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Recent History - Part 2

Recent History - Part 2

Abortion, Joe's border BS, and why the Lefties adore Hamas.




The Left in this country is completely off it’s nut. I realize that’s not news. But every day they continue to amaze at how remarkably stupid and rabidly anti-American they really are!

I just picked up a story in my email about how the Dump Biden movement is presenting a real threat to Old Joe’s reelection. What a shame.

That there are dump Joe people on the Left isn’t the crazy part. There are Never-Trump-ers on the right. The crazy part is the reason these jackasses are busting on Joe.

Members of the party of which the sitting President of the United States is a member (for the truly slow, that’s THIS country), are calling for his demise in support of a backward, uncivilized, violent pack of scum known as Hamas. This is the hill they have chosen to die on. The modern Left is ready to throw the baby out with the bathwater out of their devotion to rapists, cowards and psychopaths and the billionaires they support in Qatar.


I realize this may all be a girly drama being played out by a few well-placed shills who will make a dramatic return to the fold just in time for the election. It is the kind of theater you’d expect of a party utterly lacking a real issue to run on.

But the message they’ve chosen! They’ll throw Israel under a bus and cash in ALL of our national dignity, in either a serious or disingenuous way, using Hamas as their poster boys?

With the border being overrun by diseased, uneducated MEN, along with men who are the tools of foreign governments; with household income in decline for years (unemployment numbers mean nothing); with fentanyl, crime, pathetic trends in education; they decided to hang their hat on Hamas?

The next time someone tries to tell you the Democrat party cares about human rights or women or our cities, give them the middle finger salute and laugh as you turn your back on them.

And speaking of smacked asses supporting Hamas…

There’s this from Newsmax.

UCLA is being sued by Jewish students. It seems the school participated in the maintenance of a Jew-exclusion zone during their anti-Israel, Pro-Hamas dirt bag demonstrations.

There should be multiple schools getting buried in lawsuits right now in campuses across the country. There were multiple incidents of Jewish students being forced to use designated entrances to buildings, NOT mandated by the school, but by the Antifa punks, posing as legitimate protestors and ENDORSED or tolerated by the school administrations.

In every case where a student, Jewish or not, was shoved, denied freedom of movement or personally intimidated by the punks in the demonstrations, the schools should face legal retribution.

In the case of UCLA, the school hired security to bolster the protestors and “discourage unwanted students” from walking where they wished or needed to be.


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On 6 June, The Megyn Kelly Show had David Pakman on to discuss a variety of topics. He is a consummate purveyor of adolescent snark and intellectual dishonesty.

For example, his response to criticism of Biden’s border bullshit was to say the situation is no different for Biden than any other president - sometimes the numbers are down and sometimes they go up a little. He was even stupid enough to say that there have been times when more people crossed under Trump than under Barack Obiden.

One can only wonder what units of measure he was using when he said “there have been times”. Was he talking about a few stray days?. Was he talking about a few minutes out a few stray days? A few seconds? Because there is no measure against which any presidency compares to Biden’s unforgivable damage to our population in terms of illegals or drugs. He even beats his present boss and White House cabal leader, B. Hussein by a wide factor.

When talking about the Democrat strengths Pakman practically shrieked that abortion was a big one. The fact is, abortion and "Russia, Russia, Russia” are ALL they have. The former is misdirection and the latter is a hoax.

Pakman almost got the vapors when he said that every referendum since Roe V Wade was overturned has been pro-abortion.

Well, how about that, jackass! That was specifically what was intended by SCOTUS when they finally shit canned the garbage case law that was Roe. It immediately became a state issue. I realize Lefties think the central government is our mommy. But what has been proven is that getting the mommy out of the argument didn’t end abortion - for anyone. In two states women may be inconvenienced by a three hour trip to have her abortion on demand. My heart bleeds! Cry me a river!

But the fact that this is seen as a strength for the Dems is not only a testament to their idiotic devotion to having a huge central government. It is also an indictment of the poor messaging and lack of discipline among the GOP. My cohost, Ron Cori addressed this in the JCS Ep 19. Crafting a message that laughs openly at the false panic about abortion SHOULD BE child’s play. But Republicans treat it like it’s rocket science. They are afraid to craft the message. So, in a vacuum, the girly, stupid argument sucks up all the oxygen.

If you get a chance, catch the Megyn’s 6 June episode. Pakman is a real headache to listen to. But he is a good example of what happens when a party stays on message. Even when the message is complete bullshit, it keeps the talking points churning. Having real issues to offer should make it easier for the GOP, not harder. They just need two grow a pair.

And speaking of the border…

Show of hands… how many people thought Old Joe’s executive order (EO) this week indicated he gives the least shit about Americans. If so, allow me to disabuse you of the notion now.

I’m in good company, Rand Paul agrees with me on this, which affirms his brilliance.

The Biden EO was touted as stemming the flow of illegals by restricting the claims for asylum. This description is, of course, a complete fiction.

It does imply that asylum claims can be restricted, but only after the average number of diseased and un-vetted outsiders reaches 2500 per day over 7 days. That is already against the law and an insane number of people (males - military age) to allow into the country. Without reading the worthless document I am certain there is a rider that says POTUS can override any restriction by declaring an “emergency”. This, Joe or any other Lefty president would do frequently - without any real emergency at the border.

The reason we KNOW this is because Joe and the Lefties presented the GOP with what they called a “compromise” on the border so the GOP would sign off on wasting more money on Ukraine.1 It was a shifty bit of business. They spent four months “crafting” a bill that was absolutely certain to fail in the House. During that four months, they cried about the poor Ukrainians (about whom the Dems give not a single shit). They said it was preposterous that the GOP would hold out like this when the entire world was in danger of Vladimir Putin’s aggression.

They don’t care about Putin either.

The idea was if the bill got passed, a bill that is even more ridiculous than Biden’s idiotic EO, that would be a cool bonus. But if it didn’t, the Dems would pretend to care about Ukrainians and cry about the mean, uncaring GOP until election day. This is precisely what they are doing now. But they knew that POS bill was going nowhere. They just wasted four months.

Joe’s order was as unserious about fixing the border debacle as the Dem bill was. Both are intended to codify the dogshit situation we have there right now. Bring in the Chicoms! Bring in the terrorists! Bring in the drugs! At least the Dems will get a huge cadre of illegal voters out of the deal.2

If the White House puppet was serious about fixing the border, he wouldn’t incentivize that lawlessness we see there every hour of every day. But just before his bullshit EO, he terminated without explanation and in contrivance of law, 350,000 asylum cases. We will never see those people in a court until they commit a violent crime and the media can’t cover for them. Many of them will commit the crimes and will be cut loose back into our streets in short order.

That’s how serious Obama’s puppet is about protecting YOU! I have said many times here, THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT YOU!!! If you think they do, you deserve everything they want to do to you - including overpopulating the nation with illegals.


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Ukraine will lose this war. Their only solid chance they had to destroy Russian Forces in eastern Ukraine was thwarted when the dam got blown up. Now it’s just a question of helping them prolong

the agony while the REAL power brokers in the Ukraine government line their pockets.


I’ve said it before. Here’s how illegals, millions of them, will vote in this years election. Almost every state allows illegals to get a driver’s license. Every driver’s license lists an address. Most states have motor/voter. You can register as you get your license. NO ONE is allowed to ask your immigrant status. If a state doesn’t have motor/voter, an illegal can still go to the country to register TO VOTE. No one is allowed to ask their immigration status. “Non-profits” paid by the DNC and/or the government, tell immigrants these things from the minute they cross the border. So do non-governmental organizations (NGOs) most of whom are run entirely by the government or the DNC. So do ”churches”…ya know the Lefty Pope kind of churches. And they all spend a great deal of time reminding illegals who got them into this country - the puppet.

I am guessing 7 or 8 million illegals will vote this year.

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