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Ron Cori is IN THE HOUSE! Part 2

Ron's Dream Team for DJT, I declare war on Davos, and a bit more football (recorded pre-playoffs).

There is an important link Ron mentioned about the Eagles. It is behind the first button.

Wounded Eagles

Alms for the Autor! Please.

Po River Supports Po River

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Your P4B book list

Your P4B book list

A strong P4B recommendation: The Mysterious Case of Rudolf Diesel: Genius Power and Deception on the Eve of WWI by Douglas Brunt A real-life murder mystery.

An easy, fun read with lots of follow-ons: After Dunkirk by Lee Jackson. Part 1 of a WWII historical fiction series. Will be a featured review on the P4B.

A studious and interesting study. Excellent reading. Jefferson's Godfather, the Man Behind the Man: George Wythe, Mentor to the Founding Fathers by Suzanne Munson. Will be a featured review on the P4B. See Suzanne’s appearance on the P4B here.

New on the List

The Winds of War by Herman Wouk This the first in a two part epic. Like After Dunkirk, it is a WWII historical fiction. But it is a much deeper dive. Very well written. You will get lost in it. I will do a complete review here later.

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