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Documents, Putin, Trees and the Rhetorical Circle Jerk

Documents, Putin, Trees and the Rhetorical Circle Jerk

They need you to unknow stuff.

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I’ve made a major life decision this week. I have a crepe myrtle in my yard. The fashion, here in Virginia, is to top (or pollard) the tree every year or two, just hack off all the growth that isn’t heavy trunk. It looks like you’ve killed the tree. But they come roaring back every year and look spectacular. Mine is a common breed. It makes a bunch of lavender colored blooms.

For all the “green” weenies, that rapid growth sucks a bunch of the CO2, devil gas, out of the atmosphere. But there will be a little less of that happening on my property from now on.

This year, I don’t know what I was doing wrong, but every limb I cut fell on my head. If I reached across and cut a limb leaning away from me, it hit me on the head. It was really annoying. And I am no linger a fan of climbing a 10 foot ladder with a chainsaw. So, from now on, I will please the myrtle purists and not top my tree anymore.

For the record, chainsaws and all the falling limbs are dangerous, I did get injured. I wounded my left arm. But I stayed calm. I climbed off the ladder, killed the chainsaw and ran to the house. Mommy put one of those little, tiny dot band-aids on it and kissed the boo boo better. I bravely went back into battle.


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Be sure to get your Capitol Hill Souvenir Mug. It’s adorned with a beautiful wrap around photo of our legislative temple. It really is my favorite picture of the building. The inscription reads, “Capitol Hill, where fine architecture is wasted on a fetid sewer of corruption and greed.” Every patriot should have one.

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Military “Professonals” playing tit for tat with nut bags.

I’ve said before, I don’t recall when, probably just before Trump whacked Soleimani, that pinprick retaliation against Iranian-backed entities means nothing to Iran. These groups are like psychotic boy scout troops, or low-level street gangs. They take what they want from the local population. They make big, stupid tough guy shows by launching rockets into a supply base or just into a village in a bid to be the toughest boy scouts in the neighborhood. These groups have no strategic value.

So we’ll say Iran pays The Holy Sheep Bangers of North Tal Afar to take pot shots at American targets around their area. They pop off a few rockets then go home and shout and dance until everybody gets a headache. We eventually respond by hitting their shit little enclave with unbelievably expensive missiles. We sent B-1 bombers from the middle of these United States so take part in the raid.1 All of what we blew up wouldn’t pay for one leg of the trip one of those aircraft made.

For all the noise and motion, we get a day or two of peace and quiet - maybe.

Iran doesn’t feel a thing. But the administration declares a major success in the fight against Iran. And Iran funnels a few more cheap weapons and some money to the group again. It is always with the message continue your holy war against the infidel for the glory of Allah - or something along those lines.

The guys back in Iran don’t give a crap about “holy war” or “glory to god” or any of that. They only care about maintaining control of the land around them on the cheap, and showing their own population they are not to be trifled with. They are making a show of pestering the superior nations who have boots and hardware in region.

My point is we will not see an end to these nuisance attacks until we a) take out a major Iranian target, like Trump did with Soleimani, or we damage a valuable tech or oil facility. Or b) we leave and let them all go to hell. Iran has to believe we will scrape a major portion of their country off the map OR we don’t give a crap what happens in the backward, Dark Ages region. But we should make it clear the boy scout troops need keep their shit local or we’ll be back and we’ll be coming in hot and we will cause the rapid going-away of things.

I doubt we have the will, in this administration to do any of that. We have a military run by feckless yes men, and WAY too many of them. We have more three and four star admirals and generals than we did in World War II with a military 1/16 the size. Full birds and stars are participation trophies for the yes men who don’t make waves. If you are a wave maker, you retire as a major in charge of a gym in Minot, North Dakota.

We also have an equally incompetent cabal running the White House. They are only capable of seeing things like Iran, Israel, Ukraine as shiny objects to distract YOU. Their whole focus is set upon more control domestically, more control of YOU. They have you looking over there while they establish, for example, laws that say your money is not you money. If an investment bank gets over extended, your account balance is their money and they can just take it and use it as they wish.

So the whole drama in the Middle East right now is more shiny object stuff. They don’t give a serious shit what Iran does, including what it does to our troops, who, BTW are sitting there doing next to nothing. They’re maintaining a presence.

If there are any effective professionals left in the CIA, perhaps we should consider Regime change in Persia. What’d’ya say, gang?


Some random thoughts about the Putin interview.

Should it have been done?

If there is the least validation really needed for Tucker Carlson interviewing Vladimir Putin, in other words doing his damn job, it can be found in Hillary Clinton’s remarks. She is THE MOST dishonest and reprehensible creature ever to stain American politics, and THAT’S SAYING SOMETHING. She is also desperately trying to cling to some thread of relevance. So when she started hurling invective at Carlson for the interview, she cemented in my mind the correctness of it.

The media industry is attacking the interview implying a lack of patriotism on Carlson’s part. They ask why he did the interview when Putin refused to talk to any other western news outlets for years! Did you catch the trap they set for themselves? We’ll see it again in a few minutes.

So, when the little Russian jerkoff was refusing interviews, were the Western outlets asking for them being unpatriotic? To be refused, one must first ask. The fact is he made them all look like monkeys. And THAT is his crime against humanity.

And yes, he got the gig because his editorial line isn’t comprised of US government talking points. He usually doesn’t draw a lot of conclusions, but he asks questions that make people uncomfortable. And that is a good thing.

About Putin

I am still analyzing the video. I listen to segments and try to digest it. But at about the halfway point, I don’t see a lot of crazy in Putin. I do see a KGB propaganda expert. I also see a man who sees the glory of Russia in its past. He clearly longs to see that glory restored.

To be sure, this is for his own edification. No one can judge if, in his own mind, he sincerely cares about Russia. I don’t think it’s a stretch to say he cares for Russia like the Czars did, presiding over millions of square miles of ego. That doesn’t mean that they didn’t love the country. They just thought it existed for their use under god’s will.

In future episodes we’ll discuss our national interests vs Putin’s ego. The picture isn’t as high def as the Regime would like you to believe.

More in a few seconds.

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Comical Self-Sabotage

When the FBI concluded its sham investigation into BJ Bill’s wife, James Comey concocted a cover for his betters in the DNC. He stepped way above his pay grade and in a public statement said no prosecutor would try Hillary for her obvious crimes because she didn’t show intent to commit crimes. This, despite that she and her minions smashed several pieces of electronics, under subpoena at the moment of smashing.

This was a sham statement to create a narrative he knew the sycophant media would parrot and build upon. So BJ Bill’s wife got away again.

In the case of Joe and his documents, the real prosecutor Robert Hur stated for the record that Biden “KNOWINGLY removed documents” over the years from various places he knew he wasn’t supposed to. Hur stated this as fact. He further said the Biden “knowingly” left many of them in various, uncontrolled, often unlocked locations2 around three states.

So if he stopped there, you have crimes, you have a vigorous trial waiting, all based on damning evidence. BUT Hur pulled a Comey, this time not acting above pay grade. He gave Biden his get out of jail free card. Hur asserted that if he took Biden to court, Joe would be seen as a sympathetic figure, because as stated throughout the report, Old Joe isn’t in full control of his faculties.

The talking point circle jerk

When the Dems go on a talking point jag as they are here, the results are embarrassingly obvious. It’s like watching a magician put the rabbit into a hat then pull it our with great flourish.

The word of the week, issued to all news outlets and political boot lickers is “gratuitous”. They are counting on your ignorance when using the word.

A gratuitous assertion is one that is made without evidence. “I can run 100 mile per hour.” That is a gratuitous statement. It is legitimately refuted by the listener responding, “No, you can’t.” There’s nowhere to go from there.

In the case of the Biden docs, you are told that the statements about Joe being Joe, a forgetful old fool, are “gratuitous”. But the assertion is presented with evidence gathered under the auspices of the DOJ on the president’s behalf! It’s loaded with evidence. You can say the assertion is false, but then you have to back up YOUR assertion. And that opens the door back up to Joe on trial.

How do we know they are throwing Joe under the bus?

Whether the DNC carries Joe through the convention (my theory) or drops him before that, the decision has been made by the cabal running the White House.

Instead of going quiet and dark on the Hur report, they carted Joe out to declare he is in full control of his faculties and to spout a series of lies only an idiot would tell trying to prove it.

In effect he is declaring that yes, he did commit several offenses and knew what he was doing. So the choice we have is - he is a criminal or a bumbling, forgetful old man. And the regime is sending wave after wave of mouthpieces to insist ON THE FORMER!

So, yeah, Joe is toast. Somebody get Moochell warmed up in the green room.

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What we’ve been witnessing in the last week or so is a series of stupid, non-strategic, barely tactical show attacks. Flying bombers from the mainland for something like this is done to stroke the ego of some general who dosen’t want to be left out of the show, or to say, “See? These bombers and bases are critical to national defense.” They may very well be. But the naked propaganda play in using them for pin pricks like this plants the seed of doubt.


The closet at the U Penn building was unlocked. The people who discovered the documents walked right in and found them. Biden’s garage bay door might have been locked (there’s no way to know) but the garage was accessible to anyone who was inside the house over all the years the documents sat in open boxes, behind the corvette, next to the broken lamp.

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