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After a week-long battle with my old computer, I finally broke down and bought a new one. (The things I do you you guys!) I hope to have Ron back soon. And I am going to ping Chris Tremoglie for a return visit. He’s got news, but I’ll let him tell you about it.

Reasons we need a major sea-change.

As you browse this list, consider what you hear from the Democrat leaders these days, as well as from the obnoxiously self-righteous Lefty activists on each point. Then assess if I am right.

1. The National Kink Fad

If you vote Democrat this year you will be actively turning your kids over to zealots in your government to groom and recruit your kids into a kinky vision of sexuality as a political movement. Many zealots will also do it for their personal validation and gratification. That is entirely what the trans fad is all about. I suspect the active recruiter and groomers can hardly believe the luck they’ve had in recent years. By hitching a ride on what used to be known as the Gay/Lesbian movement, now an alphabet soup of personal kink, the fad has ensnared “woke” (read shallow) adults to their side who will sacrifice their own kids to be seen as cool.

Don’t get me wrong. I am okay with all kinds of sexuality among adults! More an that later. But is it too much to ask that we let kids finish being kids and learning what they need to learn from their families before pimping them out? They’ll experiment as adolescents, like we all have since the dawn of time. Leave them their innocence.

There is precisely ZERO reason to speak with a 10 year old about whether the kid likes willies or coochies.

Check with your typical Lefty Dem on this. You know what his reaction will be. That’s the first reason to turn Lefty out or prevent him power in the first place.

2. The destruction of ALL of your wealth.

The Left, at the direction of their betters in the UN and the Davos/WEF Cult, will pull you further from a prosperous, self-directed life than they already have. The momentum is quietly moving in this direction even faster than the trans fad has.

Did you know that banks and wealthy individuals in the Davos Cult are buying up not only land, but houses in their thousands. They will rent them to you as they ruin real estate markets across the country. “You will own nothing and you will be happy.” Those are not my words. Those are the words of the Cult and their looney leader, Klaus Schwab. As is the phrase, “The Great Reset.” Their words, not mine.

Property will be for the super wealthy, the governing class (now nearly permanently dug in) and their cronies. It won’t be for YOU. YOU exist to serve THEM. Already young adults have far less chance of ever having their OWN home than the folks before them did. They will be boxed into “smart cities”, electronic prisons, and be told what they’ll eat, how many articles of clothing they can buy and how long they must keep their cell phones and computers. They will live their lives in a rental.

Arup Group is the belly button in an international movement with 180 signatory cities all blindly and eagerly clamoring to use their technology and planning to create enclaves where every aspect of your lives will be tracked and controlled. And Arup is a tentacle of the World Economic Forum. You will own nothing. And with the use of tolls, your phone and electric cars, you will stay put until you are directed to do other.

Don’t believe me? Just take a look across the border in Canada. Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Alberta and many other locations are rapidly pushing ahead. They are installing this technology and creating barriers like $20 toll roads to hem people in, telling them that they will live in a self-contained, “green” utopia. And they are just a year or two ahead of us.

Unless, you vote GOP…then hammer the new officeholder’s tits to flush all this from our economy and society. Doubt me not!

3. More of what you DO have will be theirs as well.

It’s been correctly said that the U.S. government doesn’t have a revenue problem. It’s got a spending problem. I would conservatively guess that 75% of the money the government spends is the result of flimflam (social security, Medicare and Obamacare, etc.) and outright vote buying (college loan forgiveness and Green subsidies). The latter are just things people want to have that they didn’t earn. And the political whores are only too happy to oblige.

Cool stuff from the P4B and Po River.

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A new wrinkle in this lunacy is Modern Monetary Theory (MMT). I’ve written about it before. There are people, in positions of authority, who believe we can print all the money we want to, paper and electronic and it won’t matter because we can just adjust interest rates or reduce the value of our currency to offset the printing. It was the same clown car of idiots that brought you the Inflation Reduction Act, triggering inflation, and the Infrastructure Act (providing almost nothing for infrastructure and triggering more inflation.)

These jackasses are growing in number inside the Beltway. Give them just one more term, and you won’t recognize your country or our economy. A few more spending orgies like the two above will set us into a death spiral. The WEF is okay with this. It is one of the things they will create through their government whores that they will later claim to save you from. They have power and money. But all they really need is more power. And the jackasses are eagerly providing it to them.


4. You WILL eat bugs.

You won’t get the complex proteins you now get from beef, pork or chicken.

A lie is being bandied about saying that farming contributes to “climate change”. The UN and the WEF are using that, along with the general destruction of our agricultural sector to control your diet, and control you. Why do you think the Chinese, Bill Gates and the WEF banks, like Vanguard are buying farmland hand over fist?

Only Gates will be farming. For years we’ve been hearing what a selfless guy he is for funding the study of world hunger. Now, he’ll be growing his GMO corn.1 All those “charitable projects” are now the foundation for his newest enterprises, from which he’ll rake in untold billions. And he’s neck-deep into the bugs for food program. Again, both of these things are scams with which the WEF and their whores will tell you they are saving you.

But they are the cause of the need to be saved. It’s all about next-level money and total control over your lives. When you’re a power hungry nerd like Gates and Schwab and that knob, Al Gore, you masturbate thinking about this kind of power.

5. Back to “green” scams.

If fossil fuels represent damage to the planet, then EVs and wind and solar farms represent the gleeful, rampant rape of the planet. AND as a bonus, we will NEVER turn the corner and see a more “green” world the greedy people like that knob, Al Gore pretend we’ll see. Not using these stupid ideas.

The insane levels of cobalt and lithium needed, most of which the U.S. does not control, now and in the immediate future, will kill third world kids and wreck the environment on a scale exponentially greater than any exploitation we have ever devised.

Further, these material are already in short supply. They are expensive in the best market. “Green” scammers, like that knob, Al Gore, are creating a huge artificial and inefficient demand for cobalt and lithium. That will make them even more precious and give third-rate governments untold power over OUR economy. This is not in the best interest of the United States. But then, neither are the “green” tinker toys they intend to create.

The amount copper, nickle and aluminum needed for all this nonsense is mind-blowing. To reach the goals the political hacks and their cronies in the “green” sector have set, we need to ramp up our production of copper, aluminum and nickle to 7x what we are doing now.

We WILL burn through our known copper and nickle resources in a few years and have to rely on yet “undiscovered” deposits to keep the corrupt, crony, “green” juggernaut rolling along. In other words, we only have theories about where we might find future supplies of this stuff. And using them for windmills and EVs is so inefficient is borders on the utterly pointless.

Certain things are true of all the ores we are discussing. Finding them is becoming a challenge. Yield per ton of dirt and rock is far lower than in the past and processing is more expensive as a result. We NEED copper and aluminum for REAL infrastructure like industrial transformers, power lines and wiring your home. Our grid is years behind demand and deteriorating quickly. We need to change this far more than we need windmills and solar panels blighting the landscape.

6. We will be silenced!

I will use two examples here to discuss how easily we have accepted government intrusion into our lives and how easy we are making it for Uncle Stinky to do so.

As a people we are not monolithic. Groups among us are not. No individual thinks in identical fashion to another. It is this character trait in citizens that makes censorship and punishment for dissenting views imperative to keep the governing class and their cronies in positions of power, and wealth gleaned from YOUR tax dollars.

In recent years we have seen the proliferation of the term “conspiracy theory” used as a socio-political weapon. Leave aside for the moment that the assertions being so labeled have been coming true month in and month out for years now. The epithet can be cleanly defined as anything that disapproves of or rejects the views of the governing class, their media fluffers or the sheep. The sheep are the people who believe, or pretend to believe the nonsense out of tribal loyalty versus reason.

7. How some on the Left has disgraced themselves this year.

Between professional activists, academia and Antifa, the Left has made itself a laughing stock. The lunacy we see on the college campuses these days is almost impossible to believe as we watch it.

I will grant that the majority of people “participating” in this circus are kids who just wanted to be a one-day part of the happening, to get the vibe, be seen in the fad.

But there were the truly stupid “academics” and activists who were front and center of it all. The “Queers for Palestine” get the award for the most stupid of the pack.

But the political whores were especially stupid, and have shown themselves to be desperately bereft of real argument, when they catered to the people who advocated for sadistic terrorists. Barack Obiden has made major tactical and strategic decisions injurious to our interests abroad, to please these activist idiots.

This is the modern Left. Your participation, or lack of it, will decide how much more stupid we become as a nation.

But as I said, none of us, including the sheep, are truly monolithic. No one thinks or acts exactly like anyone else, even within a tribe. I know, for example, my views on say sex or sports would give my fellow Right-wingers agida. I’ll explain to point out the stupidity of attacking dissent as a Lefty today when tomorrow it will be you they go after. The people we’re talking about here don’t care about YOU! They don’t care that you follow them like lemmings. When your day comes, they’ll step on you without the least tug at their conscience.


So how am I different?

I support, nay advocate for, any two or more adults pursuing sexual activity in any form. It is no one else’s business. They are adults with full autonomy. They are out of their formative years and no longer the responsibility of their parents, who HOPEFULLY taught them respect for the wishes of others.

But now some states are OFFICIALLY nosing their way into your sexual proclivities. In Virginia, where boys can use the girls locker rooms and you need to shut up about it, they have started a registry of people who visit adult content websites. You are required by law to register in a database.

This has strong bipartisan support. For some on the Right, it’s vindication of puritanical views.

And the modern Left, of course, there is no degradation of personal liberty they wouldn’t applaud. It’s more than ironic the same people want graphic depictions of sex, including pedophilia in elementary school libraries. Protecting the kids, right? And everyone knows that sex is just white, male privilege made manifest.

Why would they do that? What do they care what people look at in the privacy of their own home?

They say it is to protect kids and keep them from viewing porn. This is, of course, bullshit. Typing on a keyboard whatever the database requires does not actually tell the collecting agency who is REALLY at the keys.

No, this is just one more avenue of collecting your private information, to be stored until such time as the state might need to extort or punish you in some way. It is also tantamount another sex offenders registry. You may have never done anything to anyone against their wishes, but the Commonwealth of Virginia will preemptively track your movements online as if you have.

It is only a matter of time before the database is hacked, or more likely leaked by a political zealot of either side to try and embarrass a citizen. So, in order to avoid facilitating the invasion of the privacy of fellow citizens, the two biggest adult sites have shut down their business in states that require this type of privacy invasion.

Did you ever think you’d see the day when a porn site would be more considerate of you than your government?

But earlier I said what the Left loves might bite them in the ass some day. The pendulum swings, as do opinions. The sex site talk is an extreme, but real example of what I am talking about. Just remember, political parties wax and wane, but data is forever. Be a friend to all mankind. Or one day your browsing habits, or donations, or political views might be turned on you.

This data practice should be ended. Do-gooders should direct their attention to gaming sites and chat rooms where REAL predators prey on kids.

What of my views on sports? Remember as you read this, I am a free-market freak.

While team performance and individual achievement in athletics are admirable traits, the country and the world have gone off the deep end on the money and emotion we waste on grownups who play kids’ games. Is it fun for the fans? Sure. Is it important? Absolutely NOT.

Professional salaries and public funding of sports venues demonstrate how we have skewed our priorities. Fan behavior is also problematic, especially in in international football/soccer. It shows many of us haven’t evolved as much as we should have. While everyone is free to do as they please, the spending and worship we engage in speak not well of us.

I went through that long exercise to demonstrate how my views diverge from many of my right-leaning compatriots. There are a myriad of things on both sides of the political divide where we don’t align with the tribe. Too many of us, especially on the Left pretend to in order to fit in.

But the day always comes when we will have to speak up. And NO ONE will be free from cancellation or ridicule. Already, in Scotland, Ireland and Canada, people who thought their Lefty credentials would protect them when dissenting are being punished by the same people who exploited them to gain power in the first place. That’s what hate speech laws are all about. It isn’t about making the world a better place, it’s about control of EVERYONE.


I could go on for days demonstrating the wrong-headedness of voting Democrat in this age, when the party is run by the lowest common denominator. If you want more, just browse this substack.

But the Left I depict here and throughout the P4B, is the world you will be promoting if you elect or reelect a single Dem this year. I KNOW many who might be inclined to vote “blue” do not think boys can be girls, or babies should be killed in the last trimester, or that Hamas gives the least crap about ordinary Gazans. Look at what the Dems are doing today, then ask yourself if you should be backing them.

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A studious and interesting study. Excellent reading. Jefferson's Godfather, the Man Behind the Man: George Wythe, Mentor to the Founding Fathers by Suzanne Munson. See Suzanne’s appearance on the P4B here.

The Winds of War by Herman Wouk This the first in a two part epic. Like After Dunkirk, it is a WWII historical fiction. But it is a much deeper dive. Very well written. You will get lost in it. I will do a complete review here later. But I’ll cut to the chase…*****

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