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There's more (and less) to the bridge collapse story.

There's more (and less) to the bridge collapse story.


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So we'll speak well of you...

Before we get to the main event…

I have had a few occasions lately to consider Joe and his wearing of ashes every year at the start of Lent. Easter Sunday was one more iteration.

Ash Wednesday has always struck me as an odd tradition. When I was really little, I thought it was cool. You got to go up to the alter, like the big kids, the seven year old kids did. The priest would mutter something you didn’t understand and you got a black smudge on your forehead. It was supposed to help you get to heaven.

Lately, I would wonder idly where the Catholics on the evening news shows, like Baier and Ingram come by the perfect cross, not a smudge on their forehead, OVER their stage makeup.

Ah well, it’s all lost on me anyway - a godless, fallen Catholic am I. But I do know the point of the exercise, and that is what makes people like Joe Biden so laughable, and at the same time, so pathetic.

I read his proclamation about the Groom Our Kids, Tranny Exhibition Day which happened to fall on Easter this year. If Joe were actually in command of his own thoughts and actions, he might not have put his name to it. That he did means he is the phony “Catholic” I suspect he is, or just a useful rube. I realize the two are not mutually exclusive.

But here’s the rub. NONE of the Abrahamic traditions allow for anything represented by the L, G, B, or any of the other letters designating militant sexuality.

I don’t care either way. I am an adult with an open mind. I wouldn’t mind being in Key West for Fantasy Fest. There is no reason anyone should celebrate or attack that view. It’s just one adult’s view. But if I said I want to experience Fantasy Fest, and then said, but I AM a good Catholic, one of the two assertions would have to be untrue. At least until I did Penance and truly did go forth and sin in that way no more. I can’t have it both ways.


Joe’s chosen faith does not permit him to do what he did last weekend. To be certain, he should not, even based on that faith speak ill of people or wish them ill. But he, under orders from his betters, who run the White House, went way beyond simply looking askance at what HIS FAITH has declared abhorrent.

Joe encouraged the behaviors. He celebrated them. He gave participants over bloated credit, as if being LGBTQ etc, made you an extra special American - a super duper patriot. He put his personal stamp of approval on it. That is the very height of hypocrisy. In the eyes of an honest person it makes the ashes, at worst a quaint tradition, into an insult to anyone who wears them with faith.

I wrote recently that Joe and Jill grew up near where I did. When they pay homage to guys who dress like girls, THEY DON’T MEAN IT. They use these people as stage props. And like any other of the stupid subgroups the Dems like to break us down into, the stage props should see the insult in it all. But many don’t. Too many think it’s real.

But the words that stuck in my craw were the references to the bullying of “transgendered kids”. In these words lie the greatest assault on reality.

THERE ARE NO TRANSGENDERED KIDS. Like there are no Republican kids, or Democrat kids, or Jewish kids, or Catholic kids. There are kids. The adjectives are added by parents. These days teachers or other adults have assumed the position of one who creates the adjectives. In a few places even the parents get no say in the matter. But to be certain these kids are created by adults. And in the case of “transgendered” kids, it’s called grooming and it is a VERY recent fad.

But what of the bullying? First, let us agree that kids can be very cruel. That’s because kids don’t know better. It’s one of the things we have to break them of as they grow. As an aside, that’s is another area where modern parents are failing miserably.

Second, in today’s world, all less-than-comfortable treatment, jokes, taunting. teasing are treated the same as real bullying, violent behavior. But that’s fine. We’ll let it stand.

This just increases my disgust with parents who can’t keep their kinks among other consenting adults. How shitty a person do you have to be to project your personal predilections onto YOUR OWN KIDS, knowing they will catch hell for it, just to feel personal vindication? So other shallow adults will think you’re woke?

These parents know, beyond doubt that other kids don’t give a shit about insincere presidential proclamations.


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The Key Bridge…It doesn’t suck as much as you think it does.

As is always the case, we have had a major event, in this case a really cool bridge getting knocked down, and right away, the talking heads start speaking of the end times and asking all the wrong questions.

There is much to discuss with this loss of the Key Bridge. But what is needed most is for everyone to take a breath and check their perspective.

For one thing, speaking of the port and the jobs that will be lost, tens of thousands, has been spiced with panic. To be certain, some of the news outlets were speaking from a position of complete ignorance. Some knew better but wanted to keep your eyes and ears glued to their content.

But I was pleased to hear today that in terms of opening the channel to ship traffic, there is already light at the end of the tunnel. Yes, many workers will be furloughed. But it is a temporary thing. As the channel opens, they will be ready to take cargo most ricki-tick. Yes, the harbor drama will ebb and flow, since while the bridge is being rebuilt, there will be inevitable interruptions of the water traffic. BUT!!!!… Baltimore is NOT dead.

And try as they will, because they are whores, none of the credit for the return to normal we WILL see, can be claimed by the politicians who are fund-raising even today over the bodies still submerged below the wreckage.

What about the HAZMAT?

Good question. And one of the only critical questions asked by the media so far. But so far, contrary to the hype, we don’t know of ANY that has fallen into the river. The port and everyone else involved know exactly where every container was on that ship. With a simple photograph, counting the undisturbed or slightly damaged rows, they know what has survived and what may have fallen overboard.

If any of the containers in the water were of a scary variety, SOMEBODY in the information chain would have be now claimed their 15 minutes and leaked word to the press.

Now why would I say that? Because I have trust issues. I believe that a flash of fame is more important to most adults than responsible action. Still, there is something to be said about knowing the facts versus public ignorance at this point. In the unlikely case there is monosodiumnastyshit in the water right now, I also wouldn’t put it past the government to sit on the information. They might say it would be to avoid a panic. But we all know the more likely scenario would be to cover for crony companies, or potential crony companies as best they can.

All that said, I am operating on the assumption that the HAZMAT is still on board. And what may have fallen into the river is only as dangerous as the integrity of the containers, which are pretty stout. Don’t lose any sleep over that until things become clearer.

It wouldn’t hurt it the EPA were to insist on a manifest to include a list of the containers WE KNOW are at the bottom of the channel.

But the actual damage to our economy will be less a burden than most of us first thought.

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