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Will these A-holes ever quit?

Will these A-holes ever quit?

The answer is NO. There are just getting warmed up.

First, they had us put food in our gas tanks (ethanol) to no benefit1. I will allow that they weren’t thinking big back then. But getting away with that surely helped inspire the idiocy they are rapidly building now.

Then the big thing was electric cars. So popular were they, that the nanny state is STILL giving you YOUR money to buy them and giving car companies YOUR money to build them. They lack range, they are dirty as hell to make and NOBODY will ever want to buy a used one. They are tinker toys. They have no future, but Uncle Stinky is doing everything they can to keep the money flowing to their cronies who they help to build them. OBEY.

In the ongoing experiment into how they can fuck up your life, but keep you obedient, they have widened the net of things they want to downgrade or manipulate. Bottom line up front: They want everything you use to be subject to central control. If you are a bad serf, they will turn off your phone. If you keep your house too warm, they will turn off you electricity. If you go further than you are permitted to go, they turn off your car. If you commit any number of sins against the state, like writing for the P4B, your money will be turned off.

Doubt me not! You must start fighting back!


Let’s continue the list. Two years they started to craft legislation to ban gas stoves. When a Department of Commerce guy made a truth poopie and announced the fact, the Regime immediately denied it. Then they quietly continued apace. Now California and New York are banning gas stoves and water heater hookups in new construction. Certain classes of gas stoves, the ones people on a budget can afford, are already banned outright.

As demand is artificially crushed by Uncle Stinky, all gas stoves and water heaters will ALL be replaced by electric appliances which we all know run on pixie dust and warm smiles.

Last year they mandated that your air conditioners will be downgraded to save us from global warming. [shudder and whimper] This is among the most stupid of ideas, in that everyone will just run their gear longer and harder, especially at peak summer hours. Any reduction of amps per unit will be eliminated by hours per unit run. But they probably know that. They don’t care about you! They simply demand you obey.

More in a minute.

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These days they are getting hardons for your lawn equipment. As stated in detail here, California and that knob, Gavin Newsome are mandating that all lawn equipment will be battery-powered. This will require the production of more pixie dust and a shit pile of filthy batteries. The results you can fully expect are in that article. Without a huge rehash, let’s just say the idea will not succeed. But the government will not relent.

In recent days, Joe Duh’s puppeteers had him quietly announce they are now going to downgrade your refrigerators and freezers.2 And they’re after washers, dishwashers and dryers. We need to use less power and water because of climate change! [butt pucker]. This WILL NOT improve a single thing.

Some of you are old enough to remember the switch to low flow toilets. What a joke. What we used to do in one flush we now do in three or even four if we ate a lot of spinach last night. And so it will be with this stupid idea of a power-saving washing devices. We’ll use more hot water pre-rinsing our dishes, pots and pans. Then many will double cycle the washing machines. Clothes washers and dryers will be run in the same way.

Ah, but that’s why Big Brother is insisting on smart meters. You will be watched! If you use too much power and/or water, it will be cut off until you kneel before your betters and live a less comfortable, less healthy life. And your kids will see you kneel.

The lunatics behind ALL of this, the green scammers and the Davos/WEF cult intend to run the world broadly and your life specifically. To do so they have embarked on making your house less enjoyable and more inconvenient. They are working through a series of steps, all coming at an accelerating pace, to get you used to obeying them.

The illusion is the saving of power and water. They do these incredibly stupid things instead of the real effort required to improve the delivery of power and water. Why fix the grid and build proper power plants (natural gas, Nuke, geothermal and LFTR)? Just make the proles use less and less power.

I know what you are thinking right now. What about poor Klaus Schwab, John Kerry, Bill Gates and that knob, Al Gore? Won’t they suffer in this Retarded New World? It’s kind of you to worry. They are your betters after all. John Kerry calls the group “a select group of human beings” and “almost extraterrestrial” in their quest to “save” the planet.3

But you needn’t worry. This bag o’dicks will be quite comfy, thanks. They will continue to have gas stoves, all the propane they can bury in their expansive compounds4, and eat all the best meats. We will exist to ensure their comfort and luxury while we eat the bugs and pretend meat they will sell us.


Let me clarify. We receive no benefit from putting food in our gas tanks. The guys who sell the stuff are making out like drunk monkeys under government protection and an artificial market.


No matter what the defense of making your appliances more shitty, the end result will be chosen winners selling YOU an appliance you wouldn’t buy if you had a choice.


Well aren’t we kind to ourselves! But who the fuck selected these creatures to run our lives? I sure as hell didn’t.


Ask yourself why Obama and the rest of these knobs are burying propane tanks instead of just hooking up to natural gas. They intend to do away with natural gas as a widely distributed fuel. They will be ready. You won’t have the option of propane. But they know they already have the option.

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