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Is this the End of Hamas? Civilized humans hope so!

Is this the End of Hamas? Civilized humans hope so!

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Based on the unending nonsense surrounding the war in Gaza, and dovetailing very nicely into our discussions with Duke Brooks in Episode 11, I brought forward two posts from 2014 and 2023. There is a bit of overlap among them.

I decided to record the works as a podcast. I want to demonstrate the pattern of rhetoric we are seeing. Anyone my age with two brain cells to rub together will recognize all of it from every cross-border attack Israel has endured since 1967. Now, the rhetoric is more strident and amazingly ignorant.

As we speak, we have an administration pandering to a tiny fraction of mostly anti-American voters and illegals, so that our collectively simple-minded media will speak well of them. This is causing no end of conflicting and feckless messaging.

Over three days last week we witnessed the nonsense. We heard Obama’s third term talk about how tough they were being on Israel, and how it is again incumbent upon Israel to exercise restraint.

The next day, Iran launched hundreds of drones and missiles on Israel. Joe, the puppet, was brought out to say we stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Israel. There was no light between us.

When the media lit up on that, the Regime quickly reverted to telling Israel to [get this] exercise restraint in its response to Iran. What we should be doing is shutting down Iran’s economy and freezing every penny they have outside their backward country.

The first reading is from a 2014 essay I wrote when Hamas, as they frequently do, attacked Israel then cried foul when they were duly punished for it. That the entire organization was not scraped off the planet after any one of these terrorist or rockets attacks, was a lost opportunity.

When peace comes we will perhaps in time be able to forgive the Arabs for killing our sons, but it will be harder for us to forgive them for having forced us to kill their sons. Peace will come when the Arabs will love their children more than they hate us.”     

― Golda Meir, A Land of Our Own: An Oral Autobiography

Western Ignorance on Parade

It is most disturbing to witness the rise in blind, rabid anti-Semitism that oozes out of the sewer every time Israel is put in the unfortunate position of having to defend itself in the same way any country would. I had a most unsettling discussion with someone a few weeks back.  Being of part English and part Indian ancestry, she is a sweet and attractive, spunky girl with amazing eyes.  

She is also a dupe in the all too common and predictable propaganda war launched against Israel every time that nation even discusses its own defense. She is daily drinking the pro Hamas Kool-Aid.

What is most astounding this time, is how the young people are taking to it.  In Europe they are unashamedly shouting things like, “Jews to the ovens!” in their silly, shallow, uninformed demonstrations. It’s like Occupy Wall Street meets the SS.  In Canada, from whence my correspondent hails, one of their social mentors is (get this) Doctor David Duke.  What the hell did he get a degree in, Militant Mouth-Breathing?  

Those under 40 may be forgiven for not knowing this name.  That cohort and the next are not setting the world on fire with their ability to read and understand even recent history.  But those who remember the battle for the right in this country just a few years ago, remember Duke as a rabid racist politician.  A punk of the first order and still the archetype the left conjures when they want to distort what it means to be a thinking conservative in this country.

The irony lost on my debate opponent is that Duke would look on her as being a lower form of life than even his dreaded Jew. Anybody who thinks David Duke gives the least shit about Palestinians or Jordanians or Anglo-Indians almost deserves to be treated as a rube.

Equally disturbing is how gleefully the press dives into the fray, reporting from the Middle East how “terrible” the toll is on the poor Gazans and politicians talk of proportioned response; more on this later.

But at times like this, it is easy to see how a Hitler can rise to power and how a Mussolini was such a darling of the American and European left * in the thirties.  When you are ignorant of facts and are ruled by your emotions, it is easy to be led down rosy paths into the jaws of the dragon.

But there is hope.  As we look upon the excrement that fills the ranks of the organizations fighting in the name of the religion of peace, even Hollywood elites are starting to throw up in their mouths a little bit.  With a few glaring exceptions, even these champions of previous senseless violence are starting to admit that beheadings and human shields are nothing more than cowardly and psychotic.


The Historical Backdrop

Consider first, the history of this silly region.  Broken into pieces by self-important “intellectuals” such as Woodrow Wilson and his League of Nations, the region was supposed to look upon us as their mentors and suddenly become advanced and civilized.  There was nothing wrong, according to Wilson, with us deciding what area would and would not become a nation.  It was the fate of such places to simply accept the new world order and behave.  Resentments roiled immediately and kept the area in turmoil until the end of World War II.  In 1948, the second League of Nations, the U.N. (just as incompetent as the first) had to consider, among many things, what to do about a declaration dating back to the 1920s, giving the Jews a homeland.  Everyone was holding their breath to see what the US would do.  To his credit, Truman gave it more thought than Clinton gave our recognition of Bosnia, another fuse lit by the intellectual west, recreating pre-WWI Europe.

George Marshall, then Secretary of State advised against recognizing Israel at that time, threatening to literally withhold his vote for Truman if the US did so.  In Israel, David Ben-Gurion was practically begging the leaders of the new country NOT to establish a country based on religion, but to make Israel a purely secular nation.  Sadly, the US recognized an Israel that chose to be a Jewish (religiously speaking) state.

[The author, with the advantage of historical hindsight, believes that Marshall was right.  Marshall was a realist and knew that forcing the issue of recognition would morally bind us to the region and not lead to stability.  Further, the author is an atheist who cares nothing for religion on any level.  Ben-Gurion was also right.  He took power with a heavy heart.  He knew that identifying Israel with ancient superstition was no way to enter a hostile world.  It gave enemies just one more bullshit excuse to foster hate based on their own outrageous superstition.]

The simple fact is, we did legitimize Israel.  We did enter into military agreements with them.  We are bound, unless those agreements are scrapped, to assist them and we have.  And with one completely legitimate exception, the Six-Day War, 1967, Israel has made it easy for us to help them. After seeing the pointlessness of cross-border hit and runs of the 1950s, they don’t attack first.  If you look at the history of the battles, skirmishes and terrorist attacks that have occurred since the canal crisis, Israel has always responded to attack.  They don't unleash an unprovoked offensives against a neighbor.  

In 1967, with five countries massing on their border, and Nasser stupidly announcing his determination to destroy Israel, Israel knew they were in big trouble.  The decision was made to fire the first shot and try to put an end to the attacks with this their third war since ‘48.  It was then that they took control of the West Bank, the Golan Heights and East Jerusalem from Syria and Jordan and the Sinai and Gaza from Egypt.

Tip Jar

After repeated dust-ups with Gaza, events Hamas leaders living in Qatar use to fatten their back accounts, Israel put Hamas back in their cage. In this piece written at the start of the present war, I lament letting these people continue to exist and to continue to torture the region and their own people.

As I said in the previous piece, I have no dog in this hunt, emotional or religious. But the lack of reason demonstrated by politicians, protestors, the media and knuckleheads on social media is intolerable for a thinking person.

We face all of our challenges the same way: The easy way, or based on what we really really want! Sadly, the answers to all our problems have no easy ways. The right way is almost always the most challenging. And what people want is too often the root of the problem.

Flush Hamas

First published on October 8, 2023

Bloody hell!

We are about to be treated, once again, to our media calling for restraint from both sides [emphasis will be theirs] in the renewed violence in Israel. This is so depressingly predictable.

Once again Hamas, supported by Iran (they can’t buy Kleenex without mullah money), who are supported by Joe Biden’s puppet masters, has decided to be stupid.

Oh, but MJ, snowflakes will say, Israel blockades Gaza. And indeed they do. If they didn’t there would never be even a lull in the violence. Understand this: the religious nut bags in Iran (Persians) couldn’t give two shits about a single life in Gaza.

They know their goons in Hamas have kept the dark ages version of Islam alive long enough in Gaza that there is an inexhaustible supply of cannon fodder that can poke the bear for them.

There shouldn’t be a free Gaza.

I have always believed the Israelis were suckers to allow Gaza to continue to exist as a Palestinian territory when they started swapping land for peace. Now, for the umpteenth time, Israel has a justifiable opportunity to change the status quo.

Gaza is a security and logistic nightmare. Israel has to check everything going in to try to keep weapons out. Meanwhile, Hamas sends endless annoyance attacks into Israeli territory.

Israel, considering their firepower, has shown amazing restraint up until now. Any of the incursions from Gaza has justified completely taking and annexing the Strip. It has been a thorn in Israel’s side for decades.

It’s time. Tell the religious nut bags they have 48 hours to release all hostages or they will cease to exist. Then give Gazans an option. Expel Hamas NOW. Or the IDF is going to do it for them. At that point Gaza becomes a permanent part of Israel.


There is a legitimate solution.

In ‘48-’49, when Israel beat back the first Arab attacks and established their nation, Golda Meir was sent to Jerusalem and Haifa to beg the Palestinian Arabs to stay. That’s more than Jordan did for them. There were reasons, pragmatic and humanitarian, for this.

Golda Meir - Wikipedia
Golda Meir
David Ben-Gurion - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Ben Gurion

Humanitarian: David Ben Gurion didn’t want to trigger a diaspora. And no decent human being would have encouraged the establishment of refugee camps. We had just come out of a war where the world had become too familiar with them.

Pragmatic: Ben Gurion did not want Israel to be a religious state. If the Palestinian Arabs had stayed and continued to live in the now larger Israel, it would have been constitutionally more difficult to base the state on a religion. He and Golda failed at both. Ben Gurion took office with a heavy heart.

Let’s try it again.

To be certain, EVERYBODY would be better off without Iranian-backed nut bags in Gaza. So, offer the Palestinians there the same deal. Please stay. You’ll have full citizenship. Your kids can be educated in our universities, just like Hanan Ashrawi. And you’ll be free to insult the government just like she did. And there will be peace.

Dr Hanan Ashrawi | St Antony's College
Hanan Ashrawi

BUT WE’RE COMING. Leave if you wish. That’s on you. But Hamas will no longer exist among you.

To be certain, living in that god-forsaken place under the thumb of Hamas has GOT to be a permanent migraine. I’m pretty sure that average Gazan wouldn’t mind seeing them gone.

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