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For my buddy.

For my buddy.

Jakob Mumpower hits the big time despite REAL challenges.

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At the button below is a link to my buddy Jakob’s YouTube channel. Jakob grew up with Autism. In most social settings, he’s the quiet guy. He prefers to keep in the background. Until you say “Monster Jam!” Then a whole new Jakob emerges!

He’ll tell you himself that Monster Jam is his primary inspiration and link to people. As a kid he learned everything there is to know on the subject. He started communicating with his favorite teams. He was such a loyal fan they started to send him team gear and even hosted him, as a guest, at a flagship Southeast event.

Jakob made such an impression with his knowledge and enthusiasm they gave him a job traveling with The Jester and Tomfoolery Motorsports. But I’ll let him tell you the rest of the story.

Normally, I’d just embed a video here. But I want you to actually see his channel. If you’re a fan of Monster Jam, or your kid is, or you become a fan of Jakob, wish him luck in the comments, subscribe to his channel and share it around so he can gain exposure. Just hit the first button and meet my main man.

Jacob's channel. Stop by. Say hi.


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The Political Party Pooper Play Book (P4B)
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