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Jacked Up Joe and Trump on a Leash

Jacked Up Joe and Trump on a Leash

The P4B's predictions and commentary pre-debate

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Ron and I will be back on Monday with our reaction to the Thursday debate among many other things.  That show will be in the can on Friday.  Then I’ll edit it and schedule for Monday.

We’ll review our predictions then.  Here are the things we anticipate seeing or hearing on Thursday night when DJT meets the puppet.

Biden will be jacked up on whatever they give him when he is making an important appearance.  Before his State of the Union, his Nuremberg Rally at Independence Hall, and other such fiascos that had big buildups, Joe was chemically “enhanced”.  He was not the guy who wandered off during the G-7 photo op.  He didn’t lose his place on the teleprompter, trail off into a wordless mumble and then say, “well – anyway…”. In other words, on a few occasions, some Doctor Feelgood, created an alert Joe.  So, anticipate the arrival of that Joe on Thursday.  Then anticipate an early lid at the White House for the next several days as Joe detoxes.

The puppet will use “convicted felon” so many times even Jake Tapper will want to smack him.  That’s a sure bet.  He’ll also use the term his handlers made up – “ultra MAGA.”  There is no such thing.  You either want Trump to Make America Great Again, or you do not.  The “ultra” is a senseless, adolescent trigger for idiots.  But he’ll use it – a lot.

Ron and I both contend that Joe will have a button in his downstage ear.  Why in the hell would anyone give up the last word in exchange for stage side?  The only thing we can come up with is to hide a device, an earpiece being the easiest.

The puppeteers will instruct Joe to be as incendiary as possible to rattle Trump.  One can assume Trump will be ready for it.  But Trump can be set off.

If Joe gets through the evening without soiling himself or slipping into a coma, his debate skills will be lauded as the GOAT.  Even if he launches into a medley including his Naval Academy appointment, Uncle Posey, kids rubbing his legs and Cornpop, the fluffers in the MSM will cheer as if they witnessed the Second Coming.

As I said on FB, Trump can spend the evening quoting Pericles and explaining quantum mechanics and the media will write him off as crass and ill-prepared.  Surely, they’d call the physics lesson racist.

This cuts to my criticism of what the Trump team negotiated prior to this debate.  This could very well be Trump’s Gettysburg moment.  I hope not.

Allow me to digress. For almost three years, Robert E. Lee outmaneuvered and outfought often superior numbers in his clashes with the Union Army.  He gambled often, even dividing an already inferior number of troops at Chancellorsville.  He won.  He was slick. 


Some believe, including some of Lee’s generals, that by Gettysburg Bobby Lee was starting to “believe his own press.”  Many were counseling the Confederate Army should disengage and beat feet for an exposed Washington DC.  Such a move would surely end the war under the most favorable terms the South could have hoped for.  Everyone knew they weren’t going to TAKE OVER the North. 

The Union public and DC politicians would have surely panicked at the approach of Lee’s Army ahead of the Union Army. I don’t even think Lincoln would have the stomach for DC as a city occupied by the Confederacy and under siege by General Meade’s troops. 

But Lee made a bad, indeed arrogant decision.  “No,” he said.  “We’ll whip ‘um here.” That move combined with Grant’s actions at Vicksburg made the eventual destruction of the Confederacy academic.

So, I can’t help but wonder at the weak negotiations by Trump (or his team) and their high fiving over “having the last word.” If they were in a courtroom, as we found out with Fat Alvin in New York, having the last word before shunting the jury into deliberations would be a great advantage.

But that will not the case here.  Video, and the media’s use of it, WILL diminish anything Trump says in the final 90 seconds. If he has good moments, they will play them down over the following week.  If he lands body blow after body blow during the night and finishes with a knockout blow to the chin, the MSM will not replay those moments.

So, he needs more of his go-to stuff.  Trump’s team should have negotiated two things, if failing to get both.  It should have been throttling the mics versus a live audience.  With open mics, Trump could be Trump and trip Joe at multiple moments.  Only a few would have been necessary to get the puppet off his game.  And live audiences are what fuels Trump’s jets.

There is no way the GOP side should have left the table without at least one of those things, if not both.  And if Trump thinks he can outplay the media on this, he may be looking at Little Round Top with a bit too much lust.

Which leads to the next prediction.  The people controlling the mics will play fast and loose with the rules.  At the end of the allotted time, WE BELIEVE, DJT’s mic will be shut down. Bang – Done.  However, as Biden approaches those moments the controllers will be quite lenient in letting him “finish a thought”.  When Trump or anyone else complains with the raw video to show it, the Dems and the media1 will label those people poor sports and conspiracy theorists.

In other words, and I speak only for myself here, Trump’s team lost the pre-debate negotiations.  And if Trump didn’t lead them, whoever rode honcho should be fired already.

My final point about the negotiations:  How could they possibly have agreed to only Lefty moderators and venues.  There should be AT LEAST one FOX News, FOX Business or Newsmax debate.  Because there won’t be, Bash and Tapper will be even more naked in their agendas.  They know there will be no opposing event to compare their performance with.  ABC will be just as dicked up in their moderation; perhaps more so.

The one bright, and darkly comic possibility is that Joe’s go-go juice wears off about half-way through.  Trump can help this along by goading him when possible – getting Joe worked up.  The world would watch as Joe goes from a fiery Goebbels to a lost, mumbling old man.  This could happen even if whatever they’ll be hiding downstage is functioning.  And it would be the excuse to finally jettison Joe and find a new candidate.  Now, that would be TV worth watching!2

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