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Marine, my ass!

Marine, my ass!

The sleazy resignation of Mike Gallagher


When Mike Gallagher hit the scene there was much ballyhoo about his being an Ivy League guy and a former Marine. Well, friends and neighbors, that talk is no longer worth a bucket of warm spit.

With the antisemitic lunacy we’ve seen recently, it became abundantly clear of what little value an Ivy League education holds. So all that fuss is hardly worth noting. But people made the fuss.

But the man took an oath to represent the people of Wisconsin. He did not promise to scheme with other snakes to their disadvantage. He did not take an oath to leave his home state high and dry at the worst possible time. All the talk about his Marine background is now cheapened by how un-seriously he takes his commitment to his constituents.

Not only is he not fulfilling his two-year commitment, but he is intentionally leaving on a date specifically to leave his seat unfilled. It denies his governor the opportunity to appoint a replacement to serve out his term, and is INTENDED to be an insult to his voters. He’s not behaving like a Marine. He’s behaving like a spiteful little girl, and surely he will be rewarded by the people he was sent to DC to oppose.

Congress has, for some time now, been a cesspool. The Dems in both houses leave NORMAL adults shaking their heads at the double dealing and lying that occurs daily. But Gallagher is by far the lowest of the bunch now. He could leave now and do no damage to his state or party. That he is choosing to follow the orders of his Lefty betters, tells you everything you need to know about this “Baby Blue Marine”. If you are unfamiliar with that term, look it up.

I can’t wait to see what he is getting for his disgusting and obtuse behavior. If he were a man, he’d be too ashamed to show his face in public after this. To be certain, he’ll get a skate job and demonstrate that he is anything BUT a man.

I wish him all the worst in his future endeavors.

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