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Baseball, illegals and other fun stuff!

Baseball, illegals and other fun stuff!

...Or how we learned to love the lies.

As of today, 23 September…

…the magic number for the Phillies to squeeze into the playoffs is 2. That’s down from 6 just a few days ago. I am in communication with my sports buddies Sam and Ron. Expect to see them here soon.

We interrupt this exercise in brilliance for a special report!

I had planned to go straight from baseball into the Main Event. But recent news has distracted me from my mission.

It is being reported that Senator Robert Menendez has been busted AGAIN for corruption. This incident points directly to the discussion we’ll have momentarily about the insane levels of corruption and deception the average American seems to absorb with unbridled, nay, gleeful credulity.

This is the third visit by “the man” to Robert and his second foray into crime. He is easily the third most corrupt politician behind Obama and BJ Bill’s wife. But he, like they, continue to walk around in civilian clothes vise orange jump suits; a tribute to how deep runs the corruption through our law enforcement agencies.

Menendez’s first big run-in with the law was in 2008. He was busted for taking bribes and countless flights and vacations from one Salomon Melgen. Throughout their relationship, Menendez took many flights on 12-passenger, private jets to a private island resort. (Sound familiar? Same game, different host). Along for several of these flights was one William Jefferson Clinton. The rumors I heard, in my old life, was Clinton’s Secret Service detail calling these flights “Air Fuck One” for all the shenanigans gotten up to, there aboard. BJ Bill and the young girls seem to have escaped the attention of investigators back in ‘08. That would happen again and again.

This was all slow-rolled during the ensuing years. Democrats alternately locked arms with, then pushed away the perverted pariah as political needs dictated. Finally, Robert was needed to push Obamacare over the top in two illegal votes. One by the house (that one didn’t really take place, The wretch, Pelosi, deemed the vote to have taken place), and one in the Senate, where they needed the scumbag and Friend of Bill.

A deal was, by this time, inevitable. The 2008 unpleasantness was swept under the rug. For a while anyway. The pig actually kept his seat. So stupid are many citizens, he’s been reelected since! Click the button to see details on 2008.

2008 Menendez Indictment

Keeping up appearances.

Fast forward to 2015. Robert had served his purposes carrying Obama’s toilet water. But people were seriously starting to ask how Menendez was still unscathed by the law.

It was becoming clear that he was still dirty. So, to calm the waters the DOJ finally brought forward the old charges. There was a bit of kabuki theater ending in a “mistrial”. 2016 loomed and the Dems were rightfully worried that the Donald was going to upset the apple cart. The Lefties couldn’t spare one seat in the Senate. So, with a finger wag and a firmly worded statement, all was fully forgiven.

Click the button to see the update.

Finally an Indictment...smirk

You just can’t keep a good man down.

22 September 2023

Today we learn that this insufferable pig has been at it again. It seems Menendez has been taking money hand over fist from friends and foreign governments. He’s got a no-show job with Egypt much like what the Crackhead got from Ukraine. He took it because he knew barring a sea change, no one would bust him for it. And for a while, he was right.

I want you to look at a pattern here and a new motivation.

This investigation, like previous offenses, has been slow-rolled. They’ve had him for years. If the DOJ nailed him for things they had early on, he wouldn’t have been able to sell the country further down the river. This whole affair has been an ace the DOJ was holding in case they needed it.

Contrast that to Trump and the documents. With Obama as a precedent, that one could have gone on for years just by virtue of the negotiations which had already started. But Joe’s puppet masters needed to destroy Trump NOW. So they ordered Joe to order the raid on Mar-a-lago. Lot’s of drama. Good TV. And yes, Joe did order it. I’ll deal with that next week.

All the indictments of Trump have been racked and stacked to be served up during the election. Their value as a matter of law is irrelevant.

So, the Dem machine still has it’s ace. Why use it now? One reason is because Merrick Garland, the poofy AG, wants to be able to score propaganda points. See? We punish people who sell out the country to foreigners. No one can say we don’t. Hunter and Joe et al are as pure as a freshly fallen snow.

Also, polls indicate that a generic Dem versus any GOP candidate wins in NJ. They have a governor who’s guzzled ALL the tribal Kool-aid, and who will reliably appoint the goofiest Lefty available to keep Menendez’s seat through 2025.

So, Bob will finally see justice - maybe. But it will all be theater and meted out for far more corrupt reasons than the underlying crime.

Keep your eyes on the ball. The present POTUS is entirely handled by a corrupt cabal. He has also committed crimes of his own against the nation.

So what of Bob? After 15 years of allowing him to commit crimes, actually watching him do it, seeing Menendez eating shit now is a hollow victory.

The latest fun with Bob


Redemption. No arguments from me on this one from Zeihan.

I’ve been dinging Peter pretty hard recently. So this week I am happy to give him props.

In a recent short video, Zeihan made some really good points about what we need to do about production and raw materials to secure our economic future. It involves some serious heavy lifting. I like these types of videos because it mirrors closely things I’ve said over the years, but not for the same reasons as Peter does, and certainly not with the geopolitical grasp he possesses. Things like this were also a big part of my 11 points series which you can easily find by browsing this Substack.

I’ll post the video at the very bottom of the transcript below the big subscribe button. That way you won’t miss a thing this week.

Continues below ad.

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Sometimes you’re just not a morning person.

And now, the MAIN EVENT

How can we catalog all the stupid?

It is amazing how Lefties can lie with a straight face. And Lefty proles, not believing any of it, parrot the lies at every opportunity.

They are still, and in the person of Karine Jean-Pierre, playing to the 7 Americans stupid enough to believe their shit. They, and she, are incapable of one syllable of honesty on the subject of illegals invading the country…or any other subject for that matter.

I mentioned some months ago that we would reach 7,000,000 illegals under the Biden puppet show by the end of his presidency. I was wrong. Including an estimated ONE MILLION got-aways, we are already past the 7M number and there is still another year left in the puppet show. The illegals are pouring over the border at a rate of 10,000 per day!

KJP’s favorite lie about the invasion is that the immigration system is “broken.” Spoiled kids and the Left love pithy, breathy phrases like that. We don’t follow the law because the system is “broken” [stamp a foot for emphasis.] Grownups know the law doesn’t work that way. Grownups know that when a president, following the orders of his Dem predecessor, breaks the law, saying the system is broken, he is still committing a crime.

And what a crime it is! Upwards of 70,000 dead American per year from the Dem facilitated drug traffic alone!

The answer to a “broken” system is to go to congress with a winning argument to get enough votes to make new laws which facilitate the kind of immigration policy you desire. Grownups know the answer isn’t throwing open the border and allowing pretend asylum 1seekers and tons of drugs into the country.

I keep saying grownups. But in reality, an honest, normal middle school student knows all these things. They have to become emotionally damaged, dishonest Lefty idiots before they can finally un-know these basic truths. They must become people stupid enough to believe in Obama/Biden.

This is not unique to the immigration issue. Immigration is just the corruption and non-stop lying we are discussing today. But look at any important issue we face today and you will find the Regime, under the tutelage of Obama and his holdovers, lying and promoting ideas injurious to the United States; what’s left of it.

Nothing is broken.

The bullshit about the system being broken as an excuse for importing slave wage illegals is not new. Going all the way back to Reagan’s amnesty deal the lie has been trotted out for every idiotic, pro-illegal scam the government has foisted on us.

But the system is fine. If we used it we would not only have a few illegals crossing the Rio Grande, we’d be receiving millions of the right people each year to ADVANCE our interests. By that, I mean educated, intelligent people with talents that will contribute to a healthy economy. There are people around the world who have been waiting for years to immigrate here according to existing, perfectly workable laws.

But these laws prevented politicians and businesses from bringing in huge swaths of uneducated, unskilled labor. So with a wink and a nod these forces agreed to bring people in illegally and not to rat each other out.

The business people just wanted the low wage drones, caring not a lick for their welfare. It has been a myth for years now that such people are aligned with the GOP. They are not. K Street, for big business and trade associations are absolutely slobbering on the big regulators, the Dems, for special consideration. And when it comes to importing and hiring illegals, they get the royal treatment from the Democrat Party.

The Dems themselves want to create an entire new voting block of millions of low-wage drones. And they have the imports moving in huge numbers. The Dem partners, the cartels bring the rubes up through Central America and Mexico. They hand off the cargo to the welcome wagon we used to call our border security. The welcome wagon is now paid to promptly release the illegals on society with no controls and a pretend court date for which the illegals will never show.

Through the use of highly paid “non-profits”2 and migrant activist groups tarted up to look like “church groups”, the illegals are told how to get social security cards and how to game the system if they don’t want to work. Illegals who have been bounced before and those who have illegal relatives here, simply head for the areas where the relatives or old contacts live.

And all this happens, we are told because the system is broken.

Well, snowflakes. It ain’t so. And everybody know it ain’t so. It’s just the lie the Left uses to make all this happen. As I said, if they were honestly concerned about a broke system, they’d LEGISLATE new laws into existence. The GOP put forward a plan a few months ago and the Dems killed it.

And NO, it wasn’t killed because it doesn’t create a workable immigration system. It was killed because political whores like Schumer and Jefferies don’t even want the appearance of ANYONE doing the right thing on immigration. If they did, they’d look even more stupid saying the system is broken.

In a civilized country with a free press, killing the bill meant to fix the countries biggest national security threat since 1861 would have made banner headlines for weeks. We are no longer a civilized country and the media act as fluffers for the government. I would wager that few of you reading this even know the House GOP passed immigration legislation.3 The Senate killed it, of course. And the gutless Speaker and Senate Minority Leader showed their bellies and pissed on themselves instead of loudly taking their case directly to the people.

The system is fine. Existing immigration laws are fine. It is the political whores who are broken and useless to us.

Here’s the best part and proves the point about making little voters. That’s electoral cheating.

There are now 16 states, which through the bullshit motor voter scam, automatically provide mail-in ballots to illegals aliens who should not be here and are not allowed to vote in national elections. In some cases they are not even supposed to vote in local elections. But vote they do and they’ll do so again. We have 7,000,000 new illegal voters in the country right now.

Those “non-profits” and “churches” make sure the illegals know who got them their entree into the country. These people are heavily propagandized by their handlers. As of the next election, any illegal who came here under the present Puppet Regime, and all the ones who have been here illegally for years before that, (MILLIONS of people) will be able to get a drivers license in 16 states and vote.

Remember the caveat about not being able to vote in national elections? Do you think for one minute they will be printing special ballots for the illegals that don’t have federal offices indicated on them? Think again. You already live in a world so stupid that they don’t permit government offices or even census takers to ask you about your alien status. So the motor voter assholes have NO IDEA who the illegals are on their roles. And in these Blue areas, they don’t want to know.

Do you think when the illegals get their ballots they will mark only the local election blocks and not the federal? If you do, then you are special kind of stupid. Likely the only recognizable names on the ballots will be presidential candidates. We’re not talking about people who seek to grow into their communities and assimilate as the propaganda says. They’ll tick off the Dem presidential candidate and any others with a D next to their names as they have been instructed to do by the “churches” and “non-profits”.

What a scam! What a fucking con game! And all carried out under the color of authority.


Let’s dispense with Kamala first. The puppet masters who run the Regime may likely dump her soon. She’ll be bought off. Perhaps she’ll be told that she will get the next SCOTUS seat the Dems nominate. If so, that would make her the most ridiculous candidate to ever sit in those chambers. According to reports, she would also be the most abusive to her law clerks. But first, she’d have to believe that the Dems can win if she is to accept such a half-baked promise.

This leads directly to the second prediction in two parts.

  1. Cartel Joe remains useful in the eyes of his puppet masters. They let him stay on and run. He already has the worst poll numbers of any president since the use of poll numbers. To the fraudsters, that won’t count for much.


  2. The puppet masters throw Joe under a bus and hand-select his replacement. This replacement will be awarded all “super delegates” and purchased delegates Joe would have gotten. There may be a Potemkin candidate propped up to create a sham primary battle, but the anointed one will be “nominated” regardless.

    Dem voters will be be dispirited by the sham and morale in the party will sink to an all-time low.

But take heart, Lefties. On election day, as was the case in 2020, miracles will rain down from the heavens. Ballot dumpsters will be found filled to overflowing. Harvesters will assist millions of disabled and elderly voters to vote almost uniformly for the candidate they’ve watched crash and burn, or the one they laughed at when he was anointed by the Democrat party.

Covid measures will remain in place to allow people to vote up to 45 days early. MM-MM-MM. All those votes just lying around for weeks. No temptation there.

Blue districts will use stunts like Philadelphia did, ejecting GOP poll watchers and count monitors. Maybe they’ll tape up the windows again.

Let us not forget those MILLIONS of illegals casting their illegal ballots. Since we have no idea of their alien status, their votes will flood polling places.

If they haven’t “found”, forged or “groomed” enough ballots by election night, states will “stop the count”. Look to the usual suspects here, PA, GA, WI, FL. Maybe we’ll see IL, CA and WA added to the stoppages this time. But as I stated before, if they are “stopping the count”, they are cheating. There are no ifs, ands or buts.

To be certain, the Dems will fight to keep ballots coming in past the deadline. Activist judges will once again wave their magic wands and make worthless ballots valuable again.

There is every chance that the sorriest shit show in American political history will be reinstalled in the seats of power.

Much credit will be due the presence of the illegals who should be in the country, much less voting.

Here’s the saddest part of all. Emboldened by this success, the Dems will double down on the debasement of our culture and economy and keep the southern border wide open. It will matter not to them, they care not now, that tens of thousands more American will die each year from fentanyl.


Dems with dignity. Turn your backs on these worthless, corrupt political hacks. They could not care less if you fell in a sink hole anyway.

Demand the party find a civilized center again. RFK, Jr., still not protected by the Secret Service4 stands ready to pull your party back from Stalinism.5

Arizona and Texas: Defy and nullify the federal pig farm on the issue of border security. Where the federal government fails to do its job, you have the obligation to take it over. Put the barriers back up. Finish the wall yourselves. The wall was already paid for and authorized by Congress. Sue the federal government for the costs. Give federal agents a choice, assist you or get out. And from here on out, send them right back across the border at the point of a gun if you have to. But, close the border.

The United States have done 10 times their due diligence in taking in illegals. Expel the ones you have. Stop any further incursion.

Enjoy the video and don’t forget the footnotes at the end of the text.

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There are no legitimate “asylum seekers” crossing our southern border. Mexico is a signatory nation on international treaties for the treatment of asylum seekers. If you come from ANYWHERE and make it to Mexico, your journey is at an end. If you try to go beyond Mexico you are an illegal alien entitled to none of the protections of the treaties. Mexico can petition the United States, or any other nation to take on the burden if they are having difficulty keeping up. But that doesn’t include political whores throwing open the border and pretending they are helping asylum seekers. There are procedures for that.


Sucking up huge grant money from the government to work against your interests, they are called “non-profit”. But the laws allow the “CEO” of the scam to pay themselves a huge salary reported as expenses to for the non-profit. Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn, working with Barack Obama and his husband Michael made millions working this con.


It is not required by law that primary candidates receive Secret Service protection. But for generations now, both parties have seen the value in providing leading candidates, including the opposition, with protection. In a show of mean, middle school girl politics, RFK Jr. is still without such protections, despite having requested it several times. This is emblematic of the Democrat establishment. I can’t imagine the Democrats I KNOW can sit by and endorse these corrupt and callous creatures.


Meh, to call our laughably clumsy and naked Lefty brand of totalitarianism “Stalinism” is probably an insult to Stalinism.

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