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Predictions, a Quick Hit (audio)

Predictions, a Quick Hit (audio)

A Joke of a SOTU Address

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Stand by for the most ridiculous State of the Union Address in the history of the already ridiculous exercise.

From beginning to end the P4B expects the Biden speech to be a fiasco. It will be, from beginning toe end, Biden’s biggest campaign speech in this election cycle. It won’t be a statesman-like oration.

Look for lots of “ultra-MAGA” and white supremacist garbage. Look for talk of right-wing threats to democracy. Expect the old bag of bones to say how Trump has hijacked the GOP and the good Republicans can’t do anything.

Expect a cavalcade of goodies and prizes to be promised addressing every need and desire of every subset of Americans he has time to divide us up into.

Joe will brag about how he (quite illegally) forgave student debt.

He’ll say his economy will be the greatest thing since perforated toilet paper by November.

He’ll claim he’s created 14 million jobs. He hasn’t. Any growth that has occurred has been returning workers idled by the stupid Covid panic and entrepreneurs who are growing despite the Regime’s stupid policies. But…no matter. The Left will blindly applaud the nonsense.


He’ll talk about how the border is safer now than ever. He’ll call illegals “newcomers”. He’ll say they are good for the economy. That was once true. Now they are a threat to national security, especially those from China and dumps like Yemen or Uzbekistan. The illegals are 90% military age men with no allegiance to the US.

Biden’s Brownsville trip was an insult to our collective intelligence. He went to a sterilized area and prattled on with some unfortunate border guards. While he was there, Trump was at Eagle Pass where well over 500 illegals waltzed into our country.

I’m not sure he’ll tout his clean water “executive orders”. He says he’s getting plastics out of the water supply. But the way he is going about it promises to be a financial nightmare for all Americans. So that might stay under wraps.

There will probably be a nod to the trans fad. I wonder if his handlers will order him to talk about the Mengele-like “gender affirming care” on minors, which is, in reality, anything but an affirmation of the sex of a child.


To be certain the speech will be just a boatload of vote buying from all the grasping little subsets of Americans that used to be one people, living our own lives. And, of course, little of any of it will be truth-based.

I will try to sit through it to report later, but to be honest, I usually tune this event out after the second stupidly long applause interruption regardless who is giving the speech. I don’t suffer fools easily, especially corrupt, dishonest fools.

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