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The PGA and LIV

The PGA and LIV

An unscheduled Quick Hit


I have had time to digest the PGA’s super weird maneuver announced last week. I have had lots of conversations with golfer buddies, my sons and folks online. And I have reached some conclusions.

The primary reaction was to call it the most egregious example of corporate hypocrisy EVER! It is disgusting the way the PGA first convinced some players to turn down 8 and 9 figures from LIV, only to ink a secret deal with the same people later. I also heard a lot about the PGA is now somewhat representing a tribe of ruthless asshats who would be wiping their asses with sand if not for their oil fields and Western technology.

I agree with those sentiments - 100%. I have a similar reaction every time LeBron James slobs Xi Jin Ping’s knob. I suspect that the boardmembers of the PGA were handsomely greased with tens of millons of dollars in order to get the deal done. Slimey, but perfectly legal. The whole things just stinks.

But after further consideration, I can’t say that there was much of a moral dilemna for anyone who moved to LIV when you consider where they already were.

First, let’s look at the covorting with the country the 9/11 highjackers came from. I can see where almost anyone would object to that. I do. But what is new there? The PGA and the players in several tournaments, especially the Ryder Cup, primarily represent the USA. I see no players refusing to play in international or premiere compititions while our government DIRECTLY facilitates the deaths of tens of thoudands of it’s own citizens PER YEAR in coordination with drug cartels and Chinese Communists.

The Saudi nut bags killed just over 3000 on 9/11. Our government and their cartel buddies kill that many every few weeks! And we never consider the number of wrecked bodies and minds of those still somehow walking around despite their use of government-smuggled narcotics.

We have a government condoning, hell promoting, mass experimentation on kids that would make Mengele blush. We’re not actually killing them, but we are wrecking them physically and psychologically for the entertainment of groomers, kinky parents and Instagram dipshits. Just the other day we had the head puppet, Joe Biden, calling these attention freaks the bravest Americans he’d ever known.

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Gratuitous assertions and new bullshit terms are made up every day to justify it all, but we all know there is NO SCIENCE behind any of it. Even the people making up the bullshit terms know it’s all crap. It’s a sick fad - the sickest ever.

We live in a nation where favored corporations write our laws, clawing more and more of our money unto themselves and killing competition. Our legislators don’t write our laws. They are just instructed to vote them up or down without reading or debating them. Xi had to kill off ALL those he did not control to get that kind of servile cooperation from HIS government. Our “representatives” just roll over and take it dry.

So as low as the PGA appears to have sunk, once I put it in perspective, I don’t see much to get in a snit about. They’re just signing on to play for different bag o’ dicks.

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