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PLUS More SOTU Speculation

For this, I shall spek well of you.

And this is just one of countless cases!

I brought this forward again today because the puppet is going to give us a lot to think about tonight. Following the expose on the IRS, I’ll comment on the media chatter surrounding tonight’s State of the Circus address.

As for the IRS piece itself, you’ll see the timelessness of it just by hearing the names of people who were at the forefront of the political zoo at the time.

In teeing this up for you, I will mention one thing about the SOTU that applies to this discussion. Tonight, the puppet will speak of raising the corporate tax. This is total bullshit. It is standard Lefty sleight of hand. It means exactly nothing to you. In fact it hurts all of us.

When the tax rate is raised on corporations, the first effect is too make our companies less competitive internationally. So growth in this country is slowed.

The second thing it does is take money OUT OF YOUR POCKET! I can’t believe I have to say this again! Corporations pay little, if any taxes! This is especially true of large corporations. If the effective tax burden of a company is not completely offset by the volume of day to day business the accountants get an earful. If a company actually pays the effective rate in any given year, those acountants will be looking for new jobs without references.

So when Biden says he is going to go after greedy businessmen with new taxes, that means he’s going after you. His puppeteers know this. The companies know this. So he will be LYING to you.

87,000 reasons to reject his efforts to “save you.”

Keep in mind throughout this discussion that the IRS is still hiring 87,000 new employees. This is still the same agency that I describe in the narrative below. It is every bit the Stalinist tool it was then. It is also still being directed from behind the curtain by the same “community organizer” that controlled it then.

You’ve been told these new thugs will be going after the big fish. That’s a lie. The political whores are owned and operated by the big fish. It’s the big fish who pay them their honoraria and outright bribes are protected from scrutiny. There will be a few who don’t play the game that might be set aside for scrutiny, but by and large, the 87,000, as you’ll see in a moment, are there to stick a financial microscope up YOUR ass.


Let’s travel back to 2017.

The Internal Revenue Service of the United States, through onerous and thuggish actions, has marked itself as an unapologetic criminal enterprise.

Ever since the Obama Administration, without a blush of irony or shame, turned this organization loose on the American people for political protection, an atmosphere of criminality has come to dominate the actions of the IRS. They’ve been brutes for decades. But now they feel they have official sanction to be brutes.

For details on what happened to Mii’s Bridal and Tuxedo, CLICK HERE.

You’ve probably seen the headlines about the tuxedo and dress shop the IRS drove out of business without due process in an orgy of Left-Wing, National Socialist theatrics.

This isn’t the first time the IRS has ignored the constitution. There are rules governing the IRS itself, which clearly have no basis in civilized law. It doesn’t matter what a bunch of National Socialist liberals wrote into law. At some point (and in this case a long time ago) it becomes clear that many government pursuits run afoul of the basic protections that this very government is charged with maintaining.

If there was a single person at the IRS with an ounce of fortitude, they’d refuse to follow these mandates and blow the whistle on them.

The IRS has destroyed small businesses many times, and with the slimmest of evidence. In this case, it was the “pattern” of deposits the business was making that triggered the raid. They were making deposits that fell under a magic number.

The number is $10,000. What kind of lunacy is that?   We are told – and far too many of us accept – that criminals deposit $10,000+ at a time in banks. If you make such deposits, you are marked as a criminal and should be investigated. If you deposit less than this on a regular basis, you are clearly a criminal because you are trying to hide your criminal activity by not making deposits like a criminal would!   Am I alone in seeing the blatant, police state sickness here?

I can’t speak for the reader, but I am not stupid enough to swallow the clear intent of such nonsense. “Show me the man,” declared Beria, hero of the American police apparatus, “and I’ll show you the crime.”

To intentionally add insult to injury, it has been reported that the IRS punks who destroyed the lives of these business people brought children in to watch the IRS committing their felonies. This was entertainment. It was a twisted version of bring-your-child-to-work day.

What perverse conclusions were those children to draw from this experience? This is what happens, boys and girls, if you don’t blindly obey Mommy Government. Mommy Government will send a pack of losers, who could never make it in the real economy, to come and ruin you and humiliate you in front of your community.

 For all we know, these two might have been avoiding taxes. But we have not the benefit of a process of REAL justice in this case. There is no process under which the citizens have been properly informed of wrongdoing. The targets of the ruination were never given a chance to defend themselves through that same, missing process.

We have only the claim by the thugs that they are owed money, based on an arbitrary magic number. With only that to go on, the punks used the threat of force to ruin this business and the people who ran it for 35 years. They are elderly. They were surely very close to retiring. Now, they are forced to confront the government as the accuser to get compensated for their losses. The government, of course, will then take the role of the accused. Those people will never see their money again.

Here’s the most egregious twist. In order to carry out the raid, the very IRS officials responsible for it made false official statements to justify it. That’s right. Even under its own already abusive and totalitarian rules, was a rule stating that there must be a waiting period between the seizure of goods and the sale of such goods. (10 days as it turns out – by no means enough to protect the rights of the accused – but it was something) The exception is that where such seized goods would be devalued by spoilage within that 10-day period then the goods could be sold immediately.

Leave aside that spoilage is still no excuse for damaging private businesses without due process. This rule governs things like the inventory of a suspect fish market or tomato stand. But the jack-booted morons who pulled off this government-sanctioned theft used that rule to sell designer gowns. They sold them at pennies on the dollar. So along with spoilage, they weren’t concerned with devaluation. The thugs devalued the goods. They were only concerned with destroying the lives of two people who dared to defend themselves against charges leveled by a government-sanctioned mafia.

It is more disgusting than a protection racket.

The flavor of this incident is even more distasteful. It addresses the corruption and gutlessness of the IRS. I once heard an IRS agent talk about who they go after. “Small money, small problems. Big money, big problems,” he said.  In other words, going after people who push billions all over the globe in avoidance AND evasion is too much like work. And those folks can afford lawyers. It's easier to bulldoze as many citizens as possible, damn the actual evidence, than to go after the REAL offenders.

For more details, GO HERE.


Here is what reality is supposed look like in the United States of America:

I have a right to carry and deposit as much money as I damned well please. There is no figure that automatically marks me as a criminal. Before Uncle Sticky-fingers touches a single penny of that money, they must prove that I am involved in a specific criminal act.

I’ll go one further. If there is overwhelming evidence that my money is ill-gotten (i.e., indictment is imminent) then any property seized must be held sacrosanct until all proceedings are concluded. At that time, if I am declared not guilty, ALL of the seized assets must be immediately returned to me without contest or complaint.

In the event the conscientious government employees sell good that would truly spoil in storage, 100% of the proceeds of that sale should also be held until proceeding end. And again, if found not guilty, all that money is returned to ME!

A quick review:

  • If you take something that doesn't belong to you, you've committed a crime.

  • If you make false official statements to get around the law to steal something you've committed a crime.

  • If you sell that which you took wrongfully, you've committed a crime.

  • If you include children in the conduct of a crime, in any way, you've committed a crime.

  • If more than one person planned and arranged for any of the above acts to be carried out, everyone involved can add a count of conspiracy to each count above.

The agents in this case and many similar cases should be arrested and charged as the common criminals that they are.

Reform? Yeah, Right!

There has been a lot of noise emanating from the “Swamp” about tax reform. So far, absolutely no reform had been proposed.   There has been talk of modest cuts, to be nullified by tax increases elsewhere (border tax, gas tax). And even these don’t look likely to materialize soon.

But this will not be reform.  The cuts will be reversed as soon as the Pelosi and Schumer take over Congress in 2018.

But real reform can be had. It can be substantial and can happen a lot sooner than you may think. But you must make certain demands.

First, congress must be made subject to the reforms. They will NEVER agree to be the authors.

Next, we ALL, Left and Right (Not the Loony Deblasio “Left” or the Directionless Trump “Right”) must get behind the Convention of States. We presently have the numbers in the state houses to make a convention occur.

But this convention must not be driven by the Bob Corkers or Jim DeMints that are currently worming their way in. Their involvement will hurt the movement more than help it. (Look at the way Dick Armey and others hijacked the Tea Party movement and turned it into an insiders’ money machine.)

This must be a movement driven by the grass roots and pushed through 34 state legislatures. And it must include REAL provisions to remove the teeth of organizations like the EPA and the IRS.

And to truly deflate the IRS, all you need is a flat tax or a point of sale tax. The strength of the IRS, and the protection offered government crony businesses, is the Byzantine tax code. Part of the Convention of States must be a slashing of the tax code. A simple code is easier to follow and easier to enforce. It will raise far more revenue and waste far fewer dollars in compliance. It is also, by its nature, more transparent.

I talk more about this in chapter 5 of Street Politics: It Ain’t Your Daddy’s GOP Anymore. Read it. Know it. Live it.

I comment frequently that average Americans, out of sheer laziness and irresponsible apathy, allow all manner of abuse to be heaped on them and fellow citizens. Well, if this incident isn’t a banner to rally under, regardless of your political persuasion, I have little faith in our future. The police state is here. The Age of Reason is under assault. It is being replaced by polarized cults blindly following “opposing” parties which are BOTH leading them in the same Orwellian direction.

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Now it’s back to the present day and the pending bullshit SOTU.

I checked out the sycophant Democratic party website, today. It’s cute how they are trying to convince you that the coming shitshow means anything. It doesn’t.

The State of the Union was designed to be a report, handed to Congress, in which the executive branch outlined how they were carrying out the will of Congress. It was not intended to be this Louis XIV, Chairman Mao, imbecilic applause fest with all the trappings of European royalty. It was paperwork. Tonight that wll be made more embarrassing knowing that the old bag of bones is just standing in for his boss, Barry O.


He will talk about unemployment being low. He won’t mention the non-participation rate for working age adults remains at or near an all-time high. And among the jobs added are hundred of thousands of government jobs. Make that make sense. The government isn’t doing more for you.

And oh, the bullshit number of jobs added: 15 million now. This will be the mack daddy of all the lies he’ll tell. And there will be some doozies.

He’ll talk about wages rising faster than prices. Really? In what weeks did that occur? Because going back to 2021, wages lag inflation - considerably. That’s because in the private sector, jobs added are mostly low-wage, unskilled jobs.

He’ll lie and say the Inflation Reduction Act was a real thing. It was a spending bonanza, resulting in wildly higher prices for EVERYTHING which the Fed offset by making it harder for you to buy a home. Gee! Thanks, Joe! Thanks, Democrats!

Anticipate much hate and invective hurled at POLITICAL opponents. (Putin much?) Joe will blame “MAGA extremists” for all our nation’s woes. But MAGA people of any stripe are not in power right now. He’s pretending to be president, Obama is running the executive branch and the Dems hold the Senate. So who is fucking up this country again?

He’ll criticize the GOP for not voting for a bill that would have made the gaping, diseased, criminal and drug infested border the new normal, under the law. He will call that piece of shit bill a compromise that the GOP rejected.

There will be more. You will be left wondering how they managed to keep him propped up for so long tonight. The same guy who can’t finish a thought day-to-day will stand there for a good 45 minutes to an hour and deliver a fine laundry list of lies. And that will end up being biggest talking point among the media fluffers. They’ll repeat over and over how he was vigorous and really hung in there. He’s got it all going on!

And then tomorrow he’ll be bumping into walls again. In fact, tomorrow will likely be spent resting and detoxing.

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