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Corrupting our kids - even more!

Corrupting our kids - even more!

Making YOUR kid a drone for the state.

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Oh, this one is a beauty! George Orwell on his worst acid trip could never have come up with this one.

California, that’s the place where stupid shit happens before 3/4 of the rest of the country starts doing the same stupid shit1, is now requiring kids to be taught what they call “media literacy”. The framers of this stupid shit want to help kids develop their “digital citizenship”. I am speaking of a bill called CA AB873.

We’ll leave aside the meaninglessness of the quoted terms for now.

But what it amounts to is more indoctrination of our children toward the slave mentality the Left has been trying so hard to create in REAL WORLD citizens. Like all nonsense law, the bill and its preamble use all kinds of flowery language to make it palatable. The average reader MIGHT look at it and say, “Well, that seems rather harmless.” The bill ALMOST sounds like it wants to teach kids a sense of skepticism toward what they read online.


But thanks to the truth poopies dropped by Assembly member Marc Berman (D-Menlo Park), we get to see the intent of the bill in the light of day. Quoting Language Magazine,2 “According to Berman, the law has become a necessity to combat young people’s growing reliance on social media and internet platforms as news sources. Despite strict guidelines on harmful content, platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, and X (formerly Twitter) allow users to post freely — often with little distinction between opinion and fact — outside of official profiles from verified news sources.”

Okay. So far, I’m still sort of with the idea here. But wouldn’t it be more effective to just teach kids critical thinking skills and REAL civics, based on our laws and Constitution, so they can figure things out for themselves?

The answer is NO. Because the paragraph quoted above IS NOT the point behind AB873.

As a side note: Keep in mind that this is a program to be taught in English class. But the State says schools may consider using the same indoc techniques in Math and Science classes as well. “Consider” here defined as the plug the mobbed up unions got inserted because they absolutely INTEND to keep the propaganda going throughout the school day.

And here’s the truth poopie.

The article wraps up with a quote from Berman. “As we’ve seen too often in the last decade, what happens online can have the most terrifying of real-world impacts,” Berman said. “From climate denial to vaccine conspiracy theories to the Jan. 6 attack on our nation’s Capitol, the spread of online misinformation has had global and deadly consequences.” [ital. mine]

Having used the term “fake news” earlier in the article to describe what they are teaching kids under this bill, Berman goes on to define the information they deem “fake”.

Well, friends and neighbors, what Berman has just announced is that the government of California, with the cooperation of the teachers unions3 and activist teachers, will be taking the political fights we adults are having day-to-day, and creating little political allies in OUR children. And the obvious slant presented by Berman says the schools have NO INTENTION to be objective, OR teach real skepticism.

There is an extensive list of things NORMAL people are trying to teach our kids while the perpetual adolescents of the Left fight us. There is ESG, DEI, the border invasion, real energy solutions, what our actual rights are versus what our kids are being told they are. I could write a book just combing through that list. (Hmmmm.)

But Berman gave us some good ones to chew on. Let’s dive in, shall we?

Climate Denial

Now there’s a little, screechy girly term for you. The use of the term “denial” is a shitty, Lefty contrivance, exploiting the suffering of Jews during the holocaust. In the last few decades we seen the emergence of people, who hate Jews, claim the holocaust never happened. They are called holocaust deniers. It is an emotionally charged term for obvious reasons.

In an effort to get people to fall obediently in line with State thinking on climate, anyone who disagrees with the State, and in this case people like Berman, are tarred with the moral equivalence of people who deny the holocaust. What a low, despicable tactic that is! But it’s nothing new on the Left. Remember, it is the people who called our soldiers baby killers in the 60’s and early 70’s that are running things today. We’ll return to those hippy jagoffs in just a bit. Let’s stick to the climate thing.

Berman states that they intend to teach kids that GW/CC propaganda is gospel, using the “media literacy” crap as a fig leaf. After 30-year litany of bogus claims and prediction, NONE OF WHICH have been demonstrated or come to pass, we are told if we just do what the pretenders tell us to do we will throttle our global temperatures by X degrees by the year 20YY.4 And yet, if a kid read ANYWHERE, not just online, that GW/CC alarmism in a power grab by Lefties, he’ll be told that the people saying that are [gasp] climate deniers and that listening to them is tantamount to a sin.

And that is what the “digital literacy” bill is all about. They WILL use it as a propaganda tool.


Vaccine Conspiracy

Again, the give-away is in the term.

When they first started doling out the jabs, many people, Left and Right, asked how they could do that without proper testing. This was the first “vaccine conspiracy theory”. Nonsense, we were told, why would the government give you a vaccine that hadn’t been tested? It is an emergency, but we do know it is safe!

Then we found out yeeeeah, it wasn’t really tested on more than 8 or 9 people. But to this day, if you point that out, you are STILL a vaccine conspiracy theorist (CT).

We watched, from week one, as we or people we know, got the jab and then got Covid. But if you said that on FB or Twitter you were labeled a vax CT. We learned factually very soon after that the vax does not protect you from Covid. But for more than a year the “science” dudes in the federal bureaucracy continued to lie about it. They called the Covid “a pandemic of the unvaccinated”. This while vaccinated people continued to get it. Shockingly stupid.

They finally admitted that the thing doesn’t work as claimed. His High Holiness Cardinal Fauci told us that if we got the jab WE WOULD NOT GET COVID. Then he said well, maybe you will.

To this day if you point all this out, you are a vax CT. And that is what they intend to teach our kids, because that is the state propaganda line. Kids will be told if you read the vax CT online, or see the evidence of it with your own eyes, that is FAKE NEWS and you will be “media literate” if you pretend not to know it.

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“Jan. 6 attack on our nation’s Capitol”

There is so much wrong just in the phrase it defies reason on its face. But I’ll stick to the basics to avoid a 17 hour podcast today.

First, there is the emotional inaccuracy of this commonly used tripe. Our nation’s capitol is Washington, DC. The city was not attacked. The Congressional Building, what we call the Capitol Building, WAS attacked. That’s because there was a mob of angry mouth-breathers and provocateurs at several entrances and the building was left unprotected. It was left unprotected by Nancy Pelosi, Mitch McConnell, the mayor of DC, Muriel Bowser, and the head of the Capitol Police. They conspired to leave it unprotected, knowing the dangers, despite the recommendations from Trump AND his staff to bring in the National Guard for the occasion.

So, predictably, with a mix of Trump fanatics, Antifa (they were wearing the faggoty Antifa pajamas, you can’t miss them) and some shady characters pushing people into the fray, who have never been arrested, we got ourselves a riot.

It wasn’t the high octane, car-burning, building-burning, mass looting stuff we watched for the previous two years across the country. No, it was face-punching, broom sticks and broken windows. Only one person died as a direct result of the rioting. She was shot by a twitchy cop who panicked and shot her. There were two heart attacks. Another lady died under questionable circumstances. She died of a drug overdose (from a prescription she had been taking for 10 years…uh huh) or from suffocation in a mob press at one of the door ways. She MIGHT have died from blunt force trauma, as a result of the beating she is seen getting form a female cop while she lay in the ground unconscious. But that hasn’t been officially determined.

So you have a riot, in a defined area, where only rioters and bystanders died. Then you had an impromptu guided tour around the place hosted by the cops. All of this is bad. I’ll grant you. But as indicated by Berman’s use as an example, the kids will be taught the government issued-talking points of the event. Because any other version is misinformation and harmful.

So the cop who killed Ashley Babbitt will never face a court room and the kids will be taught not to question how the lady at the entrance died. Just accept and obey. Speaking against the party line is misinformation.

I have been accused by witless Lefties of spreading “misinformation” because I said the riot cannot be called an insurrection. An insurrection requires a plan, a point. The people fighting at the capitol were either attacking cops out of anger, or in one area fighting back against cops who fired on them BEFORE they had done anything. But of the lot, you can accurately say they didn’t have a clue, much less a plan about taking over the government. It was a riot, and a relatively small one at that.

But to just say so, despite the reams of video evidence in support of the statement, is misinformation. Oh, just the word gives me the vapors.

Cool stuff. Po river.

There is significance in Berman’s mention of the riot.

Why was it so easy to dupe people into thinking the Capitol Riot was so much more than it REALLY was? We saw cops getting M-80s thrown in their faces and federal and local police building burning or actually taken, and held, by rioters. For months we saw people occupy a section of a city and set up a dipshit, kiddy version of a government (Insurrection? Sedition?). In those other incidents we saw 36 people die and 1000 injured. We watch the organized effort, supported by people like Kamala “cacklin’ hyena” Harris, achieve a respectable $2 billion in damage to private and government property.

So, why was Jan.6 such an emotional trauma.

I’ll tell you why. And I’ve been saying it since Jan. 7 when I coined the term mini riot. It was because it frightened “our leaders”!

Wait…let me catch my breath! Our leaders?

From the moment violence started, the news rooms blossomed with breathless terms like an “attack on America”. We saw the members of congress being taken to safe areas. (Like they had to do three times in the last three years at the White House, but no fuss is made because the offenders are Lefties).

What got people so worked up was that the IMPORTANT people were being frightened and caused to scurry away. Cops aren’t important. Police buildings and federal office buildings in cities across the country aren’t important. Private businesses are important. Common citizens aren’t worth a hill of beans.

If anything, the destruction of property and the killing of citizens OUTSIDE the Most Holy of Holies, [sigh] the Capitol, is worthy of support and bail money from government Lefties. But attacking the ONE LEGITIMATE target of anger from US citizens - these people are too important to be called to account with the same passion?

I don’t condone the senseless violence but Thomas Jefferson might disagree with the assumption in that question.

Further afield, as an example

At the behest of the people our talking heads were so breathlessly sympathetic for on Jan. 6, our nation has been overrun by unvetted, often criminal, often diseased foreigners. These people have trampled towns and farms on the border. They are ruining cities across the country now.

But that’s okay, because you and those cities and farms and towns are not important. What’s important is Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer and pretty buildings in Washington DC. Not YOU! YOU are to sit down and have no opinion about it all. If you express any dissent, you are a purveyor of misinformation or you are talking conspiracy theories.

Here is what CA AB873 nakedly intends to make of our child:

continues below video. Double click, then click once.

About those two terms I mentioned at the beginning of the post…

Media literacy means believing all the Lefty, government-approved information and NOT believe ANYTHING that disagrees with the it. This is not conjecture, as demonstrated by Marc Berman’s monumentally stupid comments in support of the bill. Children WILL BE taught that disagreement with the party line is misinformation, disinformation or conspiracy theories.

Digital citizenship is just an adolescent nonsense term used to dress up the preamble to make it sound legitimate to gullible people. It ranks up there with magic potion or environmental justice.

I call for people to fight a lot of things. But in most cases, they are related. They are all a part of the same monster that is stalking you as we speak. In this case, NOW is the time to email or snail mail your reps to tell them in no uncertain terms to leave our kids out of our ideological battles. I find slamming them in the comments section of their social media posts helps a lot. When they feature themselves cutting a ribbon at the Gay, Left-handed Orphan School of Proctology, slam them with this.

But know, with absolute certainty, that this, ESG, DEI, GW/CC, WEF and Davos cult nonsense, the border invasion, and tranny fads are ALL the efforts of the same people for the same reasons. They are intended to keep you distracted or keep you cowed. When you reject CBDC or smart cities, you will be accused of spreading mis- or disinformation. It’s your choice; fight or obey. There is no middle ground on these things.

Links: Language Magazine

CA AB873

Your P4B book list5

A strong P4B recommendation: The Mysterious Case of Rudolf Diesel: Genius Power and Deception on the Eve of WWI by Douglas Brunt A real-life murder mystery.

An easy, fun read with lots of follow-ons: After Dunkirk by Lee Jackson. Part 1 of a WWII historical fiction series. Will be a featured review on the P4B.

A studious and interesting study. Excellent reading. Jefferson's Godfather, the Man Behind the Man: George Wythe, Mentor to the Founding Fathers by Suzanne Munson. Will be a featured review on the P4B.

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In fact three other states already have, or are creating similar nonsense in their Stalinist school indoctrination programs.


A professional magazine with a masthead that reads “Improving Literacy and Commuication”


Nothing happens in schools without the mobbed up, politically connected teachers unions.


The X figure always ranges from 1.4 to 2.1 in these nonsensical claims. That’s important to note because these ass hats say .5 degrees is a lot in terms of global temperatures.


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