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You Will Say What You Are Told To Say! Pt. 1

You Will Say What You Are Told To Say! Pt. 1

UNESCO wants to get all up in your junk.

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Before we dive in, the president of Argentina spanked the Davos cult this week. My main man! What a refreshing speech. If you are on Substack and not otherwise occupied, I’ve included the link to the video here. The rest of this episode below the video addresses the core of the problems Milei speaks to.

Support what Melei is doing in Argentina. He’s got balls the size of mayonnaise jars.

Also, the Donald made a statement recently that said he would not permit the implementation of CBDC if he is president.

For the record, I was a Vivek supporter. I am not averse to DeSantis. Haley is a non-starter for me. I’ll tell you why Trump’s statement is significant and why that further reduces Nikki in my estimation.

If Trump is the GOP nominee, that statement SHOULD be all the impetus you need to vote for him. CBDC = Control. And Trump is stating he would forego such control as the Chief Executive. I know a fair number of people out there are tribal drones who will cling to their tribe beyond all reason. But no matter you party, no matter how much you might hate DJT, you need to weigh this.

In light of the topic being raised I’d feel A LOT better if DeSantis would make the same commitment. Anyway CBDC is the sledge hammer the people we will discuss today will use to control you. It’s connection to a seemingly unrelated issue is next. Patience, all will be revealed. I feel like Peter Ustonov when I say that.


UNESCO, the Regime, Davos…same-same.

I have been itching to get at this. But it is a deep subject, lot’s of moving parts.

For years now I have been warning you about FB, IG and other social media manipulating you. I have demonstrated how our government is THE KEY player in all of it.

I have spoken of the Davos cult, headed by a crazy German, son of a Nazi who likes to dress like a Klingon. There are powerful people who work hard with the Klingon to utterly dominate your life. Then there are people like that knob, Al Gore, who profit from it already.

I’ve occasionally dinged the UN as a dumb cousin of it all, and a burden to Western culture.

What I’ve known, and never tied together in a neat little bow for you, is that all these entities are the same creature. I didn’t try to connect those dots so directly because the entities were never so publicly aligned.

Now they are. And if you peruse the NY Times, WAPO, NBC and other major outlets, they just happen to be playing the same mis/disinformation songs. They are all, by coincidence, singing together like the Mormon Tabrenacle FREAKING Choir! What a coininkydink!

The US Government has been tinkering with social media, both directly1 and through proxy companies THEY CREATED2 to centralize and control information and your ability to communicate your ideas over the net. I remember when the idea of imposing an internet sales tax pissed everybody off so much they had to scrap the idea for years.

People are far more cowed now. Through the test beds like bullshit pronouns, gender bending and Mengele-like medical mutilation of our kids, convenient Covid propaganda, Green scams, Ukraine and other experiments, the US Government is now convinced they can do whatever they want to you and there is NOTHING you’ll have the brains, moral fiber or testicular fortitude to reject.

So they are getting all amped up about “misinformation/disinformation”. That is specifically, as I demonstrated repeatedly here, whatever is being said online that disagrees with the party line.

Keep in mind, as we discuss all this, that the party with the correct and winning argument never needs to silence the opposing opinion. Opposition is where truth goes to thrive, and what bullshit hides from.

Remember also, that Klaus Schwab, John Kerry, Bill Gates and that knob, Al Gore are meeting this week in Davos with bankers and government officials, including the national embarrassment Anthony Blinken. Their agenda? Misinformation and the environment. They are spending the week echoing the very insanity I will outline here from UNESCO. They are ALL one hellbent beast!

The bankers and businessmen are there because they see dollar signs in cooperating with these regulation monkeys. If you are the bank/corporation who writes the new laws, according to the Klingon, you get to cut out the competition. That’s how they are already cornering the Ag and energy markets in the US, anyway. It’s how Aetna got the lion share of the Obamacare scam. Aetna WROTE THE LAW!

So, now come the outsiders. IT JUST SO HAPPENS that the Davos/WEF cult and the UN (they’re all the same people) are as equally “alarmed” about all the naughty things people say online as Uncle Stinky is.

All within weeks of each other, these entities are in a lather about being disagreed with online.

UNESCO, in the last few weeks announced their plans to completely bypass our government and work directly with creepy people like Meta and Google, and of course the MSM, to make sure nothing “dangerous”, like the P4B calling Jan 6 a miniriot, reaches your precious eyes or ears.

We’ll start with a speech made by Audrey Azoulay, Director-General of UNESCO. She’s the shrew in charge. Her drivel starts thusly:

“Hello everyone and welcome to this presentation conference on the UNESCO Principles for the Regulation of Digital Platforms.

Let me start by sharing with you two striking figures. The first is 2 billion –

That's the number of people around the world who will vote next year.

Let's put this first figure next to a second: 87%. This is the percentage of people who fear that the spread of misinformation online will have a major impact on elections in their countries, according to a study carried out in August and September by the IPSOS institute for UNESCO.”

Right out of the gate, you should be hearing the GQ alarm klaxon sounding in your head! Do you believe the gall, the arrogance of these people? “UNESCO Principles for the regulation of digital platforms.” If you live in fear of other people’s opinions, this might seem like a pretty cool idea. But if you long for a nation that lives by the least of it’s founding principles, if you expect the country you live in to be sovreign, if you want to keep your freedom of speech, that opening sentence should offend you to your core. And again, I am addressing NORMAL people from any political group. The irretrievably tribal are lost to us.

The ONLY place these usurpers have the right to regulate speech or digital platforms is inside the UN building and their own homes. They are not the elected officials of a single nation in this country. They have NO legitimate say in anything we do or say. But the American Left and greedy tech giants are welcoming them with open arms and open checkbooks.

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Valentines at the P4B.

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Then there is the emotion of numbers. [gasp] “2 billion…” people will vote in elections next year around the world. Okay. Sounds like a reasonable number considering there are 193 countries around the world. But because you hear a number with a B in it, you should stand agape and amazed.

You should also keep in mind that many of the countries in UNESCO, proselytizing here and the UN overall, are countries that have no elections and are run by thugs. (Many of these thugs, like Xi Jinping3 are darlings of the Davos/WEF cult.) But I digress.


So a quarter of the world is holding elections. Great. There is no other point here but phony emotionalism.

But, you say, 87% of people polled by IPSOS believe misinformation will effect their elections? Oh dear, Oh dear!

My short response to that is, “I don’t give a shit. Grow up and get the facts. Use reason.”

My detailed response starts with, “Well, no shit, Sherlock! What rock did you just crawl out from under?…” The response continues as follows:

Every election in the US since FDR has been a tidal wave of misinformation. If people understood the least reality of economics in 1936 and beyond, FDR never would have gotten a second term. He might have been tarred and feathered. The crash his policies precipitated in 1937 was far worse than what we experienced in 1929. But the MISINFORMATION that kept him in office was that he was “saving us” from the Depression. It was all crap. And it worked.

Check out these statements. If I thought about it for an hour or two, I could probably come up with a list of 200 such gems.










TRUMP REPRESENTS A NATIONAL SECURITY THREAT TO THE UK. (That last one is from the UK, but it’s out there.)

All of those statements are disinformation used to sway elections. Some were more successful than others. But they all swayed huge numbers of voters. And they were all bullshit. 17% of Biden voters polled said they would not have voted for the puppet if they had accurate information about the laptop before voting.

The sorry fact that people lack the interest to consider and evaluate information is not my responsibility. That isn’t even the responsibility of the US government. They are the among the last people I want dictating what information is good or bad. They lie - a lot.

The very last people I want involved in my information flow would be the UN or their partners in the Davos cult. They are the greatest purveyors of warm, steamy bullshit on the planet!


Note the doublespeak here. They say these things with straight faces. Are we to assume that they really are THIS crazy?

“So let's be clear: the regulation of social networks is first and foremost an issue democratic.4

Of course, the liberation of speech and democratic participation through digital technology has represented tremendous progress in some respects.”

So to bring about the “liberation of speech” we must “regulate speech”? In plain sight, in front of normal people, relayed to you directly as translated from French, this woman said those words? And she is still in her position?

Of course she is. She’s a drone of Davos, the WEF and the UN. She thinks at the other end of the shit show, she is helping to promote, there will be a special place for her.

They INTEND to convince you that by FORCING you to agree with them, actively and publicly, they are LIBERATING YOUR speech. They know this is a self-contradicting concept. They are hoping you have been tenderized enough, by enough shiny objects that you’ll be too stupid to know it.

They EXPECT you to fully accept that the regulation of speech is “democratic”.

I will agree with the second part of that quote. Substantial progress has been made. Because these wretched creatures infest state governments and union leadership (the teachers union in this case), they have drones in California teaching our kids that they must only agree with approved information. They must look away from all other concepts, no matter how logical, no matter the evidence.

Activist teachers have decades of experience here. They have so inundated students with green scam propaganda, again from people like Davos/WEF and the knob, Al Gore, that we have two generations claiming to suffer from climate anxiety as discussed here.

So yeah, the Davos cult and their climate alarmists drones have made substantial progress in tearing the true fabric our society and patching it up with their scams. This phony fight against “misinformation” is just a continuation of the project.

“Of course, the liberation of speech and democratic participation through digital technology has represented tremendous progress in some respects. But these social networks have also accelerated and amplified, sometimes deliberately and on a quasi-industrial scale, the spread of false information, even hate speech and conspiracy theories – and these tend to [be] mutually reinforcing.

The examples below have, especially since the platforms' business models, through their algorithms, favor too much, often emotional and lying to the detriment of the truth. In 2022, a UNESCO study revealed disturbing figures in this regard: one in 6 Holocaust-related content on social media denied or falsified the facts.”

On this point, Azoulay is 100% correct, but using the conclusion she pretends to draw to deceive you. The major social networks, video sites and search engines, until recently all of them5, have been working closely with the US government6 to silence people, like yours truly. They have created an information flow that DOES NOT reflect the views of their users. They have created a false narrative.

The FBI, CIA, NSA, DHS, CDC and a litany of other government entities continue to use conspire illegally to tamp down your speech. This activity has been declared to be OBVIOUSLY illegal and unconstitutional. They kept at it without let up.

It is the Regime line that is “amplified” (Azoulay’s term) while dissent is down-listed or banned outright. They are claiming offense, but they are the offenders. The problem the Regime, the Klingon, the Cult, the UN, crony corporations, the media and that knob, Al Gore have is that because of what does get past their censors so condemning…of them. More on this in just a bit.

For now let’s deal with stupid comments like the 1 in 6 thing so we can put the Director-General [sieg hiel] to bed. Since we have voices from the oppostition being throttled back every single day on the FB, IG, Google, YouTube, no one can know what the ratio of accurate to inaccurate is on any subject. We cannot know how many people hold a given view.

Azoulay uses holocaust denial as some kind of banner issue. Well, 1 in 6 means that 76% of the voices allowed through are not deniers. That’s a good thing. Not perfect, but good. And despite my knowledge of the period and my conviction that it was as we are told is was, I ask must ask two questions. From whence comeith anyone’s authority to silence anyone else, even on subjects we hate? I know this is not an important issue in the US, UK, France, Germany or any other civilized nation. My suggestion to Azoulay and Unesco, if they are looking to rehabilitate people who hate Jews, start on college campuses and the Middle East as a matter of policy. But leave the public square alone.

And how many idiots will be swayed to vote for ANYONE based on such an obviously skewed view as holocaust denial? I know there is no one running in the United States that wants to build death camps. I can’t say the Regime will always be opposed to them. But no viable entity, anywhere in American politics, is a part of that. You might as well worry that a majority of people were suddenly moving toward a flat-earth position. For the truly slow, nobody is.

For more phony issues raised by Azoulay, click here…then have it translated. Be sure to subscribe below to catch Part 2. Just wait until you hear what they are spending National Security money (your money) on!!!

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They had initially started an Orwellian Ministry of Truth to coordinate the censorship. That’s what the SCOTUS squashed. Within weeks the exact same entity, without an official title was banging down the doors of tech companies like Meta and Alphabet to silence and/or control you. they even spent your tax dollars to do it.


I’ll try to get the citation to you soon.


Richochet Rabbit! [I love that joke]


This is a translation from French so we have a adjective and noun in what is typically reverse order. But is does sound snappy, doesn’t it? Jefferson would have liked the meter.


Thanks, Elon.


I am speaking here of the United States. We know the French and UK media have been OFFICIALLY in bed with their governments since Gutenberg. Other European countries harassed and fined social media in the early days to force them to throttle content. All the Cninese had to do was wave some money in front of the lot of them to get them to, not only throttle content, but to help the ChiComm government monitor and kill dissent.

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