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Bathing in Feces

Bathing in Feces

The scatological orgy that DC has become


As of 7 June, this was the list of candidates I planned to write about and the order in which I support them. Vivek Ramaswamy, Ron DeSantis, RFK Jr., Chris Sununu, Tim Scott and Donald Trump. I am holding Doug Burgum in abeyance until I know more about him.

Trump was still on the list because as of 7 June he still is the leading candidate for the GOP. And I’d vote for any GOP nominee over the garbage the Left is putting forward right now. The rest of the GOP field not listed and the pathetic puppet in the White House don’t rate the effort.

For example Nikki Haley, who I like very much, clearly spends most of her time trying to sound pithy. She’d be a better press flack than president. Pence couldn’t convey a sincere emotion if you paid him to do it. He is also a borderline theocrat.

Ramaswamy tops the list because he is the smartest, most qualified candidate. He is ten times the business man Trump ever was1 without the girly tweets and posts. He states his case clearly and has the most sound ideas.

But that was 7 June. As of 9 June, and for as long as the present circus in Miami continues, I am throwing all my efforts behind Orange Man. Once again, the Second Obama Administration has weaponized the FBI and Justice departments to destroy the man they feel is the greatest threat to their Regime, their Cabal. They are doing this because they have not one, honest, valid point to argue for their continued occupation of Washington DC.

Relying heavily on media fluffers and your ignorance of the law and reason, which they have been slowly whittling away for generations, Biden’s handlers, including that wretched wife of his, are yet again, throwing a stick into our electoral spokes. You will likely just watch it happen. Then (and this is what the Cabal is counting on), you will return to your work or ballgame or puppy videos. The Cabal will then continue to take more and more wealth and power from you. The ruling class will get stronger still and you will become even less relevant, even to yourselves. Good proles, good pathetic little proles.

This is a short list of people who have covered themselves in smelly, warm shit, mired their organizations in the same shit and destroyed the credibility of American justice. Only their removal from any seat of power, and their imprisonment, will begin to repair the damage they’ve done.

The most tragic and least powerful figure here is Joe Biden. While he smeared a lot of shit on himself (let’s call it shmearing) gleefully taking bribe money, he’s now only a shell of the formal knucklehead who bragged about taking bribes.2 Now this poor old bastard just stands there while his wife and the people who are supposed to work for him publicly shmear him.

Speaking of Jill, she’s on the list because she is the person who provides the dummy for shmearing every goddamn day. She heartlessly pushed her husband to continue being shmeared because she has a whole family to protect from whoever might get into the White House in ‘24. If Joe loses to Orange Man Hunter goes to jail and the money will be confiscated. She has nice houses and money of her own to protect. So she submits the man she is supposed to love to public indignities, in doing so she shmears herself. She is beneath contempt.

The next group into the diarrhea bath would be the people who are actually running the executive branch right now. And this it where the wholesale, large scale shmearing begins. Barry O, Valerie Jarrett, Ron Klain, Susan Rice (back from her first shit smearing in 2016) are the true Chief Executives running the White House. Barack Hussein said it himself that if he could run the government by remote control, he would, and he is.

Having run the MOST corrupt administration in our history and weaponizing government departments on a scale not seen before him, Barry has pulled out all the stops and is doing so on an even grander scale while running the “Biden” Administration. This leaves Biden holding the bag and looking stupid if any of the shit actually hits the fan. Again, thanks for the tackling dummy, Doctor Jill.

Hah! And some of you call 6 January an insurrection. Get in the game, folks!

Merrick Garland is pouring putrid buckets of the nastiest excrement over his own head. He has, twice now, raised procedural crimes to major criminal cases, ignoring ongoing court battles and negotiations to strike out against the man who doesn’t share his effete world view. I don’t think much of Mitch McConnell, but he did us a solid by not letting that sniveling, slimey worm onto the Supreme Court.

An equally dainty and spiteful worm, Alejandro Mayorkas, has his own bucket to dump on himself by assisted Mexican drug cartels and the corrupt teachers’ unions. In the case of American Justice, he has weaponized Homeland Security to take out anti-abortion protestors and people who have the nerve to argue with their school boards. In the case of actual homeland security, he is overseeing the deaths of tens of thousands of Americans on behalf of the cartels and the ChiComms. That would be his willing allowance of fentanyl to flood the country. He is also actively facilitating the invasion by millions of illegals from all over the world. That douche gets an extra bucket.

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There is nothing new here. Going all the way back to the first days of the B. Hussein Administration and Fast and Furious, we watched Eric Holder publicly, aggressively shmear himself to create a false narrative that guns in Mexico were coming from the United States. As a bonus, he got an American agent killed. He and Barry O should still be serving time for that. We didn’t get so much as an apology. All we got were lies and more shmearing.

Through the years many lesser, but incredibly arrogant players took up their own shit buckets. We watched as Comey, McCabe and now Christopher Wray slimed themselves along with the reputation of the FBI because Orange Man bad. The drama queen Peter Stzrok and his bimbo girlfriend, Lisa Page gave themselves a shmearing that no bath can ever wash away.

John Brennan and James Clapper, along with countless criminal acts against the Republic, poured bucketloads of Left Wing shit on themselves. Again, in the end, it was all about their TDS. AND THEY ARE PROUD OF IT TO THIS DAY.

Loretta Lynch set a new low bar for AG’s while slobbing Obama’s…I mean…while serving in the Obama Administration. She not only became Obama’s lawyer, as opposed to the people’s AG, she became an active agent on behalf of BJ Bill’s wife. Hell, she even met with BJ Bill (it was supposed to be a secret - oopsie) in furtherance of the big fix. She gets two buckets of shit.

BJ Bill’s wife has a swimming pool of raw sewage she swims in almost every day. She has absolutely on sense of dignity. Like “Doctor” Jill, she’s got a criminal enterprise to protect and more money to make. And the Left cheers for her.

Even Columbia University and the College of William and Mary have poop coating the walls of their schools. They hired BJ Bill’s wife and James Comey to teach young people. And get this, Comey is teaching a course in ethical leadership.

These Left Wing ideologues have no sense of shame or irony. All the scum listed here are the Orwellian ideal of corruption and abuse of power.

So for me, at least for now, jumping on the Trump train is a no-brainer. These people persecuting DJT are nastier than a broken sewage treatment plant. And the damage runs deep. There are agents in the CIA, Homeland Security and the FBI who since 2009 have known no world other than rampant corruption under Clapper, Brennan and Holder et al. They are now moving into positions of leadership. They MUST be purged from government and held up for ridicule and disgrace. This abuse of power ends or the Republic ends.


Trump was the face man, the flavor, never the true deal maker and creative force in business. There is NOTHING wrong with being that. But his business cred is weak compared to Ramaswamy.


I know, how could anyone be so stupid, right?

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