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Energy. A huge part of the 11 POINTS.

Energy. A huge part of the 11 POINTS.

All the other points intersect here.

I’ve been teasing this episode for a few weeks now as I moved through the 11 Points. Energy, and how we handle it in the next year or two, has the most far-reaching impact on whether we thrive through the global demographic decline or we destroy ourselves. Without a diverse energy industry there will be no transportation, no food, no economy, no reinventing an industrial America. As with all of the 11 Points, if we fail this the rest won’t matter. But as a linchpin, energy stands out as the most critical…

…or so it seems as I write this. But really, if you go through the list so far, you can easily see that without any one of the issues solved, or heavily squelched, you don’t have any of the other issues mastered, at least not to the extent that we still have a viable nation. But there are one or two of which it can be said that if you don’t have these, you can’t get any of the rest, at all.

In an advanced, industrial society, energy shouldn’t be an issue. We KNOW what to do to produce the energy we need. But we have endangered ourselves through our collective retardation on the subject. How did that happen?

Let’s start with a different example of damaged thinking.

In a previous segment I spoke of our “maturity” problem and how “woke” took hold in this country. In an interview, Jordan Peterson mentioned the thousand mini-retreats. This is the phenomenon which has allowed the welfare state, immigration insanity, the trans fad, climate alarmism and green energy scams to take root in our society. And that’s not a complete list.

It goes like this. A person or persons pitch an idea to a loud, immature audience, for example the idea that you can be another gender. You can’t. Everyone knows you can’t. Even the people who jump on board immediately with such a silly notion know you can’t.

The collective idiocy grows as advocates of the concept simply change the meaning of language to create a phony logic that promotes the stupid idea. Often these new terms are so over the top normal people stand gobsmacked that anyone would accept the terms. And the truth is, no one does. They just pretend to. But advocates of the stupidity insist on using the terms, like “gender affirming care” and cry and scream until school boards and governments (often filled with the same stupid people we are discussing now) find in the stupidity, a chance to exercise new controls over people, primarily by forcing them to adapt the new and remarkably stupid terminology.

Thinks about it, if you can use the color of authority to cause adults to use terms like “gender affirming care” when talking about denying, and pretending to change, a person’s ACTUAL gender, you can do absolutely anything. And the first time any of the 99.99% of us that flatly reject the concept of changing genders uses the term, that’s a mini-retreat. The stupidity advances further into our lives. The social mania is mistaken for popularity, so more of the weaker among us jump on board to be popular. And the pattern repeats.

Even before “gender affirming care” was concocted, there were already hundreds of bullshit terms being hatched, mostly by social media clowns and being thrown into our lexicon. And it all started when the first quack offered the first adult male sex change surgery to fulfill his personal kink to see himself as a women. Now the kink is being foisted on our kids and they are being mutilated for the entertainment of twisted parents and educators or the for validation for those who had ruined their own lives previously.

The retreats have been so broad and repeated we now have FUCKING LAWS in states and cities that say if you don’t let your boy be a girl, you’re an abusive parent and can lose custody of your own child!

If you had described this scenario to ANYONE in 2013 and said it would be here by 2023, you’d have been laughed out of the least intelligent company. But here we are.

So then, what other imbecilic terms like “minor attracted persons” to romanticize the image of pedophiles? And school books showing adolescent boys blowing adult men? Would I be crazy to say that by 2033 we will have sex clubs for pedos and kids tarted as controlled, safe environments where different generations can explore their mutual attraction? We have a society that increasingly says you can lose your daughter to the state if you don’t let a quack cut her tits off. How much of a leap would it be say 40 year old men should be free to have sex with your kids?

Not only must the mini-retreats in the face of this STOP, we need to go on the offensive to regain lost ground. Or, mark my words, 2033 WILL HAPPEN. As we continue to retreat, the only possible inaccuracy of my prediction is whether it will actually take until 2033.


The same assessment applied to energy.

And so it is in the area of our energy production. Stupid, childish worthless ideas stand in the way of what this country must establish - quickly!

We know what works; coal, oil, natural gas (NG) and Nuke. They work - period. They are responsible for advancing our civilization, technology, medicine and cleanliness to create the life we know today. Without those things, you have none of that. We’re talking Mad Max shit here. By eliminating those things in the future (what fuzz nuts call zero emissions) you have Mad Max plus a few minutes of power per day.

That’s because the energy “alternatives” we are wasting trillions dollars of our wealth on today - don’t work. But with every passing week, the people who know they don’t work make one mini-retreat after another. Why?

Dr. Ruth Curry is a climatologist with 40 years experience studying REAL numbers. She makes a good point as to why the climate scam, and ultimately the green energy scams, continue to gain momentum. People seeking fame and attention make up wild and undocumented claims and then “cook” the data, add absurd assumptions and get noticed. Opportunists see the con they can run based on that data.

A whole market sector has been created from the hockey stick graph, the author of which admitted he spiked the date because he wanted people to pay attention to his more general claims of pending disaster. None of which have happened. Supporting the sector are thousands of “scientists” who are, as Dr. Curry says, professionally vested in keeping the con alive. And the sector owns politicians and Instragram clowns who will channel Greta Thunberg. Question them, even as a matter of degree and they shout you down. If you can’t be shouted down they’ll go after your career.

So the mini-retreats continue. This despite the fact that MOST of the people shouting down the reasonable people KNOW THEMSELVES that climate alarmism is pure nonsense.

If the worst predictions of the climate nuts came to pass over the next 100 years, it would be a general nuisance for humanity. It wouldn’t be an existential threat. And there is not a swingin’ dick on the planet who can say with true certainty if ANY of the predictions will come true. So far, their batting average is about .001.

And in homage to this nonsense, we have tinker toys like wind farms and solar farms. The bullshit flowing through the media to support the tinker toys is laughable. I’ve seen propaganda stating that the US is now powered 12% by wind and solar. I have seen one claim of 20%. This despite the fact that we have only a few minutes of capacity across the entire country from those sources.

So how do they arrive at the 12% figure? Well, they record the power being released to the grid when power from the batteries is being demanded. We’ll say a wind farm in Texas produces X megawatts when the batteries are discharging. The local grid is demanding just under 10 times that amount. You can then conclude that the windfarm, for that controlled period of time provided 12% of the energy needed. But it won’t be able to do that again until the batteries are recharged and ready to go again.

There can be a running charge/discharge process put in place, but then the percentage comes nowhere near 12% of anything. And it never will. Not with wind. Not with solar.

There is not enough lithium ON THE PLANET to bring entirely to the United States and make enough batteries to run the power grid for 4 hours a day, even if your covered the nation in windmills. Wind is not a reliable commodity and the sun doesn’t shine 24/7. Put those three true statements together and what we are told is reliable, alternative energy becomes a sick joke.

But that isn’t stopping the political whores, and the cronies they feed with your tax dollars, from charging headlong into these green scam projects. NONE of these things will work reliably. They will be many times more expensive to operate than we have been told and they will ultimately lose their value. Then they’ll be left to rot into the landscape, polluting the ground. They will be monuments to our stupidity.

But let someone with a larger market reach than me say these things and they will be shouted down, slandered, doxed, canceled. And the people doing the doxing and cancelling, by and large, will know what I am saying right now is true. But these words hurt their bottom line or their personal “coolness” experience.

There is huge money, hundreds of billions, now trillions of dollars washing through the economy waiting to be scooped up by the green scam industry to built the monuments. Coal plants are being shut down and immediately dismantled, AT YOUR EXPENSE - NOT THE PLANT OWNER’S, and replaced with the tinker toys. The tinker toys are either built locally, where they likely won’t work at all, or the tinker toy energy is being brought by transmission lines over huge distances. The power lost, just to the transmission, makes the concept a complete waste of time and YOUR money.

In other words, the coal plants are NOT being replaced at all. If we were building nuke plants, large and small, then tearing down the reliable but dirty coal facilities, that would be a good thing. But we are not, so we are killing our energy grid. The politicians are doing this to you intentionally.

Because there is so much money to be made, so many childish and emotional voters to please, the government, big banks and the companies they support will SAY ANYTHING to keep the scam alive. And when the price of wind and solar turns out to be 3,4 or 5 times what we’ve been told it would be, these crooks will be there to scoop up all the money.


Here’s the worst insult of all. If I am right and we don’t all fight back, energy costs for YOU will become untenable. Then the government will step in. But they won’t be stepping in to finally correct the problems they caused. No, they will double down and announce they will save you by subsidizing the failed wind and solar schemes…WITH YOUR TAX DOLLARS. Then of course, as with all things subsidized, it will continue to be more expensive every year, regardless of the real costs. It will work exactly like the college scam. If you are in your 60’s and you don’t fight back, you will likely live to see all of this play out.

Listing image 1

If this were still the world of 2019, and we were going to stay that prosperous and continue growing economically, then the energy scams would just be graft on a huge scale. Eventually it would piss us off and we’d finally make the mature shift to nuclear energy. But we don’t live in the world of 2019.

2019 was the year of the economic peak of the Boomer generation’s consumption and when global markets were still fully functional. It’s all downhill from here. At a time when we can’t afford to make bad decisions about where to put our efforts, scam artists and your government are putting you on a rocket sled to hell. The time and national treasure wasted on the tinker toys will make building a proper energy infrastructure later much more difficult than it needs to be; if not impossible.

The clock is ticking.

And while the propagandists are using ESG to control you and corporate America and forcing us to swallow this universally stupid green energy crap, they are actively destroying the “pristine nature” they’ve been crying about over the last century. Now they say - Hey, fuck the trees and grasslands and coastal waters and fisheries. There’s money to be made. And the virtue signalling, former tree huggers, who aren’t in on the action, are going to get screwed right along with the rest of us.

Consider this from a previous post.

Take a good look at the picture above. It’s from


  • 26 November 2018, How some wind turbines hog the breeze

The article brings some interesting points we’ll get into a bit later.

Look at the view in the background, now spoiled by a wind farm. Funny how the very people who have always talked about keeping our wilderness pristine and not defacing nature, now want to blanket the fruited plains with these wretched tinker toys. There are areas of the country where humans are not allowed to walk for fear of spoiling nature. But we can do this?!

What’s worse, in 15 years, when the lack of value these things hold is fully understood, these monstrosities will be broken rotting hulks blighting our landscape from sea to shining sea. The battle then will be who is responsible to get rid of them all.  How many billions will that cost?! To be sure the companies that scammed our tax dollars to build them will have declared bankruptcy and washed their hands of it all.

Meh, who cares. We just spent a combined $4.5 trillion for “infrastructure” and “inflation fighting” which do nothing for what either title suggests. In fact, as we saw last week, Al Gore made a truth poopie and stated out loud the “Inflation” bill was, in reality, a green scam bill.

And, oh, by the way…in 2009, Barry Hussein spent $80 billion to convert us to a green economy.1 What happened to all that money?  Who got it?  We know a bunch of his donors opened a phony energy company, took billions then split with all the money (Solyndra).  Certainly we have never seen $80 BILLION worth of value. If we did there would be wind turbines and solar panels on every median of every highway in the country. $80 BILLION! By this time we should be up to our eyeballs in old batteries and solar panels we can’t get rid of (That’s in our future now too).

Wind is not infinite!

I’ve been telling people this for years. Wind is a form of energy. While you cannot destroy that energy, you can convert it. That’s what wind turbines do. They convert wind (kinetic) energy into mechanical energy and then into electrical energy.

But no one is asking, “What happens to the wind?” And that is where the problems with wind farms immediately cascade.

The article demonstrates that wind farms, on land and at sea, compete with each other to capture wind. If you put up a multi-billion dollar wind farm intended to grab the prevailing winds, and I put one as many as 10 miles upwind of yours, your turbines will not run at capacity. They will not generate the electricity they were designed to put out.

If you have a wind farm with more than one row of pinwheels facing the wind, the second row is less efficient, as is the third row and so on.

When someone else puts up a farm upwind from me, now my turbines are crippled. And so it is going today. This alone should point out the folly of wind power on an industrial level. We’ve been told that wind is a natural and unlimited source of power. But it’s not. It’s very limited. And it is notoriously unreliable even without the competing tinker toys tugging at it.

More important than wind scammers robbing each other of the primary resource, there are natural considerations at work here. Surface winds have a very important job to do. Soil, seed, bugs, birds and the Green Holy of Holies, temperatures rely heavily on the natural movement of surface winds. reports that areas downwind of a large windfarm can see productive wind substantially reduced as far away as 50 kilometers (31 miles). The scammers and their cheerleaders want to build wind farms all over the US! This must not happen. It’s ugly. It’s unreliable. It’s self-defeating.

End of excerpt.

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Also in a previous post I spoke at length about the hypocrisy mixed with mind-blowing lying and stupidity at work on the East Coast. They are already starting to build insanely large wind monsters right off the beaches, from New York to North Carolina. The biggest lie being told is that they will be so far out to sea that you’ll hardly be able to see them.

Copper is expensive and attenuated energy transmits through conduit inefficiently. These HUGE structures will be placed as close to the shore line as possible to offset those two facts. They will blight the immediate coastline as the picture above blights our landscapes.

In my article about the coastal blight, I went into detail about how our fisheries will be destroyed. We’re already killing whales and dolphins. That will continue for the foreseeable future. These monstrosities will negatively impact sea mammals for as long as they exist.

Click here to see the episode on food and the damage being done to the shoreline and fisheries.


What this country needs is NG and nuclear power. The nukes can be large conventional reactors, or as often as possible, small Thorium LFTR reactors. Everywhere stupid people tell us we need a huge wind farm, drop a LFTR instead. It will take up less then 100th of the space and will generate more energy, more reliably, 24/7, whether the winds blow or not.

The most efficient and reliable form of energy on the planet is nuclear. We should have kicked our plant construction into high gear ten years ago. Despite the scary scenarios the naysayers like to point to, nuclear energy has been by far the SAFEST compared to it’s conventional counterparts for the entirety of it’s existence.

Consider the age of existing plants. Consider the technology in play. If we could build plants that work that well in the 1960’s and 70’s that continue to function with the technology available them, consider the possibilities NOW. Our knowledge and our electronics have seen tens of generations of advancement. Safety and redundancy in today’s plants would be child’s play compared to the difficulty and complexity it presented the early nuclear industry. We should be able to build dozens of plants over the next decade, by which time they will only be 20 years late to the game. If we go all in for stupid tinker toys, those plants may never get built. And we need them. ALL reasonable people can see the logic of it.

But for the big plants, you need water and plenty of it. In some places, that might not be a problem. In the Southwest new nuke power plants would be impossible. There, once impressive water supply has been squandered by piss poor planning and whorish politics. Here is another place where LFTR technology shines. In areas where water is scarce, use LFTR’s to desalinate. Where the power grid is being overwhelmed, LFTRs are a relatively cheap answer.

The naysayers of LFTR technology argue that the problems faced in the 50’s and 60’s are a problem today. Well, the Chinese seem to have solved those problems. Being is it is now 2023 and our technology and metallurgy has advanced just a tad, solving those problems turns out to be a non-issue.

As with my earlier comparison to child grooming and mutilation, we are past the time to stop the mini-retreats and go on the offensive. Take back our nation. We must go on the offensive! Now! We must call out, with a unified voice, the stupidity unfolding before our eyes. If half the country stops worrying about being “cool”, then we can’t be canceled. And it is far more than HALF the country that knows what I am saying here is true. It just takes the tiniest bit of guts and grit to start fighting back.

Get hot on social media. Hell, start by sharing this podcast across your accounts. Slam the FB, Twitter and LinkedIn of every politician from your mayor to your House and Senate reps, to the White House. SLAM them with demands they stop the nonsense. Link articles demonstrating the bullshit behind the green scams. Shame them into real action if you have to. And you will have to.

Get with your friends and join the Energy Revolt, chalk your car windows or slap on a couple of magnets and drive 40mph together down a major interstate or highway in your area. Take all but one lane. Do it together. Maybe one day 30,000 of us can take a nice leisurely drive through one of your major cities right around 4:00 PM; catch all the sights.

Sample Revolt Article

Energy Revolt FB Page

Energy Revolt Gear (optional)

At social gatherings, stop retreating. When someone says windmills and solar cells are great, call them on it. But oh, you don’t want to have conflict at social gatherings, right? That’s just what these people are counting on. The pattern has been there since hippies roamed the planet. Meathead says something ridiculous; perhaps in this case that wind turbines provide 12% of our energy. Then if you speak up, Meathead goes bat shit and the room thinks YOU are the jerk for upsetting the Meathead. Let the idiots in the room think it. But there will be those who will get it. Give yourself permission to stand your ground.

We must end the tinker toy nonsense before we’re in too deep. The economy, our food supply, our cities, our survival as a healthy nation depend on truly reliable and abundant energy, not hyper-expensive, unreliable, tinker toy fantasies.


As with all the bloated, worthless spending Barry and Biden have ushered in, the $80 billion was touted as the final answer to green energy requirements. Literally the day after it passed the talking point was issued by the White House saying the $80 billion was “just a down payment”. And good people retreated - just a little - again.

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