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Alyssa Milano

Alyssa Milano

Uber-hotty and dingbat of the week. Part 1.

Bottom Line Up Front: We can do this. We know enough. We just need to be strong together.

I scrolled across a video post from Alyssa Milano on X a few days back. Yeah, she’s still hot. If I was any weirder, she’d be high on my list of people I’d like to stalk.

But man, is she ever a Hollywood caricature! Her post was about why she’s supporting the Regime SHE THINKS is headed by Joe Biden. Right out of the gate she’s too far gone into the la la land of showfolk to realize that Joe runs precisely NOTHING. He’s just the poor bastard who is sent out to mumble talking points assigned to him, and take the heat for the social breakdown the Regime is causing.

But I digress.

In her post, Milano made three main points. She is supporting the old bag of bones because:

  1. No child should go hungry in this country.

  2. People shouldn’t HAVE TO work 3 jobs just to make ends meet.

  3. We should have a Equal Rights Amendment to ensure equal treatment for women.

Most of the NORMAL people who read this are already smiling. They already know I’m about to tear these Democrat talking points to shreds.

But there are a few out there, on the fence or all-out woke, who are knitting your brows. You’re staring at this post like a high functioning monkey looking at a Rubix cube. You’re wondering what I could possibly say about such a compassionate list of aspirations.

I am twirling my mustache like an evil villain right now.

Let us begin.

On point 1, their are children who go hungry in this country. That is not for a lack of money from the nanny state. And the fault is shared equally between the Democrat Party, feckless RINOs and the parents of the kids who go hungry. As our younger demographic has shrunk over the last 40 years, we’ve added more and more money, every single year, to what we spend on food assistance. When Trump had unemployment at an all-time low for every race and BOTH sexes (there are only two) we piled on more per year to the same funds. And with Covid, we went batshit. There are people saying we should keep the food assistance spending at THAT level.

There are only a few reasons for child hunger in the United States. First, too many of the kids are the issue of drug or alcohol addled mothers. (Or even parents. We’ll discuss that qualifier momentarily.) The adults in the lives of the kids are too baked to care for them. If the poor kids are lucky enough to interact with society at all, the school feeds them. Hopefully, compassionate people who know their plight try to help.

But mommy crackhead isn’t a reliable provider of nutrition, nor is she likely to get to the welfare office to fill out the forms to get assistance. Some manage to do it, but what is a crackhead mom or dad going to do with a program that lets you cash out a hefty portion of it each week? And who will cook on a regular basis?

Second, there are parents, going back two or more generations who have been flushed through the prison system we call K-12, who come out the other end utterly ignorant of basic life skills…and without an education.

If that is the only problem, these parents do a little better. But to be sure there are a lot of moms who never take full advantage of the GENEROUS programs available, because they can’t read associated literature and can barely spell more than their own name.


What’s the biggest problem here?

A lack of fatherhood among the classes in question is the central reason for such widespread deprivation in our kids. With a lack of education and a lack of mentorship, each new generation is doomed to become an even bigger mess than the one before it.

The naive celebration of single motherhood, along with accepting a huge swath of parental abandonment by worthless punks - sissies who THINK they’re men - has done more to doom kids to a life of failure than any other cause I can list here.

Solutions to dingbat complaint 1 - feeding kids.

Fixing this problem does not require another dime from the Beltway or the states. It requires a two-pronged, multi-generational plan.

Substance abuse:

We must stigmatize1 drug abuse and addiction. It is not a disability. And the people who engage in it are not “self-medicating”.2 They are demolishing themselves and their lives, and the lives of those around them through a voluntary action. While getting clean is more difficult, it is equally voluntary. Never fucking up to begin with is the easiest path. But kids of addicts and abusers will not get that message from mommy or daddy. Society will have to send that message. It will have to be loud and cold.

So we need the collective fortitude to be loud and harsh. The guidance must be constant from schools, governance, social services and the law.


We must severely stigmatize absentee fatherhood. Fathers who abandon their kids MUST be brought to heel. Sound harsh? I don’t give a shit. And neither should you. Other than violent crime, there are few things worse than a man can do than leaving a woman to raise kids by herself and without support. In fact the male who does that is not a man. He is just a failure who, but for nature, has the XY chromosome.

And THAT is the message every responsible adult should echo. This is especially true for men who ARE responsible fathers or who aspire to be that. Do you know a guy who has one or more kids he doesn’t care for and live with, not through divorce with shared custody, but just walked away from? You MUST turn your back on that male - and make it clear why. Be upfront. If they want friends, among real men, they need to do what it takes to raise those kids with the mother.

This, of course becomes problematic with serials douche bags. But at some point a man has got to be a man. Or he should have no male friends. He doesn’t deserve the consideration - and likely can’t be depended on as a real friend anyway. He’s a douche bag.

So at work, at the softball game, at the sportsbar, let the deadbeat know you don’t respect his being a deadbeat. Don’t make time for him. Surround yourself with real men with real jobs and real lives.

To moms who are doing their level best to raise kids one their own, there are mentorship programs available, especially for boys. Do you best to get them in one. Men, if you neighborhood doesn’t have one, start one. Here’s just one model. Click the button.

Mentorship Program

If that last point doesn’t trip your trigger, this one might. Motherhood:

We must stigmatize “easy” girls. This is a mouthful coming from me. I have always said people (adults) can do as they please with each other. I’ll not say them nay. BUT!

With all actions come consequences. You MUST be responsible for your actions. Period!

Girls, you are not sex toys, and babies are not trophies. Many, many MANY girls who throw open their legs for a guy really KNOW whether he’s worth a damn. And if you don’t know, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that he has his shit wired and he’ll be loyal, that he will provide…superglue your knees together. He doesn’t deserve you.

And flowers and sweet talk and a cool strut don’t earn the prize. A good job, a healthy social life, an adult attitude and the strength for real sacrifice might. But usually…you know.

And forget all this Hollywood crap about the strong woman, demonstrating her agency, proving to the world she can be a baby momma at 16 years old. It’s not a happy path. It’s a load of crap. There is 75% chance you’ll raise kids to have all the problems I listed above PLUS the added bonus of criminality.

Yes, I am suggesting that if you try to raise kids when you are alone and young, you have a hand in any negative outcomes that the kids, who you will certainly love, will face. And there will likely be many negative outcomes.

Your friends might pay lip service to how cool or strong you are. You may feel like Murphy Brown for a few months. But reality will suck. And those friends? Not much use.

So the end game of the first prong in fixing Milano’s point 1 is creating the foundation for the next two generations to be better parents and raise better kids.

I already know the objection floating around in your head right now. It will intensify as we go on. But I WILL address it.

The donate button I mentioned.

The second prong is education.

We start by doing away with the Department of Education. It has never contributed to the education of a single child. It is a playroom for phony professionals. It’s a daily exercise in mental masturbation. It sucks up money for no purpose. Cut the cost of the program out of federal revenues and leave it with the states.

It wouldn’t hurt to do away the Department of Labor as well. This would have an uplifting effect on schools across the country, but there is far too much to unpack here. So I’ll leave the explanation for a future episode.

We must stigmatize ignorance. That needs no explanation.

We start actually educating our kids through the use of competition. Charter and Magnet schools have been wildly successful compared to their public school counterparts. But there are too few to make a significant difference. Most kids don’t have the option of going to those schools. The unions hate them because they know in order to maintain their members positions3, the members would have to improve their game.

Yes, there are TOO MANY really shitty teachers out there. Don’t buy into the propaganda that paints teachers as angels and super heroes. Most are not, but forced to perform, many MANY more would be.

So we have a new generation of kids, especially those nearing adulthood, who are learning more of life’s basics. And the next generation coming up being better educated, raised with a dad or at least mentored.

These people will be highly employable. And if they should befall hard times will be perfectly capable of raising kids with all the assistance available before getting back on track. For perspective, if you can’t feed your kids WELL, when across the country they are getting between 5 and 10 meals per day AT SCHOOL, you’re not even half trying. Or your ignorant. Or your brain is baked.

Take this discussion viral, and the job is half done.

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I would say “restigmatize” but these things have been so long accepted by a deteriorating society, they’ve become the norm. The stigma becomes a new experience.


I am amazed how this term has gained so much traction. “Self-medicating” implies a person is in some way fixing themselves.


A preview to getting rid of the Department of Labor as it pertains to education.

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