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The Jordan/Cori Show Ep 10

A special presentation with Cameron Hamilton VA-07, for Congress. (See text below the video line.)

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I sat down with Cameron Hamilton today. He’s a Congressional candidate for VA—07. He scored a few points that made an impression.

In my book1 I said, in today’s world, the candidate who is teaching is winning. Pay attention to the quality of Cam’s answers. There is a lot said here that many of us need to learn…or relearn.

I hope to spend time with all the candidates from VA-07, as well as other races, to give you quality information directly from the horse’s mouth. No fifteen-second sound bite here. The speaker needs to commit.

Cam and I had much more to discuss. And he may be back. But in the future, I will ask each candidate for at least the option of a full hour of raw video/audio.

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