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Ep. 4, Educating Robert Reich, Part 3

Ep. 4, Educating Robert Reich, Part 3

Robert pretends to not understand in order to promote ignorance.

I HAVE GOT to get a new sound system. Be prepared between segments to move the volume up or down.

There is so much to get to! My drafts and notes are becoming voluminous. We have doctors promoting diet pills and stomach staples for KIDS! Tufts has produced a new food pyramid the looks like something the Babylon Bee or the Onion would make up as a really sick joke. Davos is in full loony bloom. Schools are getting caught red-handed teaching kids to be little racists and gender benders, in direct defiance of the law in some states, and against the wishes of the parents…and laughing about it, BRAGGING about it.

And each week, I get further behind on the BIG Surprise.

I will get to all of this, including the biggee. But the rhetorical spanking of Robert Reich it important. He is a happy shill for the far Left in this country, saying things he knows from his own life experience are not true: things he does not practice himself. His job, as is the case with the MSM, is too marinate you in nonsense to the point where you lo longer know what is true and what is not.

So I will continue with the series - probably this episode and one more - and include the rest of life’s goings on, in small segments. They can provide little breaks in the RR narrative.

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