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Big Brother thinks he's won.

Big Brother thinks he's won.

Has he? He's damn close to taking over.

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You live in a country where petulant, activist judges are brazen enough to remove their party’s prime opponent from elections. Putin much? I fully expect the U.S. Supreme Court will dump the Colorado Supreme Court’s hissy fit.

They sure as hell better. There are people who really don’t like DJT [hand raised] but who will not tolerate any more electoral bullshit from the Left. But that’s the whole point of that courtroom exercise and the others we’ll discuss today. They are intended to incite violence and spark hatred.

No reasonable adult approves of this. But they go along. Obey. Don’t make noise. Keep your head down.

You live in a country where aliens, including illegal aliens, can vote. Even before the Regime teamed up with the cartels to smuggle in millions of un-vetted bodies and drugs, the fix has been in. In fact, the fix anticipated the mass smuggling by our own government.

Several states (all?) arranged for aliens and illegal aliens to have drivers licenses or state ID’s. It was declared illegal to note immigration status on these ID cards. These cards are used for voting. So now we have armies of illegal voters. Hell, even the damn census taker can’t ask if people are illegals.

Further, the “non-profits” and “non-governmental organizations”1 that coach these aliens and illegal aliens on how to game the system, make sure the aliens know it was the Dems who smuggled them into the country. It’s the Dems who will keep them here and protect them even if they commit violent crimes.2 Then they hand them a ballot. Comprende Democrats? Amigos, bitches?

Political whores try their best to convince people with Hispanic surnames that their interests are tied to the fate of the illegals because…well…some of them have similar names. The good news here is, these REAL Americans are onto the Dems silly, shallow, racist game.

No reasonable adult approves of this. But they go along. Obey. Don’t make noise. Keep your head down.

Can we be more stupid?

Oh, easy. You live in a country where adults, MANY adults tell THEIR OWN CHILDREN that boys can turn into girls and girls can turn into boys. Poof. And if they want to make a meal of it, actual adults tell THEIR OWN CHILDREN that they can have themselves mutilated to make the game of make believe seem…sort of…real. Sort of…for a year or two. Then the hell sets into the kid’s life.

In a few areas you can lose your parental rights if you don’t go along with the whole trans charade, including mutilation. Josef Mengele would have been so proud of these people.

No reasonable adult approves of this. But they go along. Obey. Don’t make noise. Keep your head down.

People pretending to be teachers, who are actually activist indoctrination drones, teach white kids that they are evil and racist at birth. They conduct exercises where white kids are separated out for different treatment to punish, embarrass or otherwise break their spirit so they’ll buy into the blatant bullshit. And, oh, don’t tell mommy and daddy.

Indoctrination administrators are telling parents that math and sciences are racist. Showing your work is racist. Insisting on schedules is racist. Setting minimum requirements is racist. Merit is racist. They pretend not to know that all those statements are racist!!!

No reasonable adult approves of this. But they go along. Obey. Don’t make noise. Keep your head down.

I have lots of these examples of how the average citizen has allowed himself to be so boxed in. We don’t believe any of the bullshit, but we pretend to because we want to be a part of the nonsense or we are too scared to fight it. So I’ll do one more. This one is from the right side of the Uniparty.

Every couple of months, FOX News goes all idiotic over space aliens. They feature the same wide-eyed knucklehead to tell us HE KNOWS we have dead aliens in our possession. In these reports a photograph is featured of the two space creatures. And they just happen to look EXACTLY like the ET of movie fame. Of course no one is allowed to take samples of these obvious plaster sand castings.

Even Chuck “Snake Oil” Schumer holds the occasional hearing on the subject. He’s got nothing better to do. Lot’s of vapid adults pretend to believe this. It’s exciting. It makes the dummies feel like Carl friggin’ Sagan to talk about it. BUT…

No reasonable adult approves of this. But they go along. Obey. Don’t make noise. Keep your head down.

Now, I just stepped you through the five-minute exercise to point out how easily cowed too many of us are. In a few seconds, in the Main Event segment, we’ll talk about how much more easily we’ve been fooled. The big government con game has been much more nuanced and gradual. They use the loud, obvious stuff, like the trans fad to keep you looking at the shiny object. Meanwhile, they run green scams, CBDC and smart cities right under your noses.


You must free your mind of the preceding garbage if you are to fight the much more deceitful and destructive enslavement coming right now.

More after this.

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The Main Event

If you read the articles I’ll link to without my prologue, you might see through it immediately. But some might be taken in with the self-congratulatory jargon, tarted up as sensible rhetoric. You might even be impressed with the high-minded goals these organizations CLAIM to strive for.

But even a moments pause will allow you to see the real intentions of these kinds of organizations and the damage they WILL do if they are not torn from society, roots and all.

Let’s start with two articles about the Rockefeller Foundation. Pretty mainstream, right. An old rich guy’s legacy doing good and righting wrongs, is it?


This is the bulldozer poised to level what’s left of the strong, successful society we in the West have built. In its place will be the serfdom I’ve been warning about for a long time now.

Things to consider while reading this article.

I’ve warned you about “smart cities” many times on this Substack. In a nutshell, they will be your electronic prisons. Your cell phones will be your shackles. CCTV cameras everywhere will be the razor wire that contains you. Your travel will be restricted. Your diet will be throttled by those who own EVERYTHING that provides food. You productivity and money (CBDC) will be the playthings of those exempt from the serfdom; the betters you will serve.

If you leave your assigned area, your car will shut down (golf carts already use this technology to keep you off restricted fairways) and your phone will not work (other than to rat out your location). With the same electronic chains in mind, what travel you will be permitted (if your a good, little serf) will be heavily limited in distance and duration.

How can I possibly know this? The people I am introducing today SAY THEY INTEND TO DO ALL THIS! And as in the case of the first link, they claim in breathy terms how it is all going to be good for you.

Here’s the best part. All that crime we are enduring, the political discord, the pitting parents against kids, White against black, gay against straight, and on and on. That’s intentional. It will be the springboard for all the above. "Look what we “saved” you from!” they’ll exclaim.

When reading the article at the first link, keep in mind your CBDC, the money they can turn on and off even when it is in your account. And check out this slick shit.

“DPI is a digital approach that enables essential society-wide functions to promote economic and social growth for everyone – not just those who can afford access.

Its immediate uses are many, including emergency payments to climate refugees via cell phones, immediate telehealth and records access, a digital ID that speeds access to social benefits, and more.”

So much revealed! So much deceit in two short paragraphs.

Climate refugees? there is no scientific reality that demonstrates what the hell a “climate refugee” might be. But they are going to “rush” money to them over their cell phones.

Let’s leave aside how the fuck a “climate refugee” can even enjoy a cell phone. Instead we’ll talk about how they will come up with the money to rush to them. That’s easy! They already have it. It’s in your account. They just reduce what you have and give it to the non-existing “climate refugee”. This will more than likely end up rushed to the corrupt head of the country where the “climate refugee” lives. It will build another palace or buy a private jet. The people designated to play “refugees” will get a drink of water and a bag of rice.

But you can see how this ties neatly into the Climate Alarmism which has yet to be proven right on a single assertion or prediction. But it is still the tool of choice for sociopolitical manipulators.

Help! I'm running out of cheap scotch.


Do we need a new digital infrastructure created to provide tele-health? To share medical information? Well, if all the people we are supposed to be helping have cell phones, then the answer is absolutely NOT. We simply need to codify the use of firewalls on medical information so it can be better communicated to the user.

The few honest people left in the system are leery of this. They know the government and insurance companies will get a hold of this information and use it against patients for employment and insurance coverage.

So, the technology already exists. BUT the ability to turn it all on and off, based on what a good serf you are, will be a part of the digital concept the smart cities rely on.

And since it will be utterly under the control of the new Big Brother, tele-health can also be a handy tool for tele-death. Have a problem with the politics of a certain region or individual (like yours truly)? Big Brother can take care of that with a keystroke. No medicine for them. And who wants to care for old people? They don’t serve Big Brother well. Are you 80 and sick? Tele-help says morphine for you. Bon voyage.

You might say “they would never do that!” I will remind you of RFK Jr and his two rules of politics. The second rule is: If a government can abuse a power, it absolutely WILL abuse it. Once these people have total control of the hand that feeds you they will act ALWAYS in their own self-interest. Moral or ethical considerations will not be a part of the equation. To do other will open the door to their downfall. Once in the cat bird seat, they will never relinquish it. That’s RFK’s first rule.

I’m not predicting the future here.

I am not telling you what is going to happen. I am only warning what IS happening right now, and carrying it out to its inevitable conclusion. These people are already doing what I say they’ll do as the article demonstrates. They infest every level of government and academia.

“Digital public infrastructure is a smarter way of digitization,” Madhukar said. “It’s laying a digital plumbing that public, private, and government agencies can leverage to better support the welfare of residents and provide economic opportunity for all.”

Again, note the sales line about it being good “for all”. There is nothing under the sun that is good “for all”. There is no one-size-fits-all, government enforced program that works or has ever worked - EVER. In the case of what the Rockefeller Foundation and their fellow Davos cultists intend, there is only one set of concepts they will impose on you.

Buzz word salad

The second link, also linked within the first is an even more chilling preview of your life.

It won’t be too chilling if you are already a welfare sponge. You won’t feel a thing. But if you are a productive member of society, with your own goals and dreams you have an unhappy life to look forward to, if we don’t succeed in ridding our society of these presumptuous usurpers.

The key thing that jumped out at me in the 17 Rooms article is the use of buzz words employed. In context, they demonstrate clearly what I am saying today and have pointed out before.


Stakeholders: This is bullshit term I first heard in the hallowed halls of government. Back then it was a cute bureaucratic term to refer to participants in a particular program. It implies that the participants have skin in the game or hold a stake.

The real meaning of the term would be people with a REAL, PERSONAL STAKE in something. It can be interchangeable with the word stockholder if a commitment of money is involved. If not, then it refers to people whose personal sweat and effort have been committed to thing.

In this context, “stakeholders” refers to those “non-profits”, “NGOs” and other individuals who will siphon off the fruit of YOUR work through the good offices of Big Brother. They have no real stake. They are not helping the world. They are just waiting for the payday. 17 Rooms is just one big collection of the naive groups who will design our, and their own, fealty to Big Brother.

Sustainable: This is a dead give-away of intent. Today, as we’ve learned discussing wind farms, solar farms, and bugs-for-food, on this substack, “sustainable” insists on the use of all the resources the Davos cult, through BlackRock, Amalgamated Bank, ESG and CBDC, etc. will own and control. Inspired by the Chinese business model and Social Credit Score, your quality of life will hinge directly on your ESG score; your obedience and docility. Except for the bugs, nothing they call sustainable is any more sustainable than what we do now; much less so in most cases. For example wind power vs Nuke or Natural Gas for power. That they even make a comparison should give you the lie to their intentions.

And I have no intention of eating their goddamn bugs!

Collective: A general quarters klaxon should sound inside your head when any person, ambitious for power as ALL these people are, uses the term collective in terms of effort or reward. The “collective” is communist code for “the suckers we’re trying to get one over on.”

17 Rooms U: That’s college campuses (campi), as I said earlier. There is no bigger sucker for this kind of self-importance and pie-in-the-sky bullshit than a college professor, especially those engaged in false disciplines like sociology and pop psychology. They just eat this shit up and vomit it on our kids. Always they appeal to the student’s naive, emotional nature but not their critical grey matter.

Fun: I just put this in here because I thought it was just peachy how they found a “fun” way to fuck up our world for us.

There are more Leftist and tyrannical buzz words in both articles. See how many you can spot.

Here’s the bottom line.

There is one force that has fueled everything we’ve accomplished since man walked upright. I have a need or desire, and I know what I am willing to pay for it. Someone has the answer or the product. We negotiate. I have my needs met. The provider now can service his needs based on how well he serviced mine. That’s economics.

It’s not he economic distortions and manipulation taught in university or abused by government today. Sound, real economics has carried us to where we are now despite the interference attempted, all throughout history, by those who seek to corner markets and control all of us. They have failed repeatedly to game the system.

But, now they stand a real chance of succeeding. If we don’t decentralize information and the means of it, if we don’t fight back for the lives we want, the power mongers like Gates, Schwab, Kerry, Soros the Chinese and the rest of the sick cult could very well succeed at wrecking the world we’ve enjoyed.

These people are the new central planners, if we let them finish the groundwork. They ACTUALLY believe they can MANAGE the entire world. They are truly that delusional. In reality all they can do is create dull, grey, feudal system. It will last until they betray each other - another inevitability. Then it will be left to our grandchildren or great grandchildren to start over with only the warped information left them by the cult.

I know the excuses. “I’m in the public eye.” “I’m busy.” “I don’t want my business to suffer.” “My friends would have fits.” “I’m not political.” List as many as you want. They don’t hold water. If you let these creatures succeed, and they are well on their way, your life will be what they tell you it will be…while you feed the “stakeholders” and keep the cult in the luxurious lifestyle to which they’ve become accustomed.

Conservatives, libertarians, Jeffersonian and Kennedy liberals, virtually all the same animal, MUST elect those who see the dangers we see here. Better yet, run for office.

The time of our power is fading quickly. Use your power.

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I know, right? Could those two terms be more full of this? “Non-govenrmental organizations” (NGOs) routinely rake in millions to work directly for the government, often one party of the government, to carry out the political goals of the party. Whether organizing movements, controlling information, political smear campaigns, etc. Or even some good things like helping countries and people we have no legal basis for helping officially. But it’s all done on the down low. These are anything but non-governmental.

The term “non-profit” has in reality gone the way of the Dodo. The ORGANIZATION may be able to show no “profit” on paper, but as B. Hussein proved in his Chicago days, the CEO of a non-profit can skim millions from the government and donors (who are often looking for political favors) and collect HUGE salaries that show as an “expense” for the “non-profit”.


Cities who call themselves “sanctuary cities” have routinely thwarted the efforts of ICE to get even low-life, violent, illegal alien scum out of the country. Those same cities are now regretting the whole “sanctuary” idea since Texas is now obliging illegals by sending them to the protection of said cities. Hyper stupid idea these cities had. But whatever crime and overcrowding these cities now endure, they fully deserve all of it.

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