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Street Politics: It Ain't Your Daddy's GOP Anymore! 2

Street Politics: It Ain't Your Daddy's GOP Anymore! 2

Ep 10 We'll talk about having a MESSAGE


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If you missed my latest posts about my interview with Robin Bartlett, you may be confused right now. This was supposed to be the morning his show dropped. Sadly, due to technical difficulties (likely a screw loose in front of my laptop) we were not able to get that interview in the can.

No worries. We will get together later in the month and his show will drop on a special WEDNESDAY show on 29 March. That happens to be National Vietnam Veterans Day. So there is some poetry in that. It didn’t stop me cursing for an hour at not getting things right last week, but it really IS a good thing.

Another HUGE guest is coming! On 21 March you will meet Patricia DeGennaro. If you are a National security wonk, you may have seen her on CNN or FOX or other networks as a subject matter expert. Her resume reads like that of two professors and three advisors. But she’s is just one person.

This is a short list:

  • Senior Fellow and Project Lead for the Balkans Next research initiative at Joint Special Operations University (JSOU)

  • US Central Command’s (USCENTCOM) Combined Joint Task Force - Operation Inherent Resolve (CJTF-OIR) where she was a Senior Social Scientist focused on strategic communications and influence in the USCENTCOM area of responsibility.

  • US Army’s Training and Doctrine Command Operational Environment Training Support Center.

  • Adjunct professor at New York University’s Department of International Affairs for almost fifteen years teaching courses on international security policy, civilian and military affairs, and terrorism.

  • She has been a Senior Fellow at the World Policy Institute and a Visiting Scholar at George Mason University’s School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution.

Patricia is no Ivory Tower academic. She has been seen on the gorund in Afghanistan and Iraq in a flack vest and a brain bucket. She’s the real deal. She’s a heavy hitter and she’s coming to P4B! Whatever you’re doing when you normally listen to podcasts, this one will definitely kill some miles on a run or make a task fly by! So please join us as a full content subscriber and catch her here. It’s only $6.00! Unless you are a mega-policy wonk, there is no place else you can get this kind of content outside of the highest offices in the country.

She will provide her knowledge on subjects we’ve discussed here recently, particularly what to make of Ukraine, China and the state of our military. I will also ask her about the trade issues that will either be our salvation or contribute to our downward spiral.

21 March. Mark it on your caledar.

But, for now, the real benefit to YOU, just by being a full member, is you get what voters and politicians should have learned almost 8 years ago. Some did…a little. But even the politicians who played at it never really follow up with action. Ted Cruz pops back into my head. He seems to have NO IDEA of the actual true power he holds in his hands. You’ll hear more about him and his ‘16 campaign as the story unfolds here on P4B.

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“Of all the talents bestowed upon men, none is so precious as the gift of oratory.  He who enjoys it wields a power more durable than that of a great king.  He is an independent force in the world.  ”

 - Winston Churchill

“We’re going to get him by the balls and we’re going to kick him in the ass…”

- George Patton (unedited) on winning.

What has happened to the American message? By that, I don’t just mean what we say, but how we say it. 

What we do say these days is problematic to begin with.  I wouldn’t give a plugged nickel for most of the texts I receive.  There is so little intended.  And even then it is poorly stated, usually misspelled and incorrectly punctuated, if punctuated at all.  I feel I can say this because I make an effort to communicate a meaningful message, even when creating a friendly text. And my punctuation is often less than stellar. 

This is doubly true when I exchange texts with the nice lady who sends me pretty pictures and charges my credit card by the text message.  She loves me.  She’s working her way through medical school.  Oh, smirk if you want to!

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