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Wait...they're doing what?

Wait...they're doing what?

The Regime, once again, gets it all backward.

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It would be easy to write off all the destructive shit the Biden White House and the Dems are doing as simply stupid. But that would actually be giving them perverse credit. Joe is a puppet, a bag of bones they cart out to take the heat. What we are witnessing is part of the larger plan outlined ALL OVER this Substack.

Today we are seeing the inevitable conflict intentionally brought on by the Regime’s border abuses. NORMAL people are left shaking their heads, trying to discern whether they are living in a TV sitcom; Hogan’s Heroes meets Barry Obama’s Third Term; a comedy farse.

First, on day one of the Joe Duh’s occupation of a desk chair, the Regime throws the border wide open. The mindless Dems, with no sense of culture and maturity, cheer the move.


Within two years, homelessness explodes, crime where illegals congregate goes up, the influx of fentanyl and overdoses goes off the charts, and just for fun, we get all manner of new diseases that have been tamped down in the United States for generations. This is what stupid people are cheering for. In their defense, they are truly stupid, so you can’t blame them.

Texas and Arizona have tried to stem the tide of human wretchedness from flooding their AOR. But the federal government, through the welcome wagon we used to call the border patrol, cuts down any barriers the states erect.

Hell, Joe Duh has been selling off the material intended to be used for the border wall, material and a wall approved by Congress…so we can add that to his list of crimes against the people.

But recent events have shown the world how stupid the Dems and the Regime are willing to look in an effort to bring maximum chaos to our cities and towns.

In a perfectly reasonable, and long overdue, response to federal irresponsibility, Greg Abbott, Gov of Texas, decided he was going to start plugging the bigger holes the illegals have been pouring through.

The regime could have looked at that and said Well, at least he’s doing our job for us. That’s a bit of a break.

But NOOOOO. That would have at least made the Regime look lazy but not willfully working against the American people. No, they INTEND to ruin absolutely everything so they can then “fix” it with all the Davos/ WEF garbage they’ve been slipping through the back door, while you have been practicing your preferred pronouns.

Nope, in response to Abbott being the adult, the federal government of the United States of America is suing the state of Texas to force the state to allow themselves to be overrun by more diseased, unvetted refuse from around the globe! WHAT MORE WILLFUL STUPIDITY DO YOU NEED TO SEE THESE PEOPLE DON’T CARE ABOUT YOU, OR YOU PROPERTY, OR YOUR RIGHTS, OR YOUR SECURITY, OR YOUR HEALTH? THEY ARE PROVING OUT THEIR THEORIES ON HOW TO MAKE YOU OBEDIENT AND DOCILE. AND YOU ARE HELPING THEM DO IT!

Christ, people! At least in other totalitarian states, they needed the gulag and torture and tanks in the streets to get people so pathetically cowed. In this country they just need some InstaGram knuckleheads and movie actors to smile and you’re all in with the bullshit!

The Regime is not only shirking their own responsibility here, they are actively fighting those who pick up the mantle.

To demonstrate we are talking about Democrats at large, and not just the federal beast, we can look at New York1. First, like many other cities run by complete jackasses, they declared themselves a sanctuary city. An illegal can commit violent crimes there, and they do, and NY like all the other Dem dumps, won’t even call ICE to remove the scum from their streets.2

So, Greg Abbott decides to call these dump cities on their game and sends lots of illegals to “sanctuary”. Abbott’s a real humanitarian. Not only does he respect the concept of sanctuary, he give the diseased illegals a ride so they can enjoy it.

And what does Eric Adams, the semi-articulate, pretty boy-mayor of New York do? Does he go to the cause of the problem and sue the federal government for intentionally destroying our country with drugs and illegals? NOOOOOO! That ass hat sued the bus companies that took the job of carrying illegals to his SANCTUARY!

Wake up, people!

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As a conclusion from what I said about gulags and torture, New York, Philadelphia, LA, Chicago, Atlanta and many more cities should have become permanent GOP strongholds years ago, based on the observation of the damage the Dems have done to those cities. But they aren’t. Is there a better synonym for STUPID? MASS STUPID?


Too all those cities that continue to saddle their people with this misery, this isn’t the Dark Ages, and your cities are not churches. NORMAL people know you are just using a bogus, emotional term to thwart the interests of citizens and fill your dumps with illegal voters.


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