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Beyond Orwell

Beyond Orwell

You THOUGHT you knew what you were doing.

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We are a world of blind drones following self-destructive fads and notions to our own peril. And many among you are cheering it all.

In order to reach this absurd level of conditioning, places like Russia and China needed to torture and/or bribe their people into accepting concepts that run athwart economic reality, reason and even instinct.

If you get a chance, read the Perversion of Knowledge. It outlines the way the Soviet Union had actual scientists saying the stupidest things. Then forced them to defend the stupidity aggressively. If you deviated, you were left doing your research in a cabin in Siberia. That might even include a detour to Lubyanka.

In China, the government drove the population into cities in order to grow into a centrally planned, international trading nation. The problem was they did in a few years what it took most other developed countries many decades to achieve.

And they quickly found they had a population problem. It wasn’t necessarily too many people, it was where they were coersed into living. As Peter Zeihan once put it [paraphrasing], On a farm, lots of kids are a necessity. The business grows with the family. But in an urban environment, kids just become expensive furniture.

To fix this, the Chinese government, every bit as backward and walled off as their imperial predecessors, announced a one-child policy. The population was threatened with retribution if they had more than one child. No kids would be better. Abortions soared and the obedient stopped having kids. They did try to make examples of fertile and productive couples.

But there were still too many disobedient citizens who did what humans do; they procreated. So the ChiComs decided to give people MONEY to not have kids.

The irony here is breathtaking. Because while all this was going on, the same idiot government was building city spaces at a break-neck pace. China now has a rapidly aging, even now shrinking population and as many as 1 1/2 BILLION unoccupied condos across the country.

BUT, through coercion and bribes, they did reduce the growth of their population. They did force their populations to defy human nature; defy instinct.

More about this in a bit.

Here in the US we have both a demographic problem which is far worse than it needs to be (we have space, resources and technology) and we have competing priority problems.

For us to get to this point didn’t require a gulag or threats or even bribes. All we needed was some snappy sloganeering about the right to kill our offspring, and Murphy Brown to tell us there is no situation where having babies requires more than passing attention - it’s like a hobby. That’s two conflicting messages. AND WE BOUGHT IT - ALL OF IT.

On the abortion side, we have created an aging population. It isn’t as bad as some countries. But it is about to make life, even here, VERY uncomfortable. You see, we have killed millions of our own offspring1. We didn’t do it because of rape or incest or the safety of the mother. Those numbers exist on the margins. We did because we felt like it.

To further add to this mess, the last boomers and the millennials who are having kids have been putting it off until their late thirties and into their forties.

The generation that kicked all this imbecility into high gear is about to go fully onto Social Security. And if any baby boomer says they don’t wish those dead kids, and their kids, were alive and well and in the workforce today, they are either liars or they are too wealthy and walled off to care.

But we have killed the golden goose - or at least damaged it severely. To be certain, because celebrities told us to do it, or because the cool kids bought into a self-destructive ideology, we find ourselves in a situation never known in human history. We have stopped, or radically curtailed doing what we instinctively do as a matter of our survival and the survival of the species.

Congratulations, gang.

All that considered, what follows defies explanation.

Women on ships and in other combat units is nothing new. Pregnant women in those units is not very new. But their have always been rumblings about it. I’m one of the rumblers.

Younger Boomers and millennials, along with a military run by political whores and yes men, stifle sound, strategic and tactical reality to risk both halves of our breeding stock and turn our Armed Forces into a neonatal support group. It’s been happening for a long time, in fact.

Now, when defining strategic goals, preparing for deployment and building facilities for warfighters, the yes men must try to divine how many among their forces are pregnant, how close to the end of pregnancy a deployment might run, and how many are statistically likely to become pregnant ON DEPLOYMENT2. They also need to know how many women are too far along in their pregnancy to be deployed or be considered in a quick draw situation.

These are not mission-enhancing conditions. They are a constant hindrance to preparedness. And while I personally know some seriously smart, strong women who can do most jobs a man can do, for the reasons mentioned above, women GENERALLY, because of pregnant women specifically, are not force multipliers. They are a distraction from the mission in combat roles.

In the video below you will hear from John Kirby. When I watched this guy flack for the Obama Administration, as an Admiral, gleaning as much camera time as he possibly could, he made me sick. He still does today. In this video, he says that the Secretary of Defense “shares his revulsion” at people questioning the problems pregnancy creates in the military.

Here’s the truth. EVERY military leader chafes at ALL the manning reports that routinely show diminished readiness in units and the fleet due to pregnancy, among other all other more random causes. The whole “revulsion” thing was a political line from a political whore.

Pregnancy is NOT random. It is a known result of an intentional activity. And celebacy is not required in the military. You can fall through a hatch and break your arm. Now you are a liability to readiness. But you can’t fall through a hatch and get pregnant. X number of troops are out there playing hide the salami, so a somewhat predictable number WILL get knocked up. And that’s a fact.


We’ll also hear from a Marine in the video. When discussing issue like this the propagandists like to use a big, burly, crewcut Marine as the face man. Afterall, the uninitiated might think, if he’s okay with it, than I’m okay, too. But this guy isn’t not speaking for the rank and file. I seriously doubt he is even speaking for himself. And he is not addressing reality. But he should be.

Look at his title Corps Master Gunnery Sgt. That’s the equivalent of what we called the Master Chief of the Navy when I was a squid. To get to that level, you have to prove that you are totally on board with EVERTYHING the upper Eschelon of the Military utters. These days, that especially includes what is politically correct.

In the case of today’s military, and for quite some time now, that means LOVING everything a bunch of post-Vietnam yes-men tell you to love. Despite the job title implying he’s the Enlisted Man’s voice in Washington or some such, he’s a Pentagon mouthpiece. His job is to sell the enlisted ranks on the nonsense. This guy presides over enlisted ranks that NORMAL kids want no part of. He is the a senior enlisted man in a military where other MEN wear female uniforms. 1984 much?

I hope things aren’t as bad in the Marines, but the rest of the military has become a shitshow. So, don’t be impressed that the Corps Master Gunnery Sgt. carps for the party line on this issue.

And he clearly makes my point for me on the readiness issue. He defends the pregnant uniform issue and talks about how even pregnant women are somehow invaluable to fighting readiness.

Okay, if a woman is in a clerical job and pregnant, until she leaves to have the baby, yeah, she is 100% valuable. Then, for at least six weeks (basket leave), she is of NO operational value. Then there are the inevitable issues of sick kids, day care problems, PTA meetings, etc.

Again, if the woman is not a part of a deployable asset, no biggee. Hours are fudged, people cover for each other. I have no headache about that. But when she is part of a crew, for example, in predeployment mode, mommy is of diminished operational value. To claim other is a lie. And the Gunnery Sgt. is forwarding that lie. Orwell was a GOD!

And to me, the idea of deploying mothers of pre-adolescent kids is utterly uncivilized and goes against all the most critical needs of mother and child. If the military hadn’t been turned into an encounter group that put “fairness” over readiness, we’d have plenty of men (non-menstruating persons) to fill critical, actual warfighting roles.


It’s ironic to say the least that the same tribe which will argue fanatically and angrily against this essay are the same people who tell women to “shout their abortion!” They are the same (ironic again) who are freaking out that SOME people in Alabama are against IVF pregnancy. They want to eat their cake, have it too, and smear it all over their highchair, all at the same time.

Let’s back up a bit.

Remember my China story earlier? China now faces a collapse as historically rapid and more traumatic than their climb up to world power status. The one-child policy did incalculable damage to their population and their ability to keep all the dishes spinning. They can’t flex back to a largely agrarian, small manufacturing economy in time to save themselves. And this is entirely due to their irresponsible, anti-fertility ideas from the central planners.

And with the popularity of abortion because I can, almost all other countries are suffering the same fate to a greater or lesser degree. The United Sates has some numerical advantages. While we did kill many millions of our offspring in the last 50 years, the millenials did have at least some children.

So in the near-term, we’ll fair better than many countries. HOWEVER, abortion-on-demand is still popular in the smaller, younger demographics in this nation. At the same time, we have kids and young adults developing relatability problems caused by electronics and aggrevated by idiotic Covid lockdowns. So, the chances of having a balanced age vs procreation process over the next 30 years is looking bleak.

Two parents having and RAISING their kids is going to be a very precious commodity. But even while the negative impact of pregnant women in depoyable units is on full display and OUR demographic demise looks like it will just take a little longer to occur, we have people insisting as a matter of politics that we NEED to put both halves of our breeding stock in combat units.

To understand the seriousness of it all, understand this. It is not likely our next war will be a drawn out, annoying set of skirmishes with ankle biter nations, involving a few hundred thousand combatants. Those were a luxury of the Bretton Woods world. That world is disappearing quickly.

If their is a dubious blessing in this, we won’t be flushing lives down the toilet for nothing as we been have since 1950.

Our next war will likey be a theater war involving MILLIONS of troops from all biligerents. If we haven’t gotten the touchy feely “leaders” out of key postions in the U.S. Armed Forces by then, we will go into that war with men AND women getting killed in staggering numbers. We have already done a lot of damage to our population ourselves, we wouldn’t recover from a large war, fought like this, for at least three generations. The mess will be unimaginable.

We could opt for isolationism should Russia or China risk a suicide mission, trying to survive. But that would mean saying, “Fuck NATO and the Pacific. The Yanks aren’t “comin’, over there, over there.” I doubt the military industrial complex and their political toadies will sit for that. Would you?

So, no. As I’ve said before, as far back as my early WordPress days, we don’t NEED women in combat roles. We WANT women in combat roles because we saw GI Jane and thought is was cool. And we damn sure don’t need pregnant women in these billets. Since you can’t know when one will become pregnant, that kind of seals the deal, doesn’t it?


What we DO NEED is to raise healthy kids who grow up and do what we’ve been doing since the dawn of time; making babies! We have to re-establish the coolness of growing up NORMAL and being responsible. Being a kid and doing dumb or pointless things is normal. It’s a part of the process. But by 17 or 18, our kids need to look a lot more like adults than the product of the last 30 or 40 years. There should be social consequences for not behaving like a grown up when you become a grown up.

Our existing young adults may be beyond reach. Maybe not. Who is willing to do the heavy lifting of retooling 50+ years of terrible messaging.

I included the government propaganda so you can make up your own mind.

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Now there’s a conumdrum. And it happens all the time. Soldiers and sailors, married (not to each other) and unmarried, fuck. Some of them get knocked up. If the father in the unit is named, or takes responsibility, do you enforce the UCMJ, which says this is a no-no? You will likely loose one member of the force as a matter of course. You separate the diddlers. But which one? And how talented and critical is that person?

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