Organized screaming over the election of DJT. This is the face of the Left.

No, the political whores on the Left will want the streets to burn. And they know people will organize just that. [Wait, you didn’t the riots we put up with for two years were spontaneous events, did you? Don’t be silly. They were well orchestrated, “mostly peaceful protests” during which 36 people died, thousands were injured and $2B in damage was achieved.]

If the Regime loses, and the Leftie riots occur, the Regime will blame whoever wins in 2024 for the riots even before they take a single official action.

So don’t look for anything remotely intelligent tomorrow. Look for lots of ugly red meat and adolescent pandering.


A word about the invasion of illegals

First, I will state it plainly, NONE of the illegals pouring over the border, bringing their diseases and problems with them, are asylum seekers. Almost none of them is from Mexico, if any.

Mexico is a treaty nation under international agreements for asylum seekers. When the illegals got there, from wherever they came, their asylum seeking days were over. Mexico is not permitted to wave these creatures through to another country. The few who did have REAL asylum issues should have been processed for at least a temporary stay in Mexico and ALL the rest should have been turned away.

But that’s not the main point I wanted to make about the invasion.

I keep hearing about the “broken immigration system”. That is the defense the political whores use to keep the flow of disease and drugs pouring over the border. We would love to stop the flow, but the “system is broken”. The same whores say we need “comprehensive immigration reform” before we can do anything about the phony asylum seekers.

Too often, in an effort to appear collegial, I hear conservatives allow that “comprehensive reform” is needed but can’t we fix the border at the same time? Such allowance give credence to an utterly bullshit point.

Every time a Lefty, especially Biden or Mayorkas, say unvetted millions are pouring over the border because the “system is broken”; and when they say it under oath in front of lawmakers, they are committing perjury and indicting themselves of criminal activity.

To wit…

The law, whether Lefty and Righty whores like it or not, is clear about immigration, refugees and asylum seekers. We are doing none of what the law requires. So, those at the top of the organizations responsible for enforcing these laws are criminals. They add to the charges, which should be brought, by suborning lawlessness among their departments.

They have turned our border patrol into a welcome wagon. They have wrecked life in border states. They have damaged farms and businesses on these areas. They have willfully facilitated rampant drug traffic. And at no time in the last three years have they followed the law.

“The system is broken” is no defense at all. It doesn’t permit lawlessness on the part of the Regime. It doesn’t entitle business cronies of the government to their near slave labor. Government, like every other swinging dick in this country, is required to follow the letter and spirit of the law. If they don’t like a law, then representatives are required to make a winning argument to change it. Failing that, the law stands and must be enforced.

Since Mexico broke international agreements by helping these people cross our borders, and since the cartels Biden is actively assisting are located there, the correct, legal action to take immediately is to zip-lock the border and start shipping every single “asylum seeker” directly into Mexico to have their treaty-mandated hearings.

When caught anywhere in the country, any illegal who doesn’t claim asylum status should be immediately returned to their nation of origin.

Too bad there are so many whores in charge.

I have no illusions that the Regime will do any of this. I KNOW there is not enough testicular fortitude inside the beltway to insist on the Regime following the law.

I am simply pointing out how poorly these whores are performing on your behalf. It matters little. THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT YOU! THEY DON’T GIVE A WARM, WATERY SHIT ABOUT YOUR SAFETY, HEALTH OR SECURITY. NOT ONE BIT! They SEEK to screw you over. They INTEND to create an unstable environment. All for reasons I have outlined in adjoining articles on this Substack.

I’ve always said that if I could write full time I’d be willing to do it for free. Well, I’m full time, and I’m doing it for free. It doesn’t feel as purely good as I thought it would. It is a labor of love, but I wouldn’t mind picking up a few sheckels and yen: a little beer money.

So, keep me motivated!

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But…really…beer money.

Voices from the Right are very close to being silenced.

Actually, voices of moderates and even some level-headed Lefties will be shut down very soon. That’s the intent of your government, anyway.

I don’t listen to Glenn Beck often. I work from home and only hear his show when I happen to be driving and a commercial interrupts Chris Plante. Beck was in fine form this morning.

One of the things mentioned was all the protocols, under the auspices of the UN, in cooperation with “private companies” in the US, to decide what information should and should not be permitted to be on the internet or the airwaves.

I already know I am heavily throttled on FB. This is part of a long-standing arrangement they have with the government. But that’s small potatoes compared to what’s coming real soon.

And again, this has everything to do with the Davos lunatics, like that knob, Al Gore. They are heavily featured in recent posts on the P4B. In fact, a speech Al made recently was included in the commentary about this subject.

Ultimately, entities like the FBI will be charged with enforcing the UN speech rules. I will get into the specifics in the coming week. But for now, I’ll just say the FBI, DOJ, DHS etc., until the take my means of communication away, can snuffle like piglets between my magnificent butt cheeks.

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