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Be Careful What You Wish For.

Be Careful What You Wish For.

Whether it's electrical appliances or talking heads.

...that we shall speak well of you.

Before we get to the main event, I just wanted to mention that it is only May and we are starting to hear warnings of rolling blackouts and brownouts. While we have actively contributed to this reality by adding insanely to the demand on the grid, we have done nothing of substance to expand the aging infrastructure.

Consider, for one example, the growing demands for ELECTRIC LAWN MOWERS. Not only do these things suck with maximum suckiness, but they are a new and growing THING we have to plug into our walls. My co-host, Ron from The Jordan/Cori Show told me his local Home Depot had NO gas powered lawn mowers at the store at the beginning of the season. They are all battery powered lawn mowers.

You can buy gas powered online but that is stupid for two reasons.

  1. You are buying sight unseen. Just because we’ve all been doing that on Amazon for years doesn’t make it smart, especially with a large item like a riding mower.

  2. The gas mowers, when ordered will now be shipped in onesies and twosies to stores when they are ordered by individual customers. Talk about willful inefficiency. They should be made available in larger numbers, along with their stupid electric counterparts, all shipped in bulk, where the customer can take it home - what retailers call the last mile. Customers would be doing that anyway.

More absurdity.

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve heard that the Blob is conspiring to deprive you of gas stoves and gas water heaters. Some states are already doing this. If you’ve been with me for a while, you’ve heard me explain in detail what kind of a “neighborhoods” the government and their WEF cult leaders (the Blob) are trying to create across the country.

Imagine, if you will, your town suffers a serious blackout. In our case it was an ice storm. Power was down for a week. But because we all had at least some gas appliances, and I had a small generator, we were all able to eat, bath and wash our clothes. It was actually a challenging and fun situation.

Now imagine the same power failure with no gas hot water heaters, no gas generators, gas stoves or gas grills. Can you see the intentional stupidity emerging here?


Additionally, we now have “smart meters”. In my area we are required to have one or pay a significant penalty for not doing so. Leaving aside the unconstitutional government/crony overreach, these are little electronic spies. If you don’t have a mando “smart meter”, you soon will. The idea is to create households that can be shut down at the whim of the Blob. Run your AC more than a government Karen says you should, and click, you will be punished. The power YOU PAY FOR will be taken from you.

And the hit just keep on coming.

Adding further to the demands on a grid that was already underwater, we have the Electric Vehicle (EV). This remarkably stupid and NOT green “green” scam is on the government/crony fast track when it isn’t even ready for wide use.

First, why are they not “green”, not even close? Not only are these EVs loaded with monosodiumnastyshit like cobalt and lithium1 in inordinate amounts for the application, but with the carbon “footprint” created by their manufacture, mostly in the manufacture of the batteries, we create a car that spends the first several years of it’s life less “green” than my Ram 2500. At 6 or 7 years, with normal driving they are as green or a little greener than an IC car. But three years later, they need new batteries and their carbon footprint goes back almost to the day they hit the showroom. And the cycle starts again. They might reach a third owner, but will more than likely end up in a hideous landfill, having never been AS “GREEN” than my Ram.

But all these electric tinker toys will have another deleterious impact on progress. Each one, mower, car, wind farms, solar farms, heater coils created en masse and forced on the population will eat up more copper, aluminum and nasty shit than we are certain that we can mine and process. This is especially true of wind farms. Crazy amounts of copper.

We don’t NEED any of these items. Some of us have been convinced to WANT them, but they are not needed. What we DO NEED is to improve and radically expand our industrial base and thereby our electrical grid. That is where we NEED the copper and aluminum and in huge quantities.

But the government/crony Blob says you need EVs, all-electric appliances and battery (read coal and natural gas) mowers. They know what I know. They know what YOU now know. But geez, guys, there is so much money to be made and kickbacks to be paid!

While you are taking it in the short to support politicians and cronies, that same Blob will blame you and your personal climate control when they run out of electrical capacity! And they will, with greater frequency and in more areas that never had the problem before.

Watching Karine Jean-Pierre, who I call Little Orphan Annie, lie from the podium, day in and day out, I am reminded of poor Jay Carney. Orphan Annie’s tell is the Morse code that involuntarily flashes from her shiny eye makeup every time she is telling a prepared whopper or is completely flummoxed and groping for something to say. The latter happens as much as the former, several times in every daily session.


The Tell: How Jay Carney signals to everyone that the Administration is unworthy of our trust.

Matt Jordan

May 02, 2014

I want to play poker with James Carney.  I want to see him throw a handful of blue chips after drawing two cards.  Then I want to watch that little turd's left, upper lip fold back and his head drift down and to the left when he declares his bet.

Carney came to this White House via the Duh Biden campaign after carrying the party water at TIME magazine.  And that lip has been rolling back ever since; in a big way over the last two days.  The administration has elected to say that the email covering up Hillary Clinton's depraved indifference to the safety of our people in Benghazi was actually about the protests carried out the previous day in other cities around the region.  Protests that no one cared a lick about by 10:00PM on 11 Sep 2012.

To his credit, it is clear that Carney doesn't believe a word he is saying.  The rolling lip attests to that every single time.  To his everlasting discredit, he doesn't have the nuts to stand on his hind legs and say. "This is indefensible bullshit and I'm not going to be the face of it!"

And so the lip curls.  If I were sitting across the table from him at that moment, I'd go all in and clean his clock.

But there is a larger question that the democratic party is betting you are too ignorant to grasp.  You see, they are happy to trot poor Carney out day after day to argue talking points.  If they ever get really busted on the talking points issue, they know they will get away with it.  They have no conscience or concern about lying to EVERYONE about ANYTHING.  It is the straight line between their neglect (Benghazi) or design (Fast and Furious).  In these cases, they will argue the secondary points all day long, even when they know they'll lose; perhaps even especially so.  Because they know if they can play rope-the-dope with people like Boehner and McConnell, they get away with actually getting people killed, quite predictably, by their own actions.  With the IRS scandal, they keep discussion on minutia.  With Obamacare, they are happy to take the slings and arrows about the shitty roll-out, because the bigger story is the irrevocable damage the entire program will do the the economy and to us.  When conversation gets to close to the larger truths, Barry's Bullshit Brigade will bring up lesser failures to dumb down the conversation.  And YOU let them.

This assortment of spunky, snarky, quirky non-leaders are counting on their mastery of the one-liner and YOUR laziness to carry them through their term in some semblance of peace so they can move on to their speakers' fees and honorariums.  In Obama's case he is praying that his heiress apparent - Hillary - will survive.  He will buy property in DC and spend his time interfering in her administration a la Putin, until he lacks breath.  But for all this to be so, you, dear reader must pull a Carney.  You must tuck your tail, curl your lip and say something inane like. "Oh, they all do it."  But we all know, they don't ALL do it; not on this level.  But these people do. ______________________________________________________________________________Update: It was just a few days after this went out that Jay Carney announced his resignation.  You have witnessed the power of!!!…And probably a hundred other blogs and commentaries.  But hey, I'm sure this is the one that brought him down.  Muah-haha!

As a sequel to the piece above, I wrote this in December of 2014

I May Be Losing Touch With Reality!

Matt Jordan

Dec 21, 2014

I never thought I'd see the day that I'd miss these two people.  I remember when they did their jobs, I was left thinking that sticking needles in my eyes would be more fun than listening to them.  But I should be more careful for that which I wish.

The Previous Migraine

The first of these two talking crucibles is Sean Hannity.  When he first reached national prominence, he was almost acceptable.  You could tell he wasn't the sharpest tool in the box, but he was personable and self-depricating in a genuine and funny way.  But soon after getting his own radio gig, he got arrogant and lazy.  The arrogant part was the most grating.  He was too far below par to have ever let go of his original "aw shucks" personae.  He developed a pathetic phony laugh and wouldn't have had a show but for the Drudge Report.

He is also a terrible interviewer.  When you don't want to know what a guest has to say, just watch Hannity or catch his radio show.  He filibusters, then asks some of the most blatantly loaded Have-you-stopped-beating-your-wife questions.  His unfortunate guest would get two words out and Hannity would be off again.  He's like O'Rielley without the presence.  (Full disclosure:  I dislike O'Reilly for the same reasons. O'Reilly should do his opening commentary and sign off every night.)

I used to get empathetically embarrassed for Hannity when he'd run out of material while interviewing any liberal.  You would know this because he'd shout,  "What about Bill Ayres?  What about Jeremiah Wright?" And he'd be totally out of context.  I haven't watched his TV show for a while, but I imagine he still does it.

A Migraine on Steroids

 So it was such a relief to hear that WMAL was taking his drive-time slot away.  That is radio prime-time.  It belongs to talented, interesting people.  Little did I know how much worse a drive time talk show could be.  Enter Michael Savage.  As a radio host, he is the worst of all worlds.  He is unfocused.  He can barely maintain a train of thought unless he is reading someone else's work, or worse, his own.  He reads passages (long ones) from his own books frequently, peppering the segments with claims about how he never reads his own stuff on the air because he really hates to do so.  He frequently misses points his callers are making and launches into the most ignorant rants that not only grate, but often leave the caller and listeners frustrated.  He frequently blots out the seeds of great points that could have been made.

His most ludicrous attribute is his claim to have discovered everything and to have been the first to have explained it all.  About some of the most mundane and stale topics he'll say something like, "You (the listener) don't know this.  Only I know this.  And I will explain it to you."  The emphasis on "I" is his.

When I say stuff like that, it’s a joke. See above. When he says it, it’s self-adulation.

Marry all this to a stereotypical New York accent and the most whiney, self-important delivery you are ever likely to hear from a paid radio personality and you have what many Americans hear during every evening commute.  I have tuned in recently to see if this clown had a single redeeming quality worth mentioning for this article.  I quickly return to oldies or even subject myself to NPR (whichever of their radio stations' isn't trying to sell me a coffee mug for $75).

Is it possible that I actually miss Hannity?!


A Glimmer of Hope?

 There is a rather witty and interesting talk jock, Larry O'Connor who has been co-hosting the morning drive with Brian Wilson, unarguably the gentleman journalist of DC.  O'Connor came to WMAL from Breitbart and has been doing a bang-up job in a chair that has changed hands quite a few times over the years.  For a few months now, in addition to his morning show, O'Connor has been bumping Savage from his third hour, every night with show called "The Drive at Five." It's not exactly a title you precede with a drum roll.  But it is bloody good radio.  O'Connor holds his own very nicely, has good "gets" to interview and makes the hour fly by.  I now find myself tuning into WMAL to check and see if he is on yet.  If I hear a jackass talking about his digestive disorders or demonstrating a complete misunderstanding of some of the most common events, I know O'Connor isn't on yet.

I'd like to respectfully request WMAL find a new sidekick for Wilson and give Larry his own gig from 3-6 every afternoon.  But for the love of knowledge and reason, dump Savage.  He makes the station look stupid.  Even Hannity would be an improvement, but there is enough real talent out there that you shouldn't have to bring Hannity back.  You could try putting the Conservative Black Chick, Chrystal Wright on with Wilson in the morning and O'Connor in the afternoon.

From the Weird to the Absolutely Hysterical

 The other guy I miss is Jay Carney.  He makes appearances here and there, now and then, commenting on the issues of the day.  But that isn't the same as watching his lip curl from the White House podium.  I found him an annoyance on his best day.  Little could I know that his replacement would make him appear almost human; hell, practically likable.

The present WH press secretary is Josh Earnest (now there's a name for you). This guy is the most self-righteous, grating, smug spokesbitch to ever disgrace the podium.  Don't you want to just whole-hand him across the side of his head him every time he opens his smarmy mouth?   He is perfect for this administration.  For Carey's part, you knew when he was lying, something he did every single day, because his lip would curl.  At least he had enough dignity to be uncomfortable with the task.  But Earnest?  He glides through the cesspool of crap like a ballerina.  And if any of the two or three REAL journalists in the room DARE to question his endless stream of crap, he is nakedly condescending.  First you lie, then you condescend.  A perfect fit for the entire administration.

I would like to offer my sincere apology to every American for being personally responsible for the downfall of Carney and the rise of Earnest.

Okay, okay!  So MAYBE it wasn't this blog that was ENTIRELY responsible.  But I still feel bad.  I feel especially guilty when I think of the fake reporters who not only sit through the gelatinous flow of feces that stinks up the press room; they have to pretend to believe it and THEN write or talk about it.  Poor, illegitimate bastards.   (Wait…that was redundant, but not.  I am really not questioning their parentage, only their professional ethics and total lack of skepticism.)

If anyone sees Jay, tell him I'm sorry and the poker invitation still stands.

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