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Modern History Part 1

Modern History Part 1

The Trump Trial - And the Temporary Conviction

A bit more modern history.

Liberals, male and female, are spotting their panty liners over the “conviction” of DJT in New York. Throughout the circus I have listened as some commentators have explained the backstory behind it. But few, if any, have laid it all out in one go. So, I will do that here.

Back in 2015-16 a prostitute named Stormy Daniels saw an opportunity to extort money from Donald Trump.

Right out of the gates I can hear the hue and cry from the sex-positive DJT haters out there.

First, you’re bitching about the term prostitute. Hey, I have NOTHING against prostitutes. The libertarian in me says that if you can make money as a whore, without being controlled by some jag off pimp, that’s fine.1 It is, in my opinion, a legit way to earn a living. 90% of my readership will disagree with me on that. I’ll even lose a few for saying it.

But if y as “legal expenses” by the bookkeeper given the choice in a drop down menu. She was paying a lawyer. She chose legal expense. Not dishonest, not a crime. It was the only entry that made sense.

The checks Trump signed, installments of $35,000 per month as agreed by Trump and Cohen, AND INVOICED BY COHEN, were marked as a retainer. Whether you owe a lawyer money or not, there is nothing to prevent your monthly payment to a lawyer from being called a retainer.2 He bills what is owed on the fly. While receiving a retainer a lawyer can be called upon at any time to act on behalf of the person paying the retainer. To claim the term is anything other than a retainer requires the ability to read minds. More on that later.

This would later come to the attention of the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Election Commission (FEC). One can assume it was through the fact checking of the scum bags who would later publish the whore’s book. Both entities chose not to pursue it. In the case of the DOJ, there was no meat here. People paid hush money all the time. It’s not illegal. In the opinion of most people, the payee is the scumbag more than the payor.

As far as the FEC is concerned, any money spent by a candidate that can be in the least way assumed to POSSIBLY be for a purpose other then electoral politics , for example simply getting a greedy whore out of your hair, is not a violation. This alleviates the requirement of an investigator, or in this case a jury of having to be mind-readers. Keep a pin in the that for a bit longer.

Then there was New York.

Even Fat Alvin Bragg was made aware of the transaction between Trump and Cohen. At first he saw what the federal entities saw. Nothing worth pursuing.

But that was then…

While Trump was still serving as president, his old lawyer, Michael Sleazebag Cohen got himself rolled up for a number of REAL crimes. There was tax evasion and running some kind of taxi medallion scam. He was in real trouble.

DJT-hating activists in the DOJ, the department was rife with them, connected a few dots vis a vis Trump, Cohen, and Fat Alvin. They had Fat Alvin look again at the Trump payments to Cohen from 2017. One can safely assume they provided considerable coaching to get Bragg up to speed on their plan to finally “get” Trump. And Bragg ran his shitty, Soros-backed political campaign promising to do exactly that. That is item one on the list of reasons to reverse Trump’s conviction. The prosecutor was openly targeting a man, not a crime.

Bragg had Cohen dead to rights. He was cleanly busted and was going to cop to some real crimes. Then the DOJ got Fat Alvin to tack on two made up crimes which at first Cohen had to have explained to him.

Cohen had already agreed to the plea deal, but Fat Alvin added on two counts of election violations. Cohen was told if you cop to these as well, we’ll go easy on you for the REAL crimes you committed. So what did the shyster, ambulance chaser Cohen do? He copped to the two things he knew were pure bullshit. And viola, a new Trump crime was born.

This all occured years ago. But as they would do with all the crap Trump now faces, they sat on the case. The plan was clearly to bog Trump down in court during his next presidential bid. You can rest assured that if Trump had decided not to run all the bogus charges he faces would have been flushed.

In late 2023, four jurisdictions were now in a foot race. With heavy coordination from the White House, they had to see which years-old and contrived cases would be tried first. Once Georgia (Frumpy Fani also coordinated with the White House) and New York seemed to carry the day, the moldy old convictions…I mean trials… suddenly had to be tried TODAY! Any motion by Trump’s defense was declared by the corrupt prosecutors as a delaying tactic. NOW time was suddenly more important than due process! Political expediency trumps justice.


So in a deep blue city, with a corrupt, deep blue prosecutor who once turned down this case, with a deep blue judge who should have recused considering his daughter was becoming a millionaire off the case, and a deep blue jury, Trump goes to trial on what would at best be a procedural violation, a citation and fine.

And that’s where the magic happens. Early in the proceedings, Trump is slapped with a gag order. Gag orders are usually intended to protect a defendant from having a jury poisoned by the court of public opinion and sometimes to protect witnesses. When issued by a REAL judge, everyone involved with a case is subject to the order. But not under Merchan.

While Trump was threatened and cajoled and fined for speaking out, key witnesses and Fat Alvin were running their mouths with reckless abandon to anyone who would listen. Cohen and the whore were especially vocal.

Did “Judge” Merchan view the situation and decide to finally include everyone with the gag order? Did he think turnabout is fair play and lift the order from Trump? No. He doubled down on the injustice and continued to threaten Trump.


Then came the funniest part of the entire sitcom. Fat Alvin declared that this case was a felony because the procedural “violation” was carried out to commit a federal crime. Exactly what federal crime was a secret. Make that make sense. Fat Alvin and “Judge” Merchan never did.

During the trial, the fake “judge” refused Trump the testimony of his key witness. The former head of the Federal Election Commission (FEC) would have testified that you can’t call Trump’s actions an FEC violation. As I said earlier, if a payment by a candidate, supporter or a campaign can be seen as being ANYTHING other than a direct contribution to a campaign, it cannot be legitimately be considered a campaign violation. The FEC has no mind readers on staff. Neither does the DOJ or Fat Alvin’s office.

But the “judge” couldn’t allow the jury the benefit of that input. It would spoil the surprise. The surprise for the Jury would come after closing arguments.


The whore speaks.

During the proceedings there would emerge two more reasons Trump should walk away clean on appeal.

First, in a sidebar where the defense objected to what they knew was going to be a salacious, non-probitive, non-dispositive line of questioning. They wanted the “judge” to keep Fat Alvin’s team focused on the details of the non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and money paid to Cohen.

The “judge” in an effort to taint the jury, and possibly play with himself under his robes, overrulled the defense’s motion.

And so, we were now treated to yet a third version of what supposedly happened that fateful night. Her story has gone from:

Donald was very sweet. It was no big deal. The sex was consensual.


I made him my bitch.


I was horrified! I couldn’t escape! I think I BlACKED OUT!

So now the star witness is shown to be a serial liar on this very subject.


Two tiers of justice one courtroom.

It was the third version of the Stormy schtooping story was related to the jury, in sordid detail, by the prostitute. The “judge” clearly knew what he had allowed was wrong. But he was in the bag for Fat Alvin. To try and cover his lack of ethics, he remarked at the end of Stormy’s perjury that he had no choice but to allow it all because the defense never objected.

But the defense did object in the side bar. They knew the “judge” would shoot down objections going item by item and that would make the defense look desperate. So we are already well into mistrial territory here. And Merchan’s post pejury remarks were put into the record in the hopes that a favorable appeals court might overlook his prurient seediness.


The prosecution had no such problem with serial objecting. Through most of the trial, especially during Costello’s testimony, the prosecution would object at an insane rate. No reason would be given and the “judge” would sustain every motion. Fat Alvin never had to worry about his hacks looking bad because the “judge” was squarely in their pocket. By carrying the prosecutor’s water, the “judge” made them look good. He helped sell the false narrative.

Merchan’s over-the-top mistreatent of Costello stands alone as the basis for claiming that the “judge” himself was prejudicial.

The surprise and the judges instructions

Here’s where this case takes on a level of depravity unseen in any legitimate court before it. The surprise the “judge” and Fat Alvin conspired to keep from the jury was that after being promised the prosecution would reveal the mystery, federal crime behind the crime, they didn’t reveal it. SURPRISE!

Instead, the ‘judge”, now virtually sitting at the corrupt prosecutor’s table, told the jury to make up the underlying federal crime from a short list he provided, or even to come up with another such crime ANY federal crime. They were commissioned, in the “judge’s” instructions, to come up with the crime and then adjudicate it as the new judges and prosecutors, attach it to the procedural violations they’d been bulldozed with for several weeks, AND THEN decide a verdict.

By following the first instruction, the jurors would charge and convict Trump on a charge of their own; no evidence entered into a record and no representation by the defense. They were already told to connect the contrived hush money charges to their new secret conviction. So, once he’s guilty of the jury’s made-up charge, he is automatically considered guilty of the hush money charges. The jury was instructed to find the defendant guilty.

This is what the talking heads have been calling “novel” case law. I call it unadulterated bullshit.

For the conclusion reached to be legitimate, a specified federal crime, tax law or election law, must have been tried and a conviction attained. THEN, if NY STATE found a connection to the federal crime, they could then charge Trump with a conspiracy contrived to commit the federal crime. And the actual state charges would have to have been far more substantial than what Fat Alvin had.

What we witnessed over the last few weeks was a dog pile of a case, delivered in a sloppy fashion, followed by a closing argument that attempted to replace legitimacy with a vast volume of words, 4 plus hours, followed by a convoluted order to convict from the “judge”.


In all I count six that would likely win at the New York State level, and sail through SCOTUS with at least Kagan siding for Trump along with the conservative majority. (9-0 would not be entirely out of the question.)

Everything we’ve covered here is factual. It’s a matter of record. From the White House visitor logs to the judge’s instructions to the jury.

When the appeal succeeds, the panty-clad Left will scream and pull their hair out saying Trump got off on a technicality. And in a sense, they’d be right. Almost all appeals are won on technicalities, large and small. In this case the “technicalities”, there are many, all stem from the the absense of an honest prosecutor and disinterested judge.

In the Trump hush money case, as in the documents case and the Georgia case, political NUT-BAGGERY, COORDINATED BY THE WHITE HOUSE, displaced justice entirely.

Footnotes below links

Did you know Stormy wants to be a pimp? That’s right. As I pointed out, if you are humping for cash, you’re a prostitute. If you are causing and directing people to hump for cash, you’re a pimp. On camera/off camera: no difference. This broad has ambitions anyway.


There was some dust up during the proceedings regarding the need for paperwork creating a retainer. Such paperwork is the responsibility of the lawyer involved. Clients are not legal experts. If a lawyer says put me on a retainer and invoices you, and he doesn’t satisfy New York law for the retainer, that’s on the lawyer. In this case, that’s n Cohen - NOT DJT. Did that matter to Fat Alvin? Nope. He was on a declared mission to destroy Trump.

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