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Destroying kids on a WHIM!

Destroying kids on a WHIM!

Hard facts about the trans fad.

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My long-promised spanking of Brian K’s shill work for Joe and the Dem party is half in the can, but will have to wait. Also, I still haven’t returned to my primary mission of ridding these United States of the economic and intellectual cesspool that is ESG, DEI, WEF, Davos and that knob, Al Gore.

But this came along and I decided it needed to get widest dissemination ASAP.

One thing you can say about Michael Shellenberger is that he is an objective gentleman. I admire his ability to look outrage square in the face and not register the personal outrage in his reporting. But he is on the cutting edge of a lot of outrageous behavior on the part of political whores and social offenders.

In his recent piece about the trans fad he reveals the level of deception, and even self-deception “physicians” engage in to keep the trans money rolling in. In the link provided below the audio line we watch a group of Josef Mengele proteges engage in group mental masturbation to justify, to themselves and each other, the damage they do to kids.


Don’t take a back seat on this issue. Some of the people you’ll see on the screen will take a kid who just decided yesterday that he is a girl or she is a boy based on common peer pressure from friends who are already going down the same path.

The difference between the crappy news cycle treating the trans fad, or my angry rants against it, is that Shellenberger, as he ALWAYS does, has hard evidence, not just personal observation, with which to educate you.

Like so many other issues, about which NORMAL people remain silent, economics, government overreach, war and so on, this one needs to be a part of more conversations. But the NORMAL people have been taking a back seat for decades, because the hassle involved with speaking out are many. At a party you may get the screeching, hysterical liberal, there are many, claiming injury as a result of your point of view. A certain number of these perpetually offended wretches might not do business with you.

But there is where the strength of NORMAL actually resides. I know it’s hard to see, if only as a matter of sound volume, but we NORMAL people outnumber the butt-hurt people. It’s not just you who sees the Karens as ridiculous, almost everyone does. But it’s the Karens who usually make the most noise.

Make YOUR noise. If the snowflakes leaves the party in a huff, fine. If they start to shun your company or business, make it known. The NORMAL people will still be there.

But as this issue alone demonstrates, we are long past the time when NORMAL people started to make themselves heard, the bed wetters among us be damned.

So, go to Michael’s site. Dig through the evidence yourself. And if you do nothing else, start fighting back for the kids, and against the modern Mengeles. The times demand your fortitude.

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