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War Talk? Seriously?

War Talk? Seriously?

What the hell are these people up to?

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Update: After writing this, but before releasing it, I read the Davos/WEF Global Risks Report. They’re talking about war as well. So this goes at least part the way to answering questions that emerge below. The “report” is a checklist of things the WEF wants to create artificially or stoke for their own gain. It is an agenda, not a disinterested1 read of world affairs. Snakes. PAY ATTENTION!


I’ve been mulling the possibilities surrounding future actions by the Davos crowd. These are people without a sense of nations or borders or loyalty. They consider those things to be trivial. Such banalities are in the wheelhouse of the “little” people, the non-elites, like you.

But they will certainly exploit those loyalties and concerns to “play” you for chumps. I’ve long suspected that they may have a cyber “crisis” ALREADY teed up. I suspect it because just prior to Covid, they took it upon themselves to war game a pandemic, And lo, in less than two years, we had Covid. What a coinkydink!

They were utterly gleeful throughout the pandemic and were successful in using it for cover as they recruited drones in every government and sowed chaos in the West by having their drones cease REAL crime fighting. They gathered much power unto themselves.

Last year they war gamed a massive cyber attack, and followed it with ominous warnings. Such a scenario would be right out of their playbook for advancing their hold on powers around the world.

But this is all just raw suspicion based on history. There is no smoking gun here.

Could they be up to something else?

In recent days, Ukraine not withstanding, there has been increased chatter about war. Why?

From where I sit, as we see global trade shrink and nations take more responsibility for their own interests, I don’t see why the West would be talking of war. It simply isn’t necessary.

I included a video at the end of the text below the audio line. It features General Sir Nick Parker, former Commander of UK Land Forces. There is something important, seemingly minor, in his comments. He says, “there seems to be” some kind of change happening with the strategic picture and relations around the world. Well, duh, general! 2019 much? Can you not state the changes as clear facts? Do you not understand them far more clearly than I do?

That scares me. I am good at spotting patterns. I think my sources and information are excellent. But compared to Gen. Sir Nick, I should be a punter.

Is he a part of this Davos cult? Why would someone of his experience be talking about war right now? Why is HE shaking his head about the global picture?

I question the logic for war based on a piece I wrote some time ago. In the segment entitled Trade Policies I outlined how we could create a smaller, more secure version of the Bretton Woods concept of trade and security.

So to me, war talk right now seems quite contrived. But I certainly wouldn’t put the provocation and financing of wars beyond the low morality of the Davos/WEF crowd. Remember the Rothchilds. The WEF makes the Rothchilds of Europe 1500 - 1900 look like friggin’ humanitarians.

And what if they get their filthy war? What are we to do? We’re mired in alliances. The low-life yes men that head our military and DoD have done their level best to vaginate our Armed Forces. We need at least a year, WITH A DRAFT, to build our military back to anything near what would be required for a theater war.

So, watch this carefully. Be ready to throw the bullshit flag if something flares for no logical reason, or for freshly manufactured reasons. Think critically, not emotionally. Be Spock. We don’t have to play along with any of it. And if they are smart, our present day allies don’t either.

My worry is there is no one in a position of influence, among the permanent governing class, making this case. Maybe that should be the subject of your next email to congress or the puppet masters that own Old Joe.


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Your P4B book list

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Disinterested, in this context means objective, unbiased. The annual WEF Global Risks Report is ANYTHING but that.

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