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Frumpy Fani gets away with perjury and more!

Frumpy Fani gets away with perjury and more!

The creeping worthlessness of law in the United States.

Today’s episode comes with a bonus repost from 2023.

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Well, it’s no surprise that Frumpy shitcanned her boyfriend. I was amused in the days leading up to the decision that there was deep commentary SPECULATING that she MIGHT let go of Wade in the event her position was threatened. She’s out for number one in all things. Everything else, including her duties, take a distant back seat. Wade won’t be missed. In fact, she’ll do better without him.

Judge McAffee, in his fear of the angry, pushy, frumpy self-serving, ur…um… woman, did a far greater disservice to justice than with only this decision. It’s a given that what these two scumbags pulled, with the money she paid him was more than enough to have them pulled from the case and disbarred.

But the case already stinks in a far more serious way. Wade, THE WORST LAWYER ON THE PLANET, colluded in the handling of the Trump case case with the White House!!!!! That is unconstitutional and utterly unethical. It’s almost comical that their case is built on a charge that speaks of acting against the Constitution. The charge was so vague and poorly worded that McAffee threw it out. Leave aside he only did that to provide a smokescreen for his truly pathetic ruling over Frumpy’s and Wade’s illicit behavior on Friday.

But for the WH collusion alone, the case should be dismissed with prejudice and Wade should face additional legal malpractice issues!

To leave Frumpy and her whole lying office on the case is a miscarriage of justice of the highest order. McAffee will be skewered by respectable jurists for this chicken-shit decision. And the wider case is going to be turned into an appellate circle jerk.


Keep in mind, that in the midst of all this conflict of interest and misuse of funds stuff, Frumpy lied her fat ass off. As a bonus, she played the race card. Sorry baby doll, carrying cash isn’t a “black thing”, YOU IDIOT. And any money you spent of the government’s dime or get from a government contractor, MUST be reflected in receipts. That is one burden that lies with the defendant. If you don’t have proof, you stole the money - period. “He paid me in cash”, is not valid. Georgians must love to have their money stolen.

McAffee is a real disappointment. As soon as he sat for that interview last week, it was clear he had compromised himself for political reasons. I’ve been saying for days that he is now the poster boy for why judges and DAs should NOT be elected offices. There are too many Frumpies; self-serving, conceited shysters, who couldn’t survive in a REAL law firm, who can fire up the tribe and squeeze their fat asses into these positions.

Don’t cry for Trump. Cry for the miserable state of the “law” across the country. It is the exact same ugly, vindictive political whores across the country who are seeing to it that violent crime and all other offenses against good citizens, are going intentionally unchecked. Frumpy Fani, is Larry Krasner, is George Gascon, is Fat Albert Bragg, is Gavin Newsome, is Kathy Hochul, is Latitia James, is Jack Smith, is Merrick Garland, is Joe Biden, is Biden’s boss - Barry O. The crime you see every day, the insane level of entitlement offenders display, the corruption that is rife throughout government, is what those people call good political policy.

Only the lowest common denominator in our society sees worth in it all, or in these people.

So, now what?

There is one actor left who can dispose of all the slime surrounding this case without disrupting the dispensation of justice. Georgia Governor Brian Kemp has the duty and the authority to still put Frumpy Fani in her place.

I am not sanguine at the possibility. Kemp is almost a self-caricature, the smooth southern politician with good hair. I hope I’m wrong.

Kemp can in an hour’s work give Fani a choice, hand off the case entirely over to a Georgia county with a relatively balanced political demographic OR he (Kemp) will drop all charges against all defendants.

In this way, the case can go forward under a prosecutor who did not nakedly create it out of pure political vindictiveness. The charges can be written with less legal gymnastics and justice the justice meted out MIGHT be more legitimate.

The immediate response from Fani will demonstrate whether she is interested in justice or continuing a personal vendetta. Her ego would make the exchange - entertaining.

There are avenues you can pursue to nudge Governor Kemp into doing the right thing.

  • You can call the Governor’s switchboard and tell him to clean this mess up and how to do it. +1-404-656-1776

  • You can visit his FB page with the same message, perhaps in the form of comments.

  • You can do the same on his X (twitter) account.

  • Then there is his Instagram account.

  • The social classicist may opt to write him a letter.

    206 Washington Street
    Suite 203, State Capitol
    Atlanta, GA 30334

Visit them all and comment strongly…and often.


An Eagles quickie

My cohost, Ron Cori is starting to get my hopes up about the Eagles for next season. Good trades, a little coaching realignment…who knows?

If the Birds win out, all my Delco bubbas can celebrate. If they don’t, email Ron. It’s not my fault you were disappointed.

A Joe Duh quickie

Joe is spending a billion dollars on an environmental project at the border? One, where did he get the money to do that?. Two, why not spend that to seal that gaping hole we used to call a border.

No wait…that’s right. His partners, the cartels are still making money from the illegals Biden hasn’t actually flown directly to the US from their home countries, where they should still be!

Bonus Updated Post from September 2023

It’s not just Joe.

The Dems are the problem.

The wide-open border and the resulting deaths of up to 70,000 Americans per year are Democrat problems, not just Joe problems. Although the puppet masters who handle Joe are the belly button of the problem, the Dem party is 100% behind importing and exploiting illegal voters.

I saw a statistic last night indicating we had 12 million illegals cross the border over 62 years prior to Joe Duh’s presidency. In the last two+ years we’ve had 7 million stroll across thanks to the open cooperation between the cartels and federal border “security" personnel [read welcome wagon].

Update that number to present day and we are well over 10 million illegals.

I know, I know. The welcome wagon was just following orders. Well, kiddies, some orders are clearly the kind you don’t follow. I’d like to know how many (or few) Border Patrol people have had the courage of the least convictions and quit or got a transfer.

In reality, I think the 62 year figure is more like 23 million illegal aliens or more.1 But even with that figure, the damage being done right now is still plenty stark. If you are okay with active Tuberculous, security risks and non-assimilating peoples pouring over your border contrary to the rule of law, then you’re an idiot and Joe and the Dems are your tribe.

If not, you cannot in good conscience vote for a single Dem in the DC zoo. We still need 65 GOP Senate seats to move the country in the right direction. Then we have to harass, cajole or shame them into doing their jobs. That doesn’t work with Dems. They are coercive and authoritarian and have no sense of shame.

I, for one, laugh at the “sanctuary cities”. They deserve all the problems they face right now and much, much more. Keep the busses going. Send several directly to the White House.

I am the Political Party Pooper and I approved this message.

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Since Reagan’s Amnesty, which was supposed to end illegal immigration, between 250,000 to 1,000,000 illegals crossed every year. That was more than 40 years ago. The political whores who made the deal with Reagan immediately broke the deal. It’s like what the PLO and Hamas do with Israel EVERY TIME they have a deal. But over those many years, rest assured there have been more then 10 or 20 million illegals coming here. And then Obama’s puppet added 10 million more.

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