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Cultural Suicide

Cultural Suicide

Claudine Gay and Other Jackasses

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First, let’s dispense with Claudine FOREVER!

Most people are breathing a sigh of relief that Gay was fired from her perch as president of Harvard for her ignorant, two-faced testimony in front of Congress. Her plagiarism was the fig leaf the University, and the WEALTHY corporation behind it all, needed to finally shit can her.



…that was just a crappy bone they threw you to get you off the scent.

Her presidency was just the prestige post she scooped up as a diversity hire.

The is STILL a professor. A woman with her lack of intellectual scruples, who by ill-gotten credentials is SUPPOSED to be objective, still holds a professorship! With the wag of a finger, she can (and absolutely WILL) destroy the career and end the life’s work of anyone who disagrees with her racist world view. That, if they attend Harvard anyway.

The woman teaches false doctrine. She is among the chief promoters of DEI and other race-obsessed doctrines that keep this nation in a perpetual rerun of Room 222. White people stupid! White men hopelessly stupid! Only minority races know what is good and right. And the most refined wisdom comes from minority children and women.

While I will grant you, I know a boatload of stupid white people, they aren’t stupid because they’re white. In most cases they are stupid because they listen to race hustlers like Claudine Gay! This would be as opposed to sources like Thomas Sowell or Dave Chappelle...or me.

But Claudine belongs nowhere near a position where she can effect the lives of students.


More Orwellian “un-remembering.”

It’s the tripe people like Gay peddle that speaks directly to the next subject.

Fortunately, this segment marks a small victory for normal people over the “woke” mob of perpetual 12 year olds. I’ve spoken of the imbecilic nonsense of base renaming and statue destruction before. Specifically, I hit it in two posts in 2023. The Taliban and the Modern American Left - Same-Same AND The Un-Remembering of Things More Important Than Ourselves. This was a two-part series about the vandalizing of sculpture and desecration of graves endorsed by our present band of political whores. If you don’t know the crime committed at Arlington National Cemetery (ANC), these posts are both worth a visit.

Sadly, not enough normal people spoke up, so the 12 year olds won that one. The sculpture is gone, race as an issue in this country is being exacerbated, and the graves are being desecrated, probably as we speak.

Following the lead of bitchy, Lefty manbuns and shrews, the Federal Government decided to unremember history by renaming military bases to exclude (in the interest of inclusion!!!!!!!!!!) anyone who fought for the confederacy. Not to be outdone, the knuckleheads who run the Arlington National Cemetery decided THEY wanted to play the game too. Thus, the two posts I linked to.

While the Arlington grave desecration is by far the worst of the offenses committed in this vein, it pales in stupidity to what I reveal now.

The fight to cancel William PENN in PENNsylvania

Boys and girls, I have chronicled some of the most moronic examples of the “woke” mob throughout this Substack. I’ve spoken about the cult that is quickly cashing in on this national mental disease. I’ve laughed at gays supporting Hamas. But this is the mack daddy of WOKE absurdity.

Thanks to the outcry of normal people, the National Park Service has withdrawn a plan to remove the William Penn statue from Welcome Park in Philadelphia. The park and statue are one the site of, get this, William Penn’s former home in Philadelphia.

Because of their obvious ignorance of history, a group of shrews and man buns at the National Parks Service decided that because he wore a tricorn hat, Penn MUST have been one of those old, racist, white men we are supposed to hate now. And since native Americans AFTER Penn’s time were mistreated on occasion, in the colonies, the statue should be replaced by…Indian stuff.

Lesson one for the 12 year olds: Penn founded a province that was dedicated to friendly and cooperative relations with indigenous peoples. That later, Pennsylvanians behaved like mouth-breathing Billy Bobs to those tribes, is NO reflection on Penn. The perpetual 12 year olds would have no way of knowing this because history began around the time they reached puberty. Anything before that time is just not important enough to really understand, as demonstrated at the links mentioned before.

For now, after some real tap dancing by the National Park Service, the statue stands. But I can assure you, that won’t be the last we hear of it. The shrews and man buns who first farted out this idea are having hissy fits as we speak. They will float the idea again.

Why should you care? Let’s revisit the ANC insanity.

We remember our history through our memorials, the good and the bad, especially the contested. Statues and monuments are INTENDED to spark questions, in young minds in particular. The Civil War, more than any moment in American history, demands our understanding. 620,000 people died in that conflict.

Not all Union soldiers were honorable. Not all Confederate soldiers were scoundrels. There were brilliant and heroic feats accomplished on both sides. And the soldiers don’t start the wars. Political whores do. It is up to the soldier to bear the greatest pain of the political failures.

Whole families were wiped out on both sides. In Vancleave, Mississippi, one family lost all the males of fighting age throughout the extended family. The monuments not only serve us as a source of questions, leading to answers, they are always intended to soothe the hurt felt by families and towns throughout the country. We care through the remembrance. The sculpture I mentioned at the beginning of this piece was an amazing work intended to stand as a symbol of reconciliation. It has garnered praise from people of all racial and political stripes. That is, until the 12 year olds decided for themselves, and in their empty vanity, that it was something ugly.

If you do a deep dive through the links I provide and those cited, you’ll find that the man buns and shrews involved in the Arlington desecration were also accomplished mind-readers. They claim to know what the monument’s creator was thinking even better than the artist himself did. With ZERO evidence they claim he was glorifying slavery.

The 12 year olds claim that no slave went to war with the Plantation owner. They DID, as I demonstrated in the links. They claim the Mammy wasn’t loyal. Call it what you want, but many (most?) Mammies gave as much or more loving care to the children in her charge than the children’s own mothers did. They were integral to the lives of those children.

BUT, that doesn’t fit the adolescent narrative of the 21st Century man bun. To him/her all historical issues are one-dimensional, which is to say the vapid fixation of the feeble-minded. Duh, Union good. Confederate bad. I can’t even hardly spell nuance.

I failed to mention that the monument the Regime just destroyed was privately funded as a memorial for the dead mourned. To have done away with that particular work legitimately, that reality of funding would have to have been addressed. It wasn’t. The man-buns got away with another act of vandalism, backed by political whores. In this case because people at ANC wanted their 15 minutes too.

This kind of institutionalized un-remembering, along with the invasion of foreigners, few of whom possess critical skills, will be our cultural undoing; cultural suicide. We are diluting our American identity and our knowledge of our history. Do-gooders encourage those who come here to not assimilate.

We will regret this. The power brokers, creating chaos for their own benefit will rejoice in it…until they turn on each other. Then who knows if there will be anyone with the requisite wit to put it all back together again. The knowledge required to do so is being erased.

Uh-oh! The DA made a sex poopie!

Nathan Wade gave up this woman…

Joycelyn Wade: Nathan Wade's Wife Subpoenas DA Fani Willis
Joycelyn Wade. Source:

…for this one. I’ll try to make this make sense.

Trump prosecutor Nathan Wade billed Georgia DA $4,000 for White House  meetings
Fani Willis. Source: New York Post

First, his firm was getting serious money; hundreds of thousands of dollars, from the DA’s office. He’s getting $700k/yr. for his gig Fani got him in the Trump circus trial. His firm paid for all the trips “he took” her on. For that kind of bread, I guess most of us would risk dating the big, mean girl.

But, you can’t claim to be legit when your secret boyfriend gets the gig. These people are the embodiment of corruption and selfishness they pretend to abhor. They play at law and governance the way toddlers play house. They are not real adults. But the damage they do is real.

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In the next day or two, I will feature information I’ve been gathering about the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

You NEED to pay attention to what these people are planning. The next episode will discuss how the UN, not our government, will regulate speech across the globe. They plan, with the help of Meta (Facebook) and Alphabet (Google) to bypass our government and control what YOU are allowed to say.

It is long past the time we should have ejected the UN from our shores and disengaged from ALL of their nonsense.

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