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The Jordan/Cori Show Ep 16 (audio)

The Jordan/Cori Show Ep 16 (audio)

White supremacists and Hamas supporters, morally identical.


Matt has canceled the protest drive planned for late May.

JD Vance was a Marine.

At the request of one of our readers, Ron and Matt take a deep dive into the phony campus outrage.

Matt and Ron discussed recent campus riots. Both expressed a fervent hope that participation in the immature exhibitionism render participants as poison to potential employers. They also kicked around issues related to the upcoming election. They also expressed concerns about the potential candidacy of Joe Biden, the current economic situation, and the promotion of electric vehicles. Lastly, they deliberated on issues surrounding gender identity, the impact of fads on children, and the damage caused to fertility and demographics due to abortion and delayed childbirth.

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The Political Party Pooper Play Book (P4B)
Party Pooper Podcast
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