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Applauding Rape...and other stuff.

Applauding Rape...and other stuff.

Pro-Hamas goons, fuel flim flams and giving someone the finger.

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Systematic rape? Meh, not so bad - according to weak-ass American whiners.

This week, the squad has moved lower than any political entity in America. And that’s saying something! I’m not too chauvinistic about the quality of American politics and governance versus the rest of the world. Ours may not be as violent as regimes around the world, but they are no better.

The US government doesn’t need as much coercion as say, a Putin, to control you. We’re a nation of willfully ignorant lemmings. And the motivations of those in the governing class are not honorable. They are always self-serving. This has allowed the lowest common denominator to rule within the system.

One needs to look no further than our titular president. They say he never held a real job. I disagree. He’s been in the employ of foreign governments for at least a decade now. If he can hang in there a bit longer, he might get a pension from them.

So with that as your standard of measure, the squad, and specifically Pramila Jayapal have lowered the bar into the sewer. Jayapal went all moral equivalent on CNN when asked about the rape of women on 10/7. First she immediately complained about the actions of Israelis in their perfectly justifiable war and implied, without saying it, that Israelis have systematically raped Palestinian women. That’s never happened. It’s just a tactic employed by Democrats, terrorist regimes and Hillary Clinton of accusing the opponent of what they do routinely.

Refreshingly, politicians did line up to condemn Jayapal’s idiocy. But she is not without support. Idiots online have been making excuses for all the abhorrent Hamas behavior witnessed on 10/7. It seems to many that the rape of Jewish women by thugs is, well, not so bad if the thugs are “freedom fighters”.

So, what about those girly protestors?

While that term “freedom fighter”, here employed is laughable on its face, let’s let it stand for one disgusting moment. To the shrill shrews and man bun types, in your trendy keffiyas, screaming bloody murder and attacking Jewish Americans as if they are responsible for Gaza’s troubles, this question:

If a group of people fighting for any cause you might support raped your mother or sister or daughter, would you shrug it off because they are freedom fighters or some other righters of wrongs? Or would you want to put a bullet in their heads?

It’s a simple question that should be put to every person who makes excuses for Hamas starting this shit in the first place, thus subjecting Gaza to the inevitable pain it now suffers.

I often repeat that through it all, bad, mean Israel has continued to offer the general population of Gaza escape routes. And sweet, humanitarian Hamas drives people away from them. All the death we are witnessing is on the heads of Hamas. And it is made worse by their use of Gazans as human shields. The thuggery and cowardice of Hamas defies description.

But you keep wearing the stupid scarf, man bun. It’s highly fashionable and makes you feel like you are a part of drama.


A Public Service Announcement…sort of.

Be careful eating at Chopt. The name of the restaurant makes this AP story ten times as funny.

A salad was served to a customer, which contained, among other condiments, the manager’s finger. When I started reading the story, I thought it would be about worker dissatisfaction. But, no. Turns out the Manager Chopt her own finger off…and then served it up. “Digit salad for table 8 - ding.”

Unsurprisingly, the customer who got the finger was displeased. One can assume it was reflected in the tip.

The story goes on to say that as a result of gnawing on the uncooked human flesh (no word on whether the fingernail was in there to provide extra crunch) the patron suffered from “shock, panic attacks, migraine, cognitive impairment, nausea, dizziness, and neck and shoulder pain”.

Ever your intrepid correspondent, I wanted to test the claims of the finger recipient. I tried to eat a finger. Not mine, of course. That would be weird. No, I threw my wife to the floor and sat on her. Then I tried to eat the tip of her index finger.

She screamed…a lot. But after a strenuous effort I can report suffering none of the maladies the Chopt customer reported. I think the lady may be lying to pad her lawsuit.

I did suffer severe gonad discomfort. But that wasn’t directly related to the actual finger eating. The ER people are flummoxed with both of us coming in at once; she with a mangled finger and I, with nuggets the size of mayonnaise jars (mama can kick!). The intern said something about a psych eval. I told them that my nuts really hurt. I’m not imagining it.

There are two lessons to be drawn from this. First, be careful in the kitchen. And the second, (You know it’s coming. But I have to say it anyway. It’s inevitable.) you should never give a paying customer the finger. It’s bad for business.

Enough of this nutbaggery. It’s time to get back to pooping on empty-suit politicians.

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Get this book

On a tip from Megyn “so friggin’ hot” Kelly, I grabbed a copy of The Mysterious Case of Rudolf Diesel by Douglas Brunt. Full disclosure: While Brunt is married to Kelly - the lucky sonofabitch - her recommendation is legit. I am enjoying the book and learning new things.

For starters, I never knew the Diesel engine was named for it’s inventor. I thought it was a term for the process the engine works from. I’m not alone. I’ve seen the term all my life with a lower case “d”.

But this is not a book review. I am not being paid to promote it. I do highly recommend you read it. It’s a great read.

The Mysterious Case of Rudolf Diesel

But that’s not my point here.

The book got me thinking about a long standing fallacy your government, the circus I referred to earlier, has intentionally fed you in the interest of protecting Big Oil.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

How often are we treated to theater in the well of the Senate or in the House, where politicians, especially Dems, “grill” CEOs of oil companies? They rail against these cruel bastards belching their filth into our atmosphere and pocketing billions in the process. And OMG - Climate Change!! Each politician in their turn derides the villains for the cameras.

I have news for you, folks. When the cameras are turned off, all the political snakes line up for pictures with the “villains”. Hell, they go for drinks and giggle behind their hands at playing you for chumps - AGAIN!

You could paper a wall with the number of instances where I’ve said: THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT YOU! They don’t care about climate change. Many, including the Dems who use it for their own benefit, don’t believe it’s real. Their concern for what you pay at the pump correlates directly to how close we are to the next election.

And they still want everyone of you to put food in your gas tank to the detriment of your engine, and a wash on power versus pollution. And bio-Diesel is considered a cute but unworkable idea. And they giggle behind their hands again.

While I knew you can run a Diesel engine on used cooking oil, people do it, I never knew Rudolf’s engine was designed to do so. More correctly, it was to run on plant-based oil. I’ll save you the spoiler and let you read the book for the details on that. But it worked just fine without fossil fuels, and it burned very clean.

And Diesel engines are efficient. Their production of energy as a measure of fuel consumed is very high. Nuclear power plants have a poorer percentage.

And that all made Rudolf Diesel a danger to John D. Rockefeller. And from that day to this, Big Oil has been buying politicians like so many donuts. And don’t be naive. This isn’t a case of the GOP helping big business, at least not as far back as FDR.

The Dems are the big government, central planning hyper regulators. If you want consideration in DC, you need to buy all the Dems. The GOP is always behind the 8 ball on this. And they are all for sale. They tell you they are regulating for your benefit. But they are not. Almost all regulation starts on K street and the bills are written by the businesses to be regulated. And the regulations protect them from competition, in this case alternate fuels. They don’t protect you!

And the game goes all the way back to the turn of the previous century and Rockefeller’s Standard Oil. Chicanery and monopoly were his stock and trade, oil was just his medium.

And what of the fallacy I mentioned…

It is this simple. You are being lied to about Diesel as a technology.

Do you want to score a win against pollution? Are you a “climate change” drone? Then tell your elected SERVANTS to get rolling on putting food in Diesel engines and getting it out or your goddamn car! They can’t collect paydays from anyone if they aren’t elected.

Every few years, going all the way back to the Archer Daniels Midland days, we get treated to a publicity campaign. X company is working in a public/private partnership (your money) to research the use of biofuels to move America! It’s an expensive stunt, mental masturbation, to make you think they are actually doing something. They’re not. They want to keep the system addicted to petroleum.

The research has been done. Rudy Diesel DID IT! It’s in the book. Petroleum burns significantly dirtier than plant oils. Plant oils are genuinely renewable. By switching to another source, we reduce the price of petroleum for all other uses. And the air will be cleaner!

But nobody has the choke hold on politicians the way Big Oil does. YOU need to get a choke hold on them. They don’t fear you. Teach them to.

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