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If People Can't Eat, The Rest Is Pointless (Reposted in direct response to the Davos/WEF cult.)

If People Can't Eat, The Rest Is Pointless (Reposted in direct response to the Davos/WEF cult.)

Read the prologue, below.


I posted this piece, as part of a series, about mid-year. Today, I saw this on X.

"Food and water are inextricably linked; 70% of global freshwater extraction is for agriculture."



This is one of the false issues the cult uses to market its nonsense. I’ll be banging away on this subject and the Davos cult in coming weeks. But for now, here is the redux. Call it a primer. Listen now.

I’ve been saying there are ten major areas where we have to get our shit together in order to get through the next two decades with any kind of success. I lied. It’s 11.

The topics are Energy, Crime, Civility, Education, Maturity, Economics, Life Skills, Trades, Immigration and Water. Today, I am adding Food to the list but not for obvious reasons.

I have already hit Education, Economics and Water. I may revisit Ed. and Econ. before the series is finished. But for now, since I am thinking of it today, let’s talk about Food. This is a fairly simple topic so I may have time to bring in another topic before this episode is up.

As many of you know, a great deal of this series is based on the work of Peter Zeihan. His book, The End of the World is Just the Beginning is a must read. If you don’t read another book this year, if you haven’t cracked a book in a decade, you MUST read this one…and, well, my next book…and the one I am serializing here. But I digress.

In his book, Zeihan details his view of what the world faces as populations age out and the deglobalization that will follow in short order. The picture ain’t pretty. A common theme throughout his thesis is this. Because of our geography, relatively healthy/young-ish population and productive neighbors, the US should get through this era in fairly good shape compared to the rest of the world.

I would agree with that IF (caps, bold, italicized) we had a stable, civil population, an honest government and a true free market fully functioning today. We don’t. Today’s topic is a prime example of the weaknesses we face that could put this country needlessly into a tailspin as the world comes unglued.

When I started this series I didn’t see food as a major concern. But as I thought about it further I realized that many of the stupid things we do in the agricultural arena, if permitted to continue, will negate some or all of the advantage we should have.

Keep in mind that we still import lots of food to this country. We export too, but that is a matter of abundance in specific food sub-groups. When the existing world trade and production system begins to break down, certain foods will become rather scarce; far more scarce than they should be.

If we didn’t have an over-bloated central government, peopled by dipshits, I wouldn’t worry. But we do. They are intentionally making the production of food difficult to ward off local, potential, theoretical problems at the cost of creating HUGE, real, national problems.

Because of their restrictions on natural gas, fertilizers are extremely expensive. When framers complained about this they were told not to worry, the GOVERNMENT is going to set the new lower STANDARD for how much fertilizer you can use. Without such Maoist interference from the Nanny State, yields are already dropping across the country. The government is going to see to it they drop further, in the name of making your life better.

The fact is we should already be doing two things regarding our veggies. We should be goosing yield as quickly as possible and growing more varieties in anticipation of losing many from the international market. Even some of those will go away for a very long time since we can’t grow them here. But at least we can widen our own varieties of grain and vegetables.

Second, in order to facilitate those varieties, WE NEED TO STOP PUTTING FOOD IN OUR GAS TANKS!!! You’ve heard me talk about this before. By subsidizing ethanol much of our farmland has been plowed under for the production of corn. This makes the gas you buy more expensive, causes the cost of the abandoned produce more expensive, scorches the cylinders in your engine and decreases mileage - defeating the intended purpose of less pollution.

The political whores know all of this. But they can’t let go of the subsidy. It keeps money from farmers associations and PACs coming into their own pockets…er, uh… I mean into their campaign funds.1 They are intentionally damaging our food production for a pointless but lucrative exercise that helps NO ONE! So, no more food in gas tanks. Write your representatives, state and local, NOW.

I’ll have more on this when I cover Energy specifically. That will be a multi-episodic topic.

It’s not just the veggies

The DC Stalinists are actively destroying our beef and pork industries through onerous regulations. We should be swimming on beef and pork. But, as was announced by the Davos/WEF cult (present owners of most of our government), beef will be permitted as an occasional treat for the masses. Only wealthy people (them) will be able to afford it after they finish crushing the industry.

You will be permitted to eat all the bugs the plants they own can produce.

And for the record, yes, I do believe the destruction of our meat processing plants and the deaths of so many cows, pigs and chickens stinks to high heaven. For example, we were told last month the 18,000 COWS died in an explosion and fire at a dairy farm. 18,000? Did the explosion kill them? If so, how large was the tactical nuke? Did the fire kill them - and not the guy the firemen pulled out alive? If it was the fire, how long were the animals allowed to cook? That’s a lot of big animals. And last year it seemed like every month we were hearing about yet another fire at a processing plant. So there’s that.

Then there’s the fish.

I saw an ad on TV about whales and dolphins beaching themselves in great numbers. The idiotic upshot of the commercial was that the sea mammals were beaching themselves because of climate change. It’s pure propaganda. It is 180 degrees out from the truth.

Whales and dolphins are beaching themselves in huge numbers right now. But it isn’t because of climate change. It is because of the way the government and cronies are wasting your money in the oceans with worthless tinker toy ideas which they pretend will fight climate change. For months they have been sounding the east coast preparing to put wind turbines off the best beaches we have. Sea mammals caught between the sonar and the beach are running up on the beach to get away from the deafening and disorienting noise.

I’ll leave aside the uselessness and ugliness of the stupid windmills, again for when I discuss energy. Now we’ll just stick to the impact they’ll have on food.

But we don’t eat whales and dolphins. That’s true. Those poor animals are suffering pointless deaths from what will kill off our east coast fishing industry from New York to South Carolina. And they’ll continue to kill themselves when the windmills are in place.

But it will be the construction of these monstrosities that will disrupt prime fishing areas. What fish are not killed by the actually construction will move, likely into international waters. They will move because of the massive construction that will occur over many years. They will stay away, and mammals will continue to beach themselves because the windmills will impart their own sound signature in the waters for as long as they are turning. The sea life will see these areas as danger zones for about 25 years. That will be when the last of these wind pigs stops turning because NO ONE will overhaul or replace them.

So years from now, our grandchildren will point to the derelicts and ask, “Grandpa, what are those?” And you can answer, “Oh, just some useless shit the Biden Administration left for us.”

Here’s the upshot.

Picture your favorite seafood restaurant at your favorite beach resort on the east coast. I was in one last week. My sons and I, and some friends went to Carmen’s in Sea Isle. It’s a fine place and a famous landmark. The majority of the menu is local catch; whatever is in season.

Once construction starts on the useless pin wheels there will be NO meaningful fishing off the Jersey shore. What fish survive the destruction will leave. Carmen’s will have no point to continue to exist for many years, if ever again. This will be the case in town after town for 650 miles - more than that if you follow the contours of the coast.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Every person who benefits from the seafood industry, both as consumers and providers (processing, packaging, transporting, equipment suppliers, retailers and countless other ripple effect businesses that surround seafood facilities, small and large) will suffer needlessly. The industry will be destroyed on the east coast.

Food is the keystone issue.

I heard it said, I know not the author, if you have food you have lots of problems. If you don’t have food you have one problem.

Of all the pieces of our lives this series addresses, food is king. Without it, and in abundance, all other problems become pointless issues. People will start dying - needlessly. If Peter Zeihan is correct about the collapse of the Chinese economy, the demographic meltdown, the transportation disruptions and much more, food will become a dicey deal everywhere. Mathematically, I don’t see that as a BIG “if”!

Zeihan says he doesn’t see it as a major problem here for the reasons I mentioned earlier. But in the last several decades we have become masters at wasting time and resources on stupid pursuits. Or government is notorious for doing exactly the opposite of what should be done.

While ruining every sector of the economy they can, energy, labor, lending, savings and more, they are using Orwellian and Rand-ian nonsense to destroy our food supply.

If we don’t loosen the screws on natural gas NOW and allow the fertilizer industry to recover before things come unraveled then all the rest of the list we’re covering here won’t matter. If the Regime continues to trash our fisheries with the wind tinker toys, a whole sector of life on the east coast will disappear.

We can have a civil, educated, non-gender-psychotic society. If that society can’t eat it still goes in the crapper along with civility, education and gender, and the rest of the list.

All the points work together and MUST be brought into working order. NOW!

So my question is, as always, how long will YOU let this continue? Whether we speak of just the food issue, or the whole list, how long will YOU allow it to go on? Email you representatives, state and federal. Troll their social media. Badger them into action NOW - before things get desperate. By the time the first idiotic wind pig blights the eastern shore, by the time the farming sector starts to die, it WILL be too late for letters and emails. Things will get extreme and angry quickly

Here is how the BIG FOOD SCAM will work (is working).

In the Netherlands, quoting the Davos/WEF cult as the author of the bullshit, the government spoke of how THEY should tell farmers how to farm and distribute the food, based on race and social status of the recipients.

This scam was played elsewhere, for example, Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka has ceased to exist as a country as a direct result.

The take over and denial of a proper amount of fertilizer is being touted as an answer to Climate Change.

At the same time The Cult is preaching that coming food shortages will be caused by CC/GW. This is a lie, of course. We haven’t even gotten into the stage of extended growing seasons from CC/GW. If that actually happens it will still be long time before the Iberian peninsula turns into a desert. In fact, there is strong thinking that increases in CO2 will lead to the forestation of some desert areas.

The CERTAIN food disruptions will come - are already starting to come - from falling demographics and deglobalization. ANY “answer” that is created by the government/Davos Cult will be total mess. Our international food sector will operate with the quality and efficiency of a Soviet car company. That’s not EVEN a maybe. It is a mathematical certainty.

The reason Davos/WEF is pursuing this is to further control you. They see what I see. They see what Zeihan sees. And they want to cash in on it. That’s why China and Bill Gates are buying swaths of farmland in North America. They’ll game the markets, they’ll decide what is grown and the Cult will control distribution - period. Our food, our labor will be doled out to the world; the rest of the Davos domain.

The absolute result in this country will be diminished incentives to farm and produce maximum results. This will result in LESS food being created and more starvation around the world.

The free market is the answer. To defeat these Cultists, states, municipalites and farm communities need to band together and IGNORE the new EPA and Dept of Ag policies (they make ‘em up every other month) and work with the energy sector privately to establish a strong market for natural gas-supported fertilizer.

“Let not the lies exist through me".” Solzhenitsyn


I am about to find out who, among my readership, are liars.

We have some time. These podcasts usually run between 40 minutes to an hour. I try to give you lots to cover during your commute, run, walk or whatever you do while listening.

The government told you Obamacare would make medicine more affordable FOR EVERYONE. They said you could keep your doctor. Those are lies, factually false and intentionally so. The present puppet show called the Biden Administration repeatedly says the THEY (the administration) have created 10 million new jobs. Sometimes the say 7 million. No matter. Both are lies. We’re about 250,000 jobs above pre-Covid levels. The rest have been people returning to work after a one to two year vacation. The pathetic real growth that occurred, as was the case in the Barry O years, has occurred despite the damage done by the respective regimes.

The Regime tells you the Inflation Reduction Act was an inflation reduction act. [loud game show buzzer] OH! Another lie, thanks for playing. The crony boondoggle known as the IRA (retarded legislation, not the terrorist group) threw a few subsidies out their for some connected sectors. That is not an anti-inflationary action. It is the opposite. Paying for part of an end-user’s costs in a chosen sectors is not fighting inflation. The direct effect WILL BE more inflation.

The rest of the crony boondoggle was splashing trillions more dollars into the pockets of people who will pretend to fight climate change with the stupid machines discussed in the previous segment. They won’t work as advertised; not even close. I’ve demonstrated why before and will do so again later in this series. And the crony climate “fixers” will pocket the lion’s share of the money, your fucking money, for themselves.

So yeah, Inflation Reduction a lie too.

I’ll do one more whopper before moving on to the immigration lies.

In January of this year, son of a mobbed up Union boss, Richard Trumka, Jr. made a truth poopie. He said the Consumer Products Safety commission was considering banning gas stoves. Alarm bells went off everywhere. Brandon’s press bimbo read from her binder that there were no plans to ban gas stoves. Then New York banned natural gas (NG) stoves in any new construction or renovations.

Then Brandon’s goons banned a whole slew of new gas stoves. “But not all of them,” was their response to the charges of lying AGAIN. But they WILL eventually get rid of all gas stoves. By banning the ones most people can afford, they know they will see a massive decline in the use of the stoves as time goes by. This will lower demand on NG to an unserviceable level. When the demand sinks low enough, the valves are shut and no more gas goes to households. But they’re not banning ALL OF THEM! Don’t be silly!

I will leave aside the obtuse stupidity of the regime in not considering having multiple methods of cooking and heating in all neighborhoods when say, the lights go out for a long time. You’ll need wood stoves, natural gas, propane, electric from generators, whatever can be found and shared. And there will be many times in many places where the lights will go out for a very long time in the near future. I touched on that in a previous post Time is NOT Our Friend, and will say more on that later.

If you follow the White House Twitter feed, you will find that several times daily, they blast out another falsehood. And I’m not talking about Trump-y kinds of lies - mostly silly exaggerations. I’m talking about lies, that when believed, shift power. These daily lies, with five minutes of effort can be immediately debunked.

And you don’t have to go to FOX or Newsmax to do it. A search through AP or the New York times will usually do the trick. If you are the least aware of your world and STILL believe any of the above bullshit, you’ll buy the next one too.

So, why continue to be a sucker?

I demonstrated all those lies to ask why people believe the government on immigration.

After 2 years and more than 5 million known illegals strolling across our southern border from ALL OVER THE WORLD we continue to hear from Alejandro Mayorkas that the border “is not open.” He thinks he’s being slick with that line. Note he doesn’t say, “The border is closed.” He is stupid and elitist enough to think that YOU are stupid. You’ll think, well, it’s not open so the millions of illegals must not be the Regime’s fault. If you do, poofy Al is right. You are stupid.

Our southern border ceased to exist in all but name only in January of 2021. The only bottle neck was the theater of pretending to “process” the hordes streaming across and Title 42. The border now doesn’t even exist as a fig leaf. People hired to defend that border now serve as clerks and nursemaids to these ungrateful asylum scammers. Except for tiny holes being plugged by the Texas National Guard, there IS NO border. But Mayorkas still lies and says “the border is not open.”

Now there are people, even people reading this post right now who will defend the lie. Anyone who would do that is a liar themselves. Whether they are just lying to themselves or lying to all of us, they are still liars.

There is a very specific mistake we are making at the WORST possible time in our history. It isn’t that we are taking on immigrants. It’s that we are taking on the wrong kinds of immigrants. And no, douche, I don’t mean Hispanic when I say that.

Remember, the illegals we have violating our borders are not just from Latin American countries. They are from all over the world. They are using this route because they saw clearly that the Regime was cooperating with the cartels to import as many people and drugs as possible. We’ll get to the why later.

The hyper-bullshit now rears it’s ugly head.

Before we get to the fix, let me talk about the justification THE LIARS have used for years to let every prick looking for a pay raise cross the Rio Grand. It’s the the existing law.

I think some time this week I’ll knock over a bank or a liquor store. I have the perfect justification. The existing laws are broken. They don’t give me the things I want. So I must do as I please to get what I want. If you dare tell me I can’t or, heaven forbid, arrest me, you’re a racist. You’re backward. You don’t care about my rights.

Pro-illegal jagoffs want things too. A pay raise (illegals), cheap labor (government cronies), or blue votes (the Regime). They want these things and can’t get them under existing law. Therefore existing law is broken. Because they KNOW they don’t have the valid argument to actually change the law to allow for a border rush, they simply ignore existing law. As a bonus, the Regime kills more people with fentanyl every year than we lost in 11 years in Vietnam. Yes, the regime is actively facilitating the movement of drugs and people across our border illegally. OUR GOVERNMENT is KILLING AMERICANS - US by the trainload every week.

For the truly slow, the government is engaging in criminal activity. How much more stupid can we become before we go the way of Sri Lanka?

So, why the immigration scam?

The first answer is obvious.

We have a government that let’s people flock across the border unchecked (they simply refuse parole and are allowed to go anywhere they want) or checked (they accept parole and are given a court date years hence that they WILL NOT show up for). No one is stopped unless it’s a really slow day and they catch a few of the thousands of pieces of dogshit who are coming through with the hoards, terrorists, rapists, murderers, etc. Most of them stroll through unmolested as well.

We have a government that stands by while states allow illegals to vote. And they file suit against states that enact voter ID laws. They also keep pushing for fast track citizenship for every swinging dick that comes across.

How much more naked can it be? These are MILLONS of future democrats. I’m not saying Hispanics and Haitians and Chinese and Ukrainians are automatically Democrat. The educated ones, usually legal immigrants, are certainly NOT liberal. But of the millions flooding in, the only thing they know about America is one party gives them stuff! So they’ll vote to get more stuff. REAL immigrants are smart and mostly right wing. The illegal hoards are not. They don’t understand representative government as laid out in the Constitution. But then, neither does the average American citizen.

So, yeah. By adding an estimate 8 or 9 million KNOWN illegals to the mix WILL mean votes for the Donkey.

The second reason is a little more nuanced. It’s a shiny object to keep you from noticing boring stuff like declining crop yields, failing wind mills and solar cells, ChiComms CONTINUING to buy up America (while lining political pockets), the swing toward digital currency (in progress), the bug factory in Canada where you’ll be forced to get some of your protein through the manipulation of your digital currency, the destruction of the beef and pork industry.2

When was the last news story you saw about how large wind farms effect the movement of surface winds? And oh, kill birds, lots and lots of birds - and big ones.

Finally, they are teeing up the intended racial, ethnic and economic unrest this human flood is primarily intended to foster. That will give them yet another excuse to gather more power, “because we just can’t have this unrest from the White Supremacists.” Mommy Government must take more control of the streets. Tah-Dah! The case for smart cities (high tech prisons).

The solution? Don’t participate. States and municipalities need to declare themselves the opposite of sanctuaries for illegals. No hiring of illegals. No selling homes to illegals. No renting to illegals. No Driver’s Licenses for Illegals. No school for illegals. If you want those things, go to New York or LA or Chicago, not Normalville.


Savvy politicians have a neat way of making money. They “loan” their own money, or money borrowed at low rates, to fund their own campaign at fat rates. They name themselves as the primary lender. Then, win or lose, they cash out for a fine payday. That’s how PAC money ends up in their pockets. Starting “charity” foundations is another good scam.


Believe me, left entirely alone, meat supplies will suffer enough damage around the world from demographic decline. The political whores DO know this. They are making sure the damage will be much worse than it has to be.

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