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Angelina Jolie, Golf, Baseball, Stupid Judges, PLUS...

Angelina Jolie, Golf, Baseball, Stupid Judges, PLUS...

You need to stop and listen or read this! The Government WILL ABSOLUTELY abuse this!
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Let me start this week with an important observation. I was in the supermarket yesterday. My eye fell on the cover of one of our nation’s premier periodicals, In Touch Magazine. The big headline? Brad and Angelina’s Divorce Final!

According to this purveyor of pertinent, quality information, Angelina felt defeated. She couldn’t afford to keep fighting. One can imagine she might be sad and vulnerable right now. Perfect! Now I can swoop in!

Angie, darling, if you’re a fan of the P4B (and why wouldn’t you be?) I’m here for you, baby! This is finally our time. Just cancel all those restraining orders and I’m all yours! I’ll even wash all the underwear I stole from your laundry room hamper and give it back to you!

Stupid Judge

Have you ever seen old film of the NAZI judges during the Hitler years? I have a four minute example here in the text.

Here, we have a politically polluted idiot who routinely turned his “court” into a circus of stupidity. A nation that had only a few years before prided itself on it’s orderly and deliberative application of the law, had become this!

Now, despite the fact that I am going to write this paragraph, some readers will comment that I am calling American judges NAZIs. NAZIism was a violent political movement. I will not say here the subject is a NAZI. But…

…We now have people in this country who are supposed to be responsible jurist who have surrendered reason and legal reality to the latest fad and the whims of their political betters. They are not as loud or as violent as the court in the video. No one is being sent to camps - yet. But we’ve have most assuredly started the slide.

A judge doesn’t have to be bombastic and shrill to be contributing to the practice of law the way the German “judges” did in the 1930s and 40s. He just needs to operate outside the law and language.


He/She Said, She Said

The most recent case to demonstrate this slouching toward idiocracy is Westenbroek v Kappa Kappa Gamma.1 Here we find a man who couldn’t get laid in a woman’s prison with a pocket full of pardons. Perhaps that is why he decided to dress like a woman and join a sorority. He gets to hang out with a lot of women with no cock blockers around.

His joy was short lived. He immediately started to creep out his sorority sisters out by leering at them and appearing to be aroused. One might safely assume he’d then get after himself when he was alone.

There may also be the possibility the our homely dude did everything in search of a lawsuit. Such suits among the “trans” community is becoming a cottage industry. Who really knows?

Seeing the folly of admitting “trans women” to the sorority it was decided that the plaintive see his way out.

The Law and Language

By hijacking language, making up nonsensical terms out of whole cloth, or applying one term for another (like equity and equality) the Left has done untold damage to our society. It has infected thinking throughout our system of governance and law.

Instead of intelligent people standing up to the worthless nonsense, lawyers and judges have knelt before the same altar of peudo-law as the crazy NAZI judges did. The pseudo-law in this case isn’t what we saw during the Third Reich. But it is EVERY BIT as stupid.

In Westenbroek v Kappa, the judge, Alan Johnson committed a crime against language and thereby the law. Words mean things. Just because I want a word to mean something else on a whim does not change the meaning of words in the law. Further, injecting nonsense terms into laws invalidate those same laws until the language used reflects reality as society sees it, not as a few crusaders see it.

In his ruling, Johnson first said that Kappa did not clearly define what a woman is when creating their bylaws. This is devoid of reason and legal reality because everyone knows a woman is an adult female, XX. Some people have recently denied knowing this to promote he “trans” fad, but that’s the reality, the known reality! Outside of Never Never Land there is no requirement for anyone to define what a woman is.

As hard as lawyers work to add byzantine levels of verbage to their documents, even the worst offenders wouldn’t require a legal document define every word of that same document. That is not and should not be an accepted concept because if it was, the words, “I fell into the manhole and broke my leg,” would become an infinite scramble of definitions of definitions of definitions. The document would never end.

So without any other justification than a fad less than 10 years old, the judge HIMSELF challenged the meaning of a word that needs no definition.

In a related statement, the Judge declared definitively that the court would not decide what a woman is. Well, DUH your “honor”! That isn’t the court’s job, so NO, it shouldn’t do that. But in making a needless statement about what the court would not do, reason demands that the sorority has no obligation to define the commonly known either. So his previous finding has no meaning in this case.

Put another way, his words argued the defendant’s case for them because he refused to do what he complains they didn’t do. And based on that, Johnson ruled for the plaintiff. This 180 degrees out from reality. Judge Johnson was obviously out sick the day they were teaching law in law school.

What concerns me in this case is that Alan Johnson isn’t alone in his destruction of jurisprudence in Wyoming or the United States. We have a Supreme Court Justice who pretended to NOT know what a woman is - because of the fad. We have people being TOLD to use nonsensicle terms and pronouns that the Constitution insists they not be required to - because of the FAD! We have frivolous lawsuits being filed by school districts, against the wishes of parents, to keep graphic depictions of recreational oral sex in front of grade school kids. AND THESE CASES ARE NOT BEING TOSSED OUT WITH PREJUDICE2 because of the FAD! We have legislators creating laws that strip parents of their legal rights if they refuse to allow their kids to be mutilated by quacks…be…be…because…the FAD!

For the record, I will say that last one runs dead parallel to the Nuremberg Laws and mass sterilization, ordered by the courts. There is no linguistic parsing here. They ARE morally identical.

But it is all happening because the children are at the switch and those who know better lack the requisite sack to smack the kiddies’ hands away.


Confessions of a Duffer

How many golfers do we have out there? I’m betting a bunch. As cliche as it sounds, I can teach anyone to golf, just the basics, and they will do well. But I CANNOT golf. I don’t go out often and I have a sickening slice. This year I attended a golf weekend with my sons and some friends. I was beyond horrible!

I seriously considered giving the clubs away. Some people were not meant to swing a golf club.

Inspiration from a baseball legend

During this soul-searching, I happened across the Netflix documentary Facing Nolan.

It’s hard to imagine but after being in Majors for several seasons Nolan Ryan was ready to quit baseball altogether. He decided baseball was just not what he was “meant to do”. The documentary compared the young Ryan to Nuke LaLoosh. Ryan had a cannon for an arm, but he was all over the place. When he wasn’t striking a player out, he was hitting the bleachers.

His wife convinced him to stay and keep going.

Before he was finally done, after 27 seasons, he held 51 major league records, not all of them good. But he was the very definition of baseball. Not only did he strike out some of the biggest names in the game, he went on to strike out their sons, years later. I believe he was 44 years old when he pitched his 7th no-hitter.

When I think of Nolan Ryan, my attitude toward golf is kind of embarrassing. It’s important in that golf is where I spend the most uninterrupted time with my sons. So I set my mind to fixing my game.

I can’t say it’s going well. I’ve collected tons of advice from pros. I do all the drills required to eliminate a slice. I practice the drills and ball contact against a net in my back yard. I drill again at the driving range and then start smacking balls. Right now, from my last two visits to the local range, there are about 150 out of 200 balls in the trees to the right at the 150 yard marker. I’ll spare you the details.

At the New Post range in Fredericksburg, I did a bit better (150 balls in two visits) but I lacked power. I have set a goal of eliminating my slice by 12 October when I meet the boys for another golf weekend. I just want to get through a round without tripping over my driver and drooling on myself.

Wish me luck.

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The Main Event: Guaranteed Government Abuse

You’ve seen me both quote and argue with Peter Zeihan many times here. I am sure my most loyal readers are saying, “What, again?!”

I do this because I think most of his numerical and reasoned observation are extremely valuable. But when he strays into the political I find he is often an apologist for some really dangerous shit. I feel compelled to push back in these instances because so many people do listen to him. When he yawns and tells us not to worry about seriously batshit stuff, I know there are folks out there saying well, if Zeihan says ESG is nothing to worry about then it must be okay.

Today, 31 August, he released a video in which he speaks rather well of Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC).

RFK was Right.

Just to jump the tracks for a minute… Robert Kennedy, Jr. recently gave an interview where he said the first rule of politics is that once you give the government a certain power, you’ll never get it back. He said the second law of politics says that if the government can abuse that power, they absolutely will.

Since Ben Franklin’s warnings of people voting treasure unto themselves, we have proven RFK Jr’s observation again and again. Since FDR’s first term the execution of both concepts have been policy. Accrue more and more central power, then wildly abuse it. I want you to keep RFK’s word in mind as we continue here.

But, It’s FREE!

One of the things Zeihan hit pretty hard this morning was that fact that the CBDC would act as a pay service. It would work like a checking account or debit card or Paypal. But it would be free, so everybody would eventually move to it. Eventually all pay services would be driven from the market.

Problem number one: Everybody would move to it. That is the intent and not because the Fed is operated by a swell bunch of guys who just want to see smiles on all of our faces. More on that later.

Problem number two: It would put all the other guys out of business. When you have just one of something, servicing everybody, and that something goes down (Don’t be stupid, yes it will.) everything stops. A small glitch in the thing that pays for EVERYTHING and the damage would be in the billions in seconds.

We already have a government that thinks we need to put all our eggs on one basket when it come to food, energy, education and on and on. Example: They want us to go electric everything: cars, trucks, farm equipment, busses, cooking, heating, you name it. If it is mechanized or hot, they want it plugged into the grid. The blind idiocy of this idea is self-evident.

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There was a crazy ice storm in Virginia in 2006. It was cold as balls and the power was out for days. But we got through it rather well. We had a gasoline generator, a propane grill and a fire place. We cooked the Christmans turkey on the grill. It was awesome. It ended up being a great holiday. If we had all electric appliances and maybe one of those cheese dick electric fireplaces with the stupid pretend fire we’d have been in real trouble for 6 days.

Similarly, you don’t want fewer means of transferring funds. You want as many as you can find and trust. And you want good old cash. Value-backed currency would be best but the government pretends that would be impossible (An earlier abuse. Thanks Tricky Dick.). So fiat dollars would be better than all electronic.

And of course, we would be creating a situation without competition. Does anybody NOT know what happens when you remove competition from any activity? Okay. For the truly slow, quality ABSOLUTELY goes down, as does the responsiveness of the new monopoly. This is an absolute. Just because it is to be run by the Fed and the government doesn’t change the absolute. It guarantees it. We’re talking about the government here.

If you need to understand the pig-ignorance of THAT, ask 100 IRS agents a question a question about your taxes. You’ll get at least 50 unique answers. And you’ll have no way of knowing which one is correct. Nobody does. That too is intentional. And folks like Peter want us to turn over ALL of our financial transactions to these people?!

One man’s ESG is another man’s SCS.

Zeihan is dismissive of people who say CBDC will be a means to control people through the denial and provision of THEIR OWN money by the Fed. His dismissal is either obtuse or misguided. But it’s not well-founded.

For one thing, he says it would take a huge staff of people to make that work and the Fed is small. Well, for starters, just to make the thing work as designed without abuse WILL take a huge number of IT, clerical and administrative people to keep it going.

Keep RFK’s words in mind. If you CAN abuse it… Right?

It won’t take massive army of people to make it all work. To wring all the control CBDC will present the government with would require a rather light application of artificial intelligence. AI would be used to monitor transactions. The government will have the program throttle people’s money automatically.

Zeihan says no, no ,no. The Chinese did that because they married credit and services and purchasing power to their Social Credit Score (SCS).

Yes! And our ESG is a carbon copy of SCS. The government, with the happy cooperation of cronies in the financial industry, already has companies jumping through ESG hoops with the threat of lowering their credit dangling over their heads.

But why do they do that? Because THEY CAN do that, of course. They are already fucking with companies and banks and thereby people 401k’s through the intended abuse of ESG. Hey, they have phony social agendas they need pushed through. ESG is the truncheon they use to do it.

So philosophically, we already know the government, with the full cooperation of the FED (a collection of crony banks that work entirely by government mandate) will absolutely abuse your money in the way CBDC will allow them to.

That is why they want everybody on it. That’s why it’s “free”.3 When it’s the only game in town, that’s when the fun starts. The government WILL link your CBDC account to social media, what you purchase, electric smart meter, car choices, and who the hell knows what else to your ESG score.

With the use of AI and as many people as they do want to employ4 Uncle Stinky will snag your money faster than a stick man at a craps table. Say something critical about men pretending to be women on social media. An algorithm will trigger a report. Your CBDC account will immediately be flagged and the value of your account will drop a little tiny bit. Perhaps your credit score will take a hit.

Say something about the Regime, the way I do routinely, and the next day, when you visit your local gun store, you may find it is impossible to spend your money there. No guns or ammo for you!

It may not shake out EXACTLY as I describe. But it WILL happen. You WILL be manipulated. But how do I know this type of thing will happen? Remember RFK’s rules. If they can abuse a power, they absolutely will. This is why we need to be stripping power from the federal government wholesale and from the Executive branch especially. Instead, we are rocketing through programs that will provide them immense power over us all.

What kind of lame ass celebrates this? How blind do you have to be to NOT see it?

Now here’s the MAIN point about “everybody will get in.”

Zeihan said, correctly, that very quickly everybody would jump into CBDC because it’s free. Eventually all other pay services would be knocked out of business.

The short-sighted will think well, I hate my credit card service. It would be great to see them go under and still have a way to pay my bills that’s “free”.

Think for a minute. The people who offer us bill paying services are, with few exceptions, the people who loan us money! Your credit card company loans you money with every tap or swipe. Take away the need for a credit card and now, if you want to buy something on credit, WHO IS LOANING YOU THE MONEY?!

It will be the same people who control its value and availability. Remember, the government already threatens companies who don’t have high ESG scores. Do you doubt for a second, when they control every aspect of cash and credit that they wouldn’t ruin you for disobedience, or political disloyalty?


Let’s take it all to its logical conclusion. Here’s another prediction require no clairvoyance to divine. Credit cards are a huge source of income for financial companies. Without them the entire industry will be severely weakened. Bigs would easily buy out the small. The entire market would slowly gravitate to the CBDC and those who control it.

As they did with the insurance industry under epically absurd Obamacare, the government will pick winners from the well connected supporters of ESG and CBDC.5 These people will be the titular “lenders” in the new “market”. A few banks and loan agencies at a time will quietly be swallowed up by the FED banks and other “winners”. They’ll still have their shingle hanging and the letterheads will remain, but they will no longer exist in real terms. They will, for a few years, be sham companies representing the govenment’s CBDC window. For a short while the government will allow their executives and brokers to be paid “commissions and bonuses” as if they were competing against others, but they won’t be. They will be window dressing, drones.

Every dime of your paycheck, your retirement, fees for your services and all of your credit - all of it - will go through the government’s hands. And the algorithm and monitoring will churn away in the background.

But, you say, this would be impossible! The people wouldn’t stand for it!

No? Well, that would depend on how many people were willing to give up ALL their electronics and live like luddites. Your shackles will be your cell phones. The prison wire will be CCTV cameras on every street. Your TV, Siri and Alexa will be the prison goons. Hell, they already are.

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Coming Next Week

There are dozens, perhaps hundreds of things the government does TO you under the aegis of ESG and the Federal Reserve. Green scams, monitoring, indoctrination, printing money, insane spending, denial of biological reality and all the subsets of these issues that you can imagine…and probably some we can’t even imagine.

But I don’t like coming to you with only problems. I like to bring solutions as well. So next week we’ll discuss the potential choices we have to fight back against what promises to be the biggest issue(s) of our time.


Dismissed with prejudice means that a case is thrown out with the intent that there be no further consideration on the matter, not that the the court doesn’t like somebody.


Outside Never Never Land there is no such thing as something that is free. When it comes from the government it will be anything but free. And when the government gives into the temptation to throttle your purchasing power to make you obey, the FED will say, “Fine, but we need to build that infrastructure and server system to handle it all.” And your tax dollars will be handed over to the


In the video, Zeihan makes a point of saying they won;t do this because they’d have to hire so many people to do the monitoring. This is sublimely naive. When has the government been shy about hiring? Because they continued to hire while everyone worked from home, they now have an office space problem. There are too many people to bring back into the government’s already oversized footprint.

As I said earlier, the government will mandate all kinds of restrictions on peoples money, based on ESG scores and hare as many people as the FED needs to keep this program cooking on al burners.


Expect that interests of Vanguard, Black Rock and State Street will figure prominently.

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