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Biden Crimes PLUS Chapters 8 and 9 of the book.

Biden Crimes PLUS Chapters 8 and 9 of the book.

We've known ALL of this for years now. And yet we pretend.

In his 2018 book, Secret Empires: How the American Political Class Hides Corruption and Enriches Family and Friends, Peter Schweitzer laid out the methods political whores use to enrich themselves the way we’ve seen Mitch McConnell, Nancy Pelosi, the Clintons and Obamas do it. The Bidens have as well, but that’s all coming unraveled because Joe and Hunter are dumber than a bag of hammers.

One of the methods all these low rent scummers use to make money is creating offshore accounts and sending their adult kids out to collect on the shakedowns. Just one of the scams Joe and the Crackhead were using, was promising (or withholding) funds already authorized BY THE GOVERNMENT to go to foreign entities, until certain favors were provided by those entities.

The most interesting of these was done in the full light of day, and again, because Joe is laughably stupid. Here’s how the shakedown worked. The U.S. had designated $1B for Ukraine loan guarantees. What the money was for, I have no idea. Maybe some “green energy” scams. But as point man for Ukraine in the corrupt Obama Regime, Joe had already gotten the Crackhead a no-show job, paying $50,000 per month. (Some reports say it is more like $80,000.). The company’s name was Burisma. It was cozy with Moscow and quite dirty.

A prosecutor in Ukraine was sniffing around Burisma, questioning what appeared to be criminal-level corruption. This is where we find out why they would pay an idiot $50,000/month to not show up for work. They cashed in on the influence they bought by having Joe threaten to withhold the U.S. GOVERNMENT’S money from the Ukrainian government until they fired the prosecutor making the Crackhead’s owners uncomfortable. Burisma had already taken a page out of the American Dem playbook by calling the guy investigating their naked corruption - corrupt.

Our pair of happy imbeciles might have gotten away clean with the whole affair except for Joe’s Achilles heel - or should I say Achilles MOUTH. Throughout his life, Joe Duh has constantly said the most stupid and/or dishonest things. He also tends to say the quiet part out loud. This is because (risking redundancy) he is stupid and dishonest. NO JOKE! WANNA HAVE A PUSHUP CONTEST?

After servicing his Ukrainian bribes, Joe Duh bragged about it at a press gaggle. Don’t take my word for it. Listen to him.

The millions from this bit of international ass licking, along with all the other scams by the Joe and the Crackhead has been clearly laundered through off-shore accounts and then a little too directly1 into the personal accounts of the Biden family.


And then came the phone call.

By the time Trump took office, it was apparent to anyone with half a brain cell that the Biden’s were dirty. 150 suspicious activity reports - SARs - in the Crackhead’s financial transactions and the idiotic monologue above told the Trump Administration that Biden used the threat concerning official funding for a dirty favor from a foreign government.

Trumps subsequent phone conversation with newly-elected Zelenskyy was actually, as Trump has repeatedly stated - “perfect”. He also called it “beautiful”. I’d say that was a subjective assertion and never true when Trump is actually talking. And it wasn’t perfect due to any rhetorical flair The Donald may have demonstrated. [eye-roll]

It was perfect for two reasons. First, the administration smelled a rat and correctly so. They wanted it investigated. Secondly, when Trump said his AG would interface with the Ukrainian government on any points of American interest, he fit his request neatly into the letter of the law. This would have been a legitimate investigation into the Biden family’s criminal conduct.

The investigation on the Ukrainian side never took place. No surprise. Zelenskyy is an example of life following art. He truly IS the lovable oaf he portrayed in a comedy about a nice teacher bumbling into the presidency. The series is called Servant of the People. And it is funny. You might still be able to catch it on Netflix.

But the corrupt core of the Ukrainian bureaucracy is alive and well. Zellenskyy doesn’t control them. It’s likely quite the opposite. They are almost as corrupt as our Democratic party. ALMOST.

On our side, OUR oaf correctly read what he saw in Ukraine. And his political enemies, instead of throwing Joe Duh and the Crackhead under a bus, impeached The Donald for a legit phone call, which indeed turned out to be a pretty damned perfect.

But here’s the best part. Along with everything else the Dems MADE UP about Trump over the last 7 years, this is all just you being conned - played for chumps, over and over again. It’s all at Trump’s personal expense, but YOU are the target of the all the scams. You are the mark every time. And absolutely EVERYTHING they’ve thrown at Trump has been Democrat modus operandi for DECADES. Vanishingly little of what they say about Trump, and charged him with, is provable in court. But THEY do all the same things as a matter of course, everyday and in clear view of you - the mark, the schmuck.

The rioting, the scut-mouth politics, the corruption, the destruction of evidence, the lying, the censorship…all of it are what Dems do, all day, everyday.

And speaking of Orange Man…

…do keep in mind that there is little likelihood that he will do time for anything. It is highly unlikely he’ll ever be found guilty of 99% of what he’s been charged with.

Of the few, potentially legitimate charges surrounding the documents fiasco, Trump’s primary legal maneuvers should center on equal treatment motions. First, under the FOIA, they should sue for every page of documents lifted by BJ Bill, Bush 41 and 43, B. Hussein and Joe Duh to be used as part of their defense. They should file continuances until these documents can be compared to what The Donald stands charged with.

Naturally, all lawyers will have to be read into every program associated with these documents. At last count, there were something like 4,000 documents Biden had stashed all over the central Atlantic region, some tapes BJ Bill had, who knows with the Bushes, and over THIRTY MILLION documents under Barry O.

But actual trials and guilty verdicts are not what this shit show is all about. From Russia, Russia, Russia right through to 1/6, the pursuit is pure politics. If you don’t have a valid argument for ANYTHING, you do what the Dems have been doing since the 2000 election.

Petmeds! Love your pet!

Denying RFK Jr. Security: Is it party fratricide or political cannibalism?

It seems I go to bed every night thinking the Dem ruling class couldn’t be more corrupt or idiotic than they are right now. Then, every morning, they prove me wrong. Of course, they can.

There is too much stupidity associated with denying Robert Kennedy a security detail. Or so it would appear.

The weaponized DHS has the call on who is a major candidate and should get protection. There is no hard and fast requirements. It’s a judgement call. And they are clearly not using sound or honest judgement in this case.

While RFK, Jr. is not PRESENTLY a numerical threat to Joe Duh, it cannot reasonably be said he is not generating great interest. His policy observations and treatment at the hands of “fellow” Democrats demonstrate how frightened they really are of him.

It’s an even money bet the party will have to throw Joe and the cackling idiot under a bus very soon. If that happens, who will replace them? Moochell? Glamorous Gavin Newsome? Not without a fight. And Kennedy is much better liked than the other two right now. Since he is the ONLY Dem on the national scene right now talking sense, he is a major threat. And it’s not to Joe Duh. The Regime doesn’t care about Joe. He has no power. RFK Jr. is a threat to everything I’ve been describing here.

With him as president, the Left would have to abandon stupidity as their central tenet and embrace some semblance of reason. That, they may not be capable of doing.

So, they do the most capricious and idiotic thing you’d expect at this point. Instead of going for “magnanimous” and appearing to patronize the “lesser” candidate, they go for an appearance that says they WANT something bad to happen to Kennedy.

If the man’s name was anything but Kennedy, they’d avoid that appearance. But it is. And everyone knows there are always an army of copycat loony-tunes out there who’d love to make headlines and see themselves as legends. Has the party of Truman really strayed that far from ethics and common sense? Do they really want to see the worst happen? Thanks to the actions of the DHS, and rest assured, at the instruction of the White House, these questions are valid.

Note: The book footnotes come before the article footnotes in the text below the audio line.

And remember, this book is written for both candidates and voters. But the specific advice is for the candidates to use to gain ground.

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8  And the hits just keep on coming!

“The only thing that saves us from the bureaucracy is its inefficiency. ”

- Eugene McCarthy

“Bureaucracy is a giant mechanism operated by pygmies. ”

- Honore de Balzac

We Seem to Train Our Unemployed Like We Train Syrian Rebels.

Did you know the federal government spends $18 billion per year on 47 “job training” programs? Did you also know that “almost all” of these programs, according to the Government Accountability Office, overlap each other in terms of function and purpose? Did you know with all but a few, there are no methods of telling if they resulted in even one person trained or one job acquired? Did you know the ones with a matrix to measure success haven’t been tested in years?[1]  Did you know Obama, king of crony kingpins, proposed a new “job training” program in February of this year?

Similarly – we’ll soon see how foreign policy is a reflection of domestic policy – we’ve been running training programs for Syrian rebels with a goal of fielding thousands this year.  In a year and a half, we’ve trained sixty!

So here’s a suggestion.  Kill all the jobs training programs.  They are big holes that we piss taxpayer money into.

When the opposition demands compromise, offer to have only one program.  That program must have measurable results, reported quarterly, and must result each year in total incomes to participants, in the aggregate, larger than the job training programs annual budget.  If they have a problem with those requirements, tell them what Cheney told Leahy.[2]

I’ll Reiterate the Subsidies Thing.

Earlier, I said we should do away with all subsidies.  They are a waste of your money and rarely, if ever, accomplish what they are intended to accomplish.  Business subsidies are the most egregious.  In many cases, like farm subsidies, they go to giants in their industry who are doing quite nicely without them, thank you very much.  Sometimes, to defend them, we are told that we’d pay more to do business without the subsidy from Uncle Stupid.  This is a fallacy.  Instead of buying our sugar outright, at the market value, we pay our taxes, some of that money goes to the sugar industry and I make up the difference when I buy sugar.  What is left out of that explanation is the cut the government takes for brokering this worthless deal.  All the government does is create an uninvited middleman to be paid.  And federal employee paychecks are pretty posh.  If the industry were left to fend for itself, we would still decide how much sugar we want.  If we find the prices too high, we’d cut back on sugar or suffer.  Prices would go up or down based on our decision to consume it. 

Now, consider the billions of transactions occurring in this country every day.  Is anyone reading this book naïve enough to think that a gaggle of DC bureaucrats are capable of making policy to control the amplitude of each transaction to the benefit of the collective? If you think that can be done without simply making a mess of things, slap yourself hard across the face right now!

All subsidies are a sop for one friend of a politician or another.  Even the most high-minded efforts have results ranging from nothing on the harmless end (there are few of those) to driving costs through the roof (i.e.  mortgage subsidies, education subsidies, college and K-12, corn subsidies, you name it).  Show me a business or other private activity the government has put a finger to that didn’t turn into a three-ring circle jerk.

Use Your Imagination.  

The list of things that could be done away with is a target-rich environment for a good statesman.  If Congress made it their mission to do away with 300 laws per year that served no purpose, or negatively disrupted the program they were supposed to help, they would be thousands of years at the job.  That is not a joke.  Whether you are dealing in cash subsidies or “help” in the form of regulation.

Make a headline this week.  Pick a target, preferably one larger than $50 billion and say, “I WILL TAKE A MEAT CLEVER TO THE XYZ PROGRAM!” and then in 100 words or less explain why.  If the press has loose stools and prints banner headlines about your heartlessness, your pole numbers will go up.  If the press has a moment of honesty and recognizes your understanding of how things really work, your poll numbers will go up.  But as a good statesman in any post, your cuts have to be of value to the citizens and followed up on in office.


9   On Global Warming

“I'm not a global warming believer.  I'm not a global warming denier.  I'm a global warming agnostic who believes instinctively that it can't be very good to pump lots of CO2 into the atmosphere but is equally convinced that those who presume to know exactly where that leads are talking through their hats. ”

 ― Charles Krauthammer, Things That Matter: Three Decades of Passions, Pastimes and Politics

“There is nothing more anti-scientific than the very idea that science is settled, static, impervious to challenge. ”  

- Charles Krauthammer, 20 February 2014

I dedicate this chapter to Greta Thunberg and the rest of our younger generation who have had their skulls pumped full of “Climate” nonsense for three decades now.

Not since Scientology, has a scam of this magnitude been foisted on the world.  I speak not of the theory.  That is a little understood and inconsistent phenomenon, at best.  Still, there might be some “there” there.  For many, global warming has the ring of social issue, one of the phony issues we should be disengaging from.  It’s easy to make that mistake considering all the propaganda surrounding it, generated by emotionalists and alarmists. 

But if you consider the economic damage that would be inflicted by the daisies-in-the-sidewalk approach the left seems to favor, this becomes an economic issue of the first magnitude.  Their response to what could be expected (not occurring yet) warming? Why, just destroy the energy sector and replace sound power with wind and solar power.  Then, send billions – and over time – trillions to other countries so that they can develop clean energy alternatives.  I will spare you the diatribe and let you read the details in a possible upcoming book about energy and economics, but I will state simply that this money will NOT be used in these countries to build wind farms.  They have other, more pressing problems, as do we.

The scientist chiefly credited with the GW/CC theory used two different statistical methods concurrently to achieve the now-discredited “Hockey stick” graph.  Using the same methods in that manner you can make your birthday arrive earlier and earlier, each year.[ii]  But take away the hockey stick and you still have a gradual warming trend.  Many contend that the trend has been in place since the last Ice Age.  That is reasonable.  But others say that we are creating an envelope of gasses that are causing the atmosphere to warm faster.  There may be truth in this as well.

I have never heard anyone address the fact that, with or without these gasses, we are warming our atmosphere directly and radically by simply running everything.  Have you ever wondered why, when seeing the day’s weather reported, the temperatures in cities, even small ones, are several degrees warmer than outside the cities? Is it a bubble of carbon dioxide floating above the city causing this? Of course not!

This is the result of mechanically generated heat from cars, trucks, busses, generators, pumps, computers, AC exhaust, ovens, stoves, etc.; hundreds of thousands of sources per city.  Add to that the concentration of humans.  If you don’t think that is an important heat source, count the number of times an empty room calls for the air conditioner to come on.  Then send five people into the room for the day and see how many times it kicks on.

As our cities have grown, the temperatures in these locations have gone up. [iii]

The last two paragraphs are, by far, more settled science than anything offered by the global warming/climate change alarmists…ever!  None of the predictions made in the last two decades have come to pass.  The excuses offered for us not seeing the disasters we were told were coming are many.  Some may even be true.  But this is unknowable.

Let’s get serious.

All that said, one can neither confirm nor deny GW/CC as a man-made emergency with the least certainty.  Both sides have a difficult argument because clear conclusions cannot be drawn.  We don’t even know what the optimum temperature of the planet is.  We don’t know if we are moving toward it or away from it.  The hurricanes generated in the tropics from Africa to the Americas will be few this year because, voila (there’s that French word again), the water in that region is colder than expected. 

There are comments you can make, as a candidate addressing the issue:

So far there is too little data to go on before committing trillions of dollars to developing countries.  Just saying man-made global warming caused Super Storm Sandy does not make it so and is not justification for the economic hardship suggested. 

If the science does become less murky and emotionally charged, there is no sense in the US raping its own economy if Russia, India and China do not go along at the same time.  The US has made unbelievable strides since the 1970s in cleaning our air and water.  That will continue because people have discovered that clean and efficient is more profitable.  Let the East, Russia and Africa catch up.

People who say they can predict a .6 degree change in temperature decades from now, as Obama is claiming, if we all switch to wind powered washing machines or solar powered toothbrushes, are liars  (Note, again, no one saw the cold water in the tropics coming.)

Claims that global warming is the greatest “national security” threat of our time are the most cynical and insidious of all the lies told on the subject to date.  They are also the stupidest.  This should pretty much put Martin O’Malley on Loser Street, where he belongs. [iv]

The global warming propagandists will lose their minds hearing this.  GOOD! Their shrill cry will get you mileage.  More important, the average, levelheaded American will respond positively to an honest, responsible message about a subject that has often been handled with great irresponsibility

[1]  MULTIPLE EMPLOYMENT AND TRAINING PROGRAMS Providing Information on Collocating Services and Consolidating Administrative Structures Could Promote Efficiencies, GAO 11-92 January 2011

[2] You’ll find the quote at the beginning of Chapter 19

Ch. 9

[ii]  CORRECTIONS TO THE MANN et.  al. al. al.  (1998) PROXY DATA BASE AND NORTHERN HEMISPHERIC AVERAGE TEMPERATURE SERIES Stephen McIntyre 512-120 Adelaide St.  West, Toronto, Ontario Canada M5H 1T1; Ross McKitrick, Department of Economics, University of Guelph, Guelph Ontario Canada N1G2W1    Yeah, I actually do read this stuff.  I need a life!

[iii]   It is worth noting that hundreds of stations used to collect data now used to support man-made climate change alarmism are located in these very cities, often where development has surrounded the once-lonely stations.  These are actually just boxes with sensors in them.  They have been found next to steam plants, in newer, steaming hot parking lots and near large AC exhausts.  And they have skewed the data wildly.  Distorted data? Feds close 600 weather stations amid criticism they're situated to report warming, Maxim Lott, 13 August 2013, FoxNews. com/science

[iv]  Inside of a week, Martin O’Malley marked himself as one of the stupidest people ever to run for President.  This is quite a challenge since he has Gore, Biden and Mondale for company.  First, O’Malley apologized for saying that all lives matter as opposed to saying that only black lives matter.  Then he blamed the rise of ISIS on GW/CC.  U. S.  military bases eyed as 'green job' incubators by Aaron Klein,, 21 July 2015 and James Woods rips into '100% numbskull' Martin O'Malley by Cheryl Chumley,, 20 July 2015  Little tip for voters: Both Emperor Obama and Empress Rodham have both said that GW/CC is a major threat to national security.  Anyone who says these things should not get to play a President in a sitcom much less be elected President.


I repeat: STUPID

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