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What is wrong with my Iggles?!

What is wrong with my Iggles?!

I am in mourning.

Well, boys and girls, the ‘Niners came to town and slapped da taste out our mouf!

If I hear the words pocket passer from sportscaster one more time, I’m going to find the speaker and hit him so hard the picture on his driver’s license will bleed.

What is with that concept and the Philadelphia coaching staff? I’m not just talking about the present staff. There has been an effort by coaches going back to Randall Cunningham, to teach quarterbacks, almost all of whom made their fame and college numbers by being quick and nimble, to stay between the hash marks on pass plays.

That would be swell if we had the offensive line and play design of the Patriots and Tom Brady under center. Their greatest weapon was a set of plays that developed in a second or two, allowing Brady to dump the ball quickly. He was capable of moving most of the time if HE HAD to, but that wasn’t the thrust of their offense.

So if you want a pocket passer, you need plays designed to accommodate that.

As happy as I am at the Eagles’ record this year, I’ve been saying for weeks now that we have not been winning. Our opponents have been losing. But for a few dumb turnovers and miscalculation by other teams, and of course, the “push”, we would have lost a lot more games this year.

Yes, the Birds have had moments of brilliance. But Hurts is looking lead-footed (except from when he’s escaping the pocket under pressure) and not especially fired up. Our O-line is not consistent. Our pass defense is spread from here to Louisiana.

When we are executing passes it sometimes looks like the other team has 42 players on the field.


And twice in two weeks, Kelse got called for a false start. The man is a football god in my opinion. And mistakes happen. But he’s the center. He IS the start. I didn’t think such a call was possible! But twice?

I’m not hating on our guys. I hope team leadership and key talent take seriously the lessons of Sunday’s game.

Finally, is it just me? I counted four instances, three in the end zone, of ‘Niners defenders leaning on our receivers and holding their arms down. In one instance the pass might have been read as uncatchable. But the interference was blatant. No call from refs who could register a eye brow twitch on our offensive line.

I’m done. We’re good. FLY, EAGLES, FLY and all such like.

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