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Are we there yet?

Are we there yet?

The USA has a choice between two roads. We are AT the intersection right now.

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You’ve heard me talk about the the demographic, and thereby economic decline the entire planet faces right now.1 This was especially prevalent during my 11 POINTS series wrapped up just a few weeks ago.

In it, I said that we (The US) are uniquely equipped to weather these changes. And we will if we master the 11 POINTS. We haven’t. If we fail any one the shift from the halcyon days of smooth international trade and easy finance will be brutal, even fatal to our society, our culture and our ability to EAT!

One area I didn’t touch on in the series, although I have mentioned it repeatedly here and in my book, is our government’s profligate spending. While the changes I warn of are already occurring and we are arguing over pronoun nonsense, the devaluation of our currency is presenting the greatest danger to all of us as our ability to produce declines.

I want you to click on the link below. Look at your future. I would, with acknowledged hubris, admonish you to NOT be provincial while you watch this. Also, avoid the fallacy of rejecting the message because you don’t like the messenger. I suspect the host is unpopular with at least 40% of you. Do not give in to the fallacy because the laws of economics are as certain as gravity. They cannot be avoided, just manipulated for a time.

What happens to an aircraft when thrust cannot be provided for whatever reason?


Accordingly, what happens to an economy when its ability to produce cannot compensate for the dollars that have been printed with no underlying value?

The answer to both questions is - a crash.

Just because the country featured in the piece is smaller than ours matters not at all. It is a question of scale. At the moment, we are second only to China in our printing of money and sloshing of same to companies and individual with NO HOPE of ever producing an equal value for that money. Green scams figure critically here.

Here’s the worst part. Because of our dominant position and ability to get others to go along with us we have, since WWI anyway, been able to rally finance and productivity and supply to climb out of the pending abyss. That is no longer true.

Soon, despite the talk you hear about on-shoring and near shoring and “putting America first”, etc., when inflation goes one way2 and productivity goes the other, we become what is now considered a third world nation along with everyone else.

Hit the button and please, pay attention.

This is your future.

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There are a few exceptions like Turkey, but they lack the size and strength to stave off what is coming worldwide, right soon!


The damage from the money printed in the last four years is already eating away at our economy. You just haven’t felt the full weight of it yet. The government keeps printing and spending its way out of each ditch. The lunacy of Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) has taken hold throughout the federal government.

The Political Party Pooper Play Book (P4B)
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