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Ruining Our Kids and Laughing at Talking Points

Ruining Our Kids and Laughing at Talking Points


I’ve been planning to release a few chapters of the book for weeks now. But fresh nutbaggery in DC keeps popping up. The chapters I have in the can are timely. Chapter 16 is On War. There is also a chapter on GOP fratricide. I promise, unless I’m left here alone in a rapture or Taylor Swift cheats of Travis Kelse while riding a commuter train at rush hour, I’ll have the next installment out next week.

If you’ve been with me more than a few weeks, you already know my views on the chemical castration and sexual mutilation of our kids. It was only a few years ago we were, as a people, disgusted with the mutilation of female genitals practiced in backward, Dark Ages places in the Middle East and North Africa.

Let’s Wax Historical.

I have, on more than one occasion, suggested people pick up a copy of The Perversion of Knowledge by Vadim J. Birstein. You can grab a Kindle or used copy pretty cheap on Amazon.

This is NOT a paid link.


One of the stories from that book that jumped out at me (page 49 in the 2001 Westview Press edition). Trofim Lysenko, a highly respected Soviet “scientist” taught that hard wheat could become soft wheat or even rye, that crop seeds should be planted very close together, because like species (as the ideal Soviet comrades) don’t compete. He also claimed that if a warbler sits on it’s own eggs along with a cukoo egg, she will hatch all cukoos because of the free-loading mother cuckoo not serving the collective and thereby damaging it.

Lysenko’s agricultural contributions were so well-received by the Soviet bureaucracy that wheat production was destroyed for years, killing millions. They were then adopted by that great agriculturist Mao Zedung, killing tens of millions over several years. This group-think stupidity was ten times as genocidal as Adolf Hitler and Pol Pot combined!

If you didn’t buy into Soviet “science” and practiced REAL science between 1920 and 1940, you were sent to the camps and tortured or coerced until you did buy in. Some dissident researchers and clinicians were killed for not following the Soviet “science”.

Lysenko Lives On Through the American Left!

Fast forward to the “more advanced” world of today. Today we learn that one gas, comprising about .04% of our atmosphere is causing rain and drought, heat and cold, storms and lack of storms. We are told the planet is warming toward disaster (the real drama queens now say boiling…omg!) and yet not a single one of these Lysenkoists can tell you what the optimum temperature of the earth should be or how much CO2 is too much or too little for the health of the planet. They have not the least clue. Ask one. If he gives you a number, he’s lying.1

We are also required to “know” that a boy can be a girl and vise versa. We are told to believe that pumping kids full of hormones they were not designed to have is helping them. This Mengele inspired experimentation is rendering all the kids sterile! We are told this is a good thing - healthy. We are required by governments - state, federal and local - to use nonsense terminology like they/them when speaking of one person, or calling a he… a she. No dissent allowed.

If you call a man, dressed as a woman, a man, you’ve committed the grave offense of mis-gendering. If you call Caitlyn Jenner Bruce, you are [gasp] dead-naming. These are bullshit, InstaGram terms, not reality.

Companies also do this in their ads, literature and stationary. Few, if any of them believe a word of the nonsense. Few give a rat’s ass about any of it. But they get rated by the government on how well they pretend to believe and care. It effects their ability to do business.

Sexual Lysenkoists have created laughable doublespeak on the subject. The most naked (it would be funny, if it wasn’t so tragic) is calling the blatant denial of biological, physical, sexual reality “gender affirming care”. Now, to recover millions of kids and stupid adults, we must explain to them that to affirm gender is to explain to the troubled kid, many out there on the autism spectrum that their biological sex is a reality. We must help them thrive in the world as they are. That is affirming. To do other is to entertain delusion.

Almost as disturbing as parents sacrificing their kids to this permanently destructive FAD, is the ease with which a large portion of our population has bought into it. And there has been very little coercion. No camps, no show trials, no torture, as was the case when the Soviets were perverting knowledge. People have sold out their powers to observe obvious truth to avoid being throttled on social media or being screamed out of their wine and cheese club by a herd of hysterical, liberal cows. People are more interested in being in the cool crowd than they are the health and safety of their own children.

I say all this by way of introduction. If you are on Substack or my RSS carries text as well as audio, you’ll find a link at the end of the text below the audio line. This is a very important article. Even some people who until this very moment have been beguiled by InstaGram stars into buying this nonsense will have their eyes opened by Dr. Riitakerttu Kaltiala. The lack of reason, apparent in our headlong rush to destroy our kids, is stark.

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Talking Points Make Us All Stupider…

…except for my readers. Hug yourselves.

Everybody likes to have their confirmation bias tickled. I am no different. But I don’t write about something because it conforms to my ideas. If I did, I’d never tout Peter Zeihan or Bill Buckley. But I do because when they’re right, they’re right. And they usually are. If I note something they say, it is because I learned something or was dissuaded from an argument by them. I will on rare occasion argue with them.

This is why I read the Free Press. They are not paying me to say this. I don’t know the people there. But YOU need to know that the Free Press is a place where you truly get information from both sides of our socio/political zoo.

By pure coincidence, this episode cites two Free Press articles. One is full of information you need to help you raise your kids outside the tranny FAD, cited above. I will be quoting the other article to demonstrate the absurdity of Lefty Democrat groupthink.

I get my Free Press right in my inbox, as you should be receiving your P4B.

To the point!

I was treated (if that word can be applied) to an article by Joe Perticone. There will be a button below.

Right out of the gate he announces his agenda. Then proceeds to obediently spout Regime talking points much to his own discredit. I’d be hard-pressed to identify anything in his article that is a thought formed inside his own head versus put there by his political betters.

When Joe Biden proposed money for Israel, House Republicans responded with a counterproposal. $14.3 BILLION. No money for Hamas, and none funneled through Hamas (it’s crazy they’d have to say that) and the funds should be drawn from the $80 BILLION presently designated to hire 87,000 more IRS personnel.

Immediately through the good offices of Little Orphan Annie….er…I’m sorry…Karine Jean-Pierre, the talking points were issued. The sycophantic media parroted the points vigorously and often. The point is always to drown out other voices and drill the official line into your skull.

Perticone, in his article titled New Speaker, Same Old Stupid Games employed all the Regime’s talking points, now days-old, as if they were his own conclusions. It is clear there was very little critical thought on his part about either end of the argument, whether Israel or the IRS.

First, because some members of congress are FINALLY getting serious about NOT pissing money away and demanded a bit of fiscal belt-tightening, Perticone parroted that it was “typical Republican maneuvering”. That phrase was among those worn out by the time he employed them.

First, there is little typical about this, especially when it comes to spending on foreign conflict. The GOP has been almost as prodigal in their support for Ukraine for the last two years as the Dems. Only a handful have demanded, and not gotten, an accounting for all the money we’ve sent. Much of that money has been skimmed by corrupt Ukrainians.2

And the GOP is hardly being ferocious on the issue. They didn’t even suggest a cut in spending (I would demand a double offset). They suggested we pull the dollars from an already over-bloated monstrosity, peopled by incompetents3, that was set to receive $80 BILLION additional dollars. And there is no talk of improving the operation, just growing it.

Chuck Schumer, while spewing all the same talking points we’re discussing here, called the GOP requirement a non-starter. So much for collegial engagement. But that isn’t something the Dems do anyway. They always piss and moan, disparage and propagandize until they get all of what they want and offer a worthless pittance - then call that compromise. They have already started that process here with the help of people like Joe Perticone.

His defense of the IRS spending boondoggle is especially hair-brained. Ironically, he accuses the Right of employing talking points. This guy should try his hand at standup comedy. I’ll quote…then crush.

Republicans touted this as an “offset” to save the deficit from spiking, as did some in the press who are often quick to parrot the talking points they’re given. But here’s the reality: The Republican proposal would not offset spending at all. Rather, it would likely add to the federal deficit because cuts to the IRS almost always result in dried-up tax collection, thus adding to the debt. [ital. mine]

His first statement, under the umbrella of his “reality” is that an offset in spending is not an offset in spending at all. Except for a few dollars in red tape, this is a ridiculous statement. But not an uncommon one from the Left on the subject. The simple fact is, if you spend less here to spend more there, that is an undeniable offset. To say other is equal to saying boys can be girls and Hamas are freedom fighters.4

Joe defends inanity number one in the paragraph with inanity number two. He suggests, as do his betters across the media spectrum, that by not giving the IRS ALL of the absurd $80 billion, passed by the Dems, it would not only leave tax revenues where they are pre-$80B, it would actually cause tax collection to “dry up”. Do Lefties even hear themselves when they talk?

So what are we concluding here? Are we to assume that if the IRS will inflate its own bureaucracy to staggering levels, using the remaining $65.7B, but doesn’t get the other $14.3B that the entire organization will be struck retarded and that they will suddenly not be able to enforce tax code as they had before the boondoggle? That tax revenues would actually “dry up”?


The word “cut” should stand alone as Orwellian propaganda. What fucking cut, Joe? Even after the offset, it is still a $65.7B INCREASE! This is the most common fallacy the Left likes to use when budgets are being argued. Whenever the GOP wants to reduce the certain increases the Left proposes in spending, the Lefties accuse the GOP of CUTTING spending. It is the constant lie of the Left.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. The article goes into hysterics about how NONE of the proposed improvements will see the light of day; more robust legal work, an online website to pay your taxes, etc. They MUST have the whole thing or there will be nothing. The IRS will disappear! Scary!

First, it has to be said, the same organization that can’t answer the least complicated questions about YOUR tax burden will be programming that website. It will be at least as douched up as the Obamacare website. Such a convenience would be great, but knowing what we know about the federal leviathan, I’d be leery of using it.

But again, by cutting an increase by about 1/6th is not going to nix everything the bureaucrats want to spring on us.

And how do we justify such an expansion of such an already unwieldy and politicized organization? The IRS is only in business today because of our Byzantine, illogical, self-conflicting, punishing tax code. If we simplified it, took out the needless legalize, we could cut the IRS by 90%. And the cool new website would be far easier and less expensive to create.5

One more thing about the IRS before we return to the Israel aid itself. Joe and Regime have whipped out the old saw about how the additional $80 billion will allow the IRS to go after the BIG fish of tax evasion. $65.7B won’t. Only $80B will.

There is so much wrong here it makes my head hurt.

The IRS has a saying: Big money, big problems. Little money, little problems. The army of newbie agents are not going to start on day one going after Daddy Warbucks for tax money. They will hit the streets, with the fervor of the newly converted, to pick apart the returns of the guy with 2 landscaping trucks, or the waitress who my have messed up her tip to wage ratio. They’ll be taking down rural law practices and politically incorrect 501(c)(3)’s.

And ya know what? So will the veteran agents. They rarely go after the big guys, especially on Wall Street. That is where the K street money comes from. They are in bed with these people. Wall Street guys vacation in the Hamptons, vote Democrat and stroke Dem politicians the most, because that is where regulations are born and can be bought off. And corporate lawyers are far better at reading tax law than government agents and lawyers. The money to the IRS isn’t about shoving a microscope up Meta’s or Vanguard’s asses. It is entirely about shoving one up yours.

Back to Israel

Then we get the cherry on top. If you care about Jews you can’t be fiscally responsible in your response to the war against 40-square-mile Gaza.6 The GOP is now holding the safety of JEWS (not Israel, note the race obsession) “Hostage!”

Let’s parse that one out. The GOP has said YES to aid to Israel. But they have attached an easily-met condition because our spending of late, has been nothing shy of insane and indefensible.

The Left says there will be no spending if any conditions are set. Print the money and send it with no input from the GOP or no money will be sent. Okay, if there is any holding of hostages here, who is holding them? Logically, it ain’t the GOP!

See the articles for yourself.

The talking points from Joe

The Free Press
‘Gender-Affirming Care Is Dangerous. I Know Because I Helped Pioneer It.’
Dr. Riittakerttu Kaltiala, 58, is a Finnish-born and trained adolescent psychiatrist, the chief psychiatrist in the department of adolescent psychiatry at Finland’s Tampere University Hospital. She treats patients, teaches medical students, and cond…
Read more

And so is she, in the interest of inclusion.


Ask 100 IRS agents and officials a question more complicated than waht is a 1040, and you’ll get at least three dozen different answers.


A note to the truly unversed in world affairs. If you attack the military and government to fight for…whatever, you can be legitimately called a freedom fighter or a revolutionary. If you attack civilians (Hamas’ favorite passtime) you are a terrorist, a subhuman. You deserve no consideration and should be given no quarter.


I say that advisedly. ANYTHING created by or for the government is wildly more expensive than it needs to be. So I guess by less expensive I mean proportionately so when compared to the complex alternative. It would still be a nore bleed of a price tag. Again, look at the Obamacare website.


Mark my words, in response to that remark, the Free-Palestine bunch will, out of the other side of their face talk about the wider threat to Israel to get unfettered spending passed. I’m not saying there are not other threats to Israel. There are. We need to consider that. But these people couldn’t care less if Israel fell through a sinkhole. They just want to throw money at things. It’s a form of unchecked power for them.

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