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You Will Say What You Are Told To Say! Part 2

You Will Say What You Are Told To Say! Part 2

UNESCO is still snuffling your butt like a piglet.

I had to go see my auto mechanic today to get a litany of bad news regarding my exhaust system. Yay. But it was a pretty drive and I picked up some interesting tidbits to research as I drove through the winter wonderland that is the Upper Peninsula.

My buddy, Chris Plante cut to commercial so I switched over to Beck. My timing could not have been better. Glenn was NOT in the middle of a religious lecture. He was interviewing Douglas Murray. It seems the UK government1 has labeled him and Joe Rogan as extreme right wing activists.

Say what you want about Rogan, but he has pissed people off taking stands from both sides of the political divide in this country. Right wing activist - Jesus!

This kind of thing was inevitable. Going as far back as Hillary’s “vast right wing conspiracy speech,2 we’ve been told their was a nebulous, super double secret, right wing, white supremacist, violent uprising sweeping across the land. Where are they attacking? Who are their victims? What are their names? But they seem to have a dearth of suspects. The mini riot people, the ones who didn’t actually hurt anyone, are all being held as political prisoners in some version of an American gulag, and the insurrection talk is now seen as complete nonsense by ALL normal people.

So…where are these dangerous people? What is the evidence of the threat?

So, what to do?!

The UK government stepped up to the plate. In celebration of “misinformation” week (I assume that’s what they’re calling it - every Lefty with a microphone, along with UNESCO, the Klingon, the MSM, most social media cronies and that knob Al Gore, are all engaged in a political attack against your right to speak.) announced a few days ago that Doug and Joe are, well, the vast right wing conspiracy. And when they talk, they are dispensing mis/disinformation.

Wahl, guys… If you gathered all those Lefties in room 1 and put Douglas Murray alone in room 2, there would be a greater accumulation of wisdom, knowledge and truth…in room 2. As for Joe Rogan, the only thing that keeps him up at night is me. Only 7.9 million more listeners and I will blow him off the net!

The reason they needn’t worry, in my opinion is, the people who are wining an argument don’t have to make up lies and twist language. And that is what the particular Lefties I speak of ALWAYS do.

They thought they had you because they won the Covid thing, They shut your country down. They saw that as their green light for all their nonsense. But they severely overestimated our patience with bullshit. They know they are losing their arguments on all fronts. So, over the past two weeks they have all launched a full-court press against opposing opinion everywhere. As I demonstrated in Part 1 and will again here, their approach is nakedly Orwellian and wildly authoritarian.

I’ll circle back to Beck and his guest later. Definitely stick around for that.

Back to our saga…

When we last left our heroine, Audrey Azoulay, Director-General of UNESCO [sieg hiel], she was explaining how, to keep speech “democratic,” it must be aggressively and exhaustively governed and regulated. These people get funnier and funnier every time I see their doublespeak drivel.

You see, according to Azoulay and her ilk, they don’t want to stifle speech. That would be abominable! You will be permitted to speak about anything. What the zoo of players listed above want to do is simply dictate who gets to see or hear what you say. They already do this in individual countries. But we are on to their shit. That’s why the full-court press.


The translation of Azoulay’s speech from French is electronic, so some phrases are chopped, and don’t run smoothly. It’s also a transcript, so her meter and pattern don’t carry over well. But the message is perfectly clear.

We are seeing the flood of hateful content, particularly of an anti-Semitic nature, on the Internet. social media.

We deplore the fact that women are particularly the targets of these phenomena of hatred and hatred.

Disinformation – threatening even their participation in public life, like many European politicians have courageously pointed this out. Women journalists, unfortunately, are among the most at risk: according to a UNESCO report in 2021, to which our moderator, Carole Cadwallad[e]r, made a key contribution, 73% Women journalists have already been victims of online harassment and violence.

So much creamy, rich BS here.

First, falsus in unum, falsus in omnibus. If you lie to me once, all your statements are suspect.

Hate speech: And for years, going back to the halcyon days before the Clintons, the Left has routinely labeled ANYTHING that disagrees with there nonsense as hate. Demanding we fix Social Security and Medicare is hate speech. Calling for responsible fatherhood is hate speech. Close the border, balance the budget, cut profligate spending, criticizing the trans fad…all hate speech.

To call any of those things hate speech is a lie. Every speaker who employed the tactic knew they were lying. So as we continue through this quote, the non sequitur and loose terms provide enough doubt, that when tied to part 1 of this series, you are fully justified to reject all of it out of hand. You’d be committing no offense, civil or ethical, real or imagined.

In this case Azoulay refers to hateful content against Jews. Really! The people who are actually acting out with admitted hate and threaten Jews with violence are cut from the very same cloth as Azoulay and the “elites” she is addressing. Well-to-do, college educated.

Someone who says they hate Jews, or anyone else, online or in the public square has the Constitutionally guaranteed right to do so. We don’t have to like it. To be certain reasonable people will reject it. But that is precisely why the First Amendment exists - to protect the speech I or we abhor. If we all loved all speech, there would be no need for the amendment. You no more have the right to impeded my progress as I walk along the street as you do to stop me speaking…or being heard.

Having the weight of the entire UN, the US government, the Davos loonies, popular press and Whoopie Goldberg behind you, doesn’t reward you the right to infringe on my rights. That you plan to do so through a private deal between the UN and private companies, in the REAL world offers you no legitimate cover. The unethical support you receive from the Regime not withstanding.

Harassment online: Well, sweet cheeks, welcome to reality. I get that every time I light off my FB page or X account. It comes with the territory. And since 90% of the crap I get is from Lefties, dealing with it is like shooting fish in a barrel. But nothing ANYONE says to you or about you rises to a level of a multinational organization needing to back door our free speech rights.

If someone is mean to you online, block them. Problem solved. If they speak untruthfully about you and it threatens your livelihood or social standing, you file suit. It’s a cottage industry now. And some of the settlements are sweet.

But if you live your life worrying about what is said about you in tweets, you lack the maturity and good sense to be anywhere near a governing body.

Violence: Along this same line, the Director-General [seig heil] implied that violence is disinformation - or disinformation is violence. This is where her performance needs to be parsed out.

The two terms are not related and can’t reasonably be used interchangeably in a statement. If I say I wish someone would smack you with a hammer that is a WISH of violence. You can fairly construe hate from the statement. You have no right to stop me saying it, but my hate would be apparent.

If I said I will smack you with a hammer. That is a threat of violence. Whether stated online or anywhere before witnesses, that is a plain threat of violence. That is illegal and reportable. And if it is said online, it is witnessed. With so many Soros DAs around it’s a crap shoot to think anyone will actually help you. But that’s not the concern of the UN. It’s the concern of the US justice system or the justice system in any country polled.

If I actually smack you in the head with a hammer, that’s violence. How does policing speech fix that.

If I say some random mouth-breather on TV is a bastard and someone out there in loonyville smacks the mouth-breather with a hammer. That isn’t my problem. His actions are his alone, not mine. To attach fault because I said the guy was a bastard is disingenuous and pointless. Otherwise every single person who called JFK an agent of the Vatican or a tool of the Left was directly responsible for his assassination. Which, of course, none of them were.

73% of women journalists victims of harassment online… So we have to reiterate to get to the point. The Left calls disagreement hate. I have been accused of harassing someone because I disagreed with them. This is usually from people who start and end every point with an insult or something irretrievably stupid. Of the 73% how many are calling someone who disagrees with them harassment? We don’t know. It’s not defined.


…or violence: What percentage is that specifically? That’s an important question for three reasons. 1) There is no such thing as violence online. There is virtual violence - in those sick video games. But I cannot commit an act of violence online. Words are not violence, as much as the snowflakes want them to be. If I smack a lady reporter with a hammer, I didn’t do it online. So that has no part in this discussion. 2) Journalists are public figures. If there are to be threats made online (again that’s harassment, not violence) They can be dealt with. But it absolutely comes with the territory. And I am willing to bet Helen Thomas got more death threats by snail mail than any of the women polled by these people. She was just a shitload tougher than they are. Finally 3) As demonstrated throughout this series, we can’t take these people at their word.

Azoulay is an educated, political creature. She didn’t create this rhetoric with a misunderstanding of the terms I have correctly defined here. She crafted these, now cliche words and phrases to try to justify her bid to control communications in around the world, AND IN THE UNITED STATES.

And she’s not doing it in a vacuum. She’s in coordination with all the suspects I’ve repeatedly listed in this series. The last two weeks prove this beyond a shadow of a doubt. They are all marching lockstep. They are all a part of the same blob of self-styled “elites”.

Back to Beck, et al

This is what I learned today, on my way home from talking to the sonofabitch that fixes my vehicles. This all plays directly back to the rest of this series and then some!

The guest was Douglas Murray. Discussion centered around the national panic about mis/disinformation. I didn’t get the sense the Beck has put it all together to demonstrate how incestuously locked all the key players are. But at last three of the 5 legged stool were on display today. The WEF, the US Government and the MSM.

In the first few minutes, they demonstrated how the twisting of words and logic, INTENTIONALLY leads to a message that sounds pithy, but is devoid of truth and an insult to Americans. I pointed this out today and in Part 1 of this series.

The sad part for me is that SO MANY Americans will hear these words, or read them and say, well, yea. I suppose. Then they’ll go back to channel surfing or watching puppy videos.

But if you’re still in the game…

Beck discussed an article by Anna Stanley. She was an attendee of King’s College taking a course on national Security and anti-terrorism. Stanley makes some very insightful comments that demonstrate real maturity for someone of her age, but also proof that she isn’t cowed by any of the BS featured here.

Grown men, in this country could take a lesson.

Let me give you the set up from Anna.

“I recently attended a Kings College course called ‘Issues in Countering Terrorism’. Organised by the Centre for Defence Studies, it was designed for civil servants and professionals in Counter Terrorism. Staff from the Foreign Office, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Defence and Home Office attended. Facilitating this relatively new 3 day course were senior lecturers from the Security Studies Department.

“The civil servants were given presentations by Kings College lecturers while Visiting Senior Research Fellows and Professors also spoke. These included those formerly holding positions such as Permanent Secretary of the Home Office and Director of GCHQ, Defence Minister and Foreign Office Director.”

The curriculum insists that the threat to the UK and the West is not Islamic fundamentalist nut bags with weapons, but; get this, right-wing extremism. One of the knobs teaching this course, Peter Neumann, then spoke of Murray and Rogan as being a threat to security.

To be certain, at no time did the instructors demonstrate how conservatives who comment online (Hello!) are a threat other than to say [gasp] listeners may believe what they say!

The question for the house was, how can we suppress these people? They have millions of followers. We can’t arrest them or just deplatform them. That might cause issues. (DO YA THINK?) so society must find a way to suppress their message.

Sound familiar? If you’ve gotten this far through the series, my argument is now set in stone and correct.

Oh, and Mr. Neumann, They do have millions of followers, you don’t. Talking your drivel you never could. That’s the beauty of the free market, freedom of choice and the people’s ability to spot quality over bullshit.

Douglas Murray, while discussing these knuckleheads, made a very salient point. To paraphrase, the goal of people like these and the ones we’ve been discussing for two days now, is to shame the opposition.

If you share positions with people the Regime labels as “extremist” by virtue of them holding that view, the Regime, Davos, the UN, UNESCO and their media fluffers are hoping that by threatening you with the term “extremist” you might abandon your position, or at least be quiet and let them bulldoze you.

Douglas gives a clear example. Well over 70% of the United States and a vast majority of people in Western nations, are VERY concerned about illegal migration. Murray thinks illegal migration is a bad thing. Ergo, YOU are now an extremist! You bastard!

EVs are every day proving to be tinker toys that should not be on the road, at least not yet. But say publicly, and you are the equivalent of a terrorist. You’re a right-wing extremist!

Remember, as I said in Part 1, those who have truth and reason on their side don’t need to lie, and cajole and as we see here - shame people who disagree with them. Only people who don’t believe their own message, and know they are trying to get one over on us, need such tactics.

And the show got better. If I could have given Murray a standing O in my truck, I would have.

It seems one Kevin McAleenan, a Trump appointee, who evidently stuck around at DHS under Biden. He recently gave several hundred thousand dollars to the University of Rhode Island’s Media Lab. The lab already gets federal (YOUR) dollars. Shhh. This was extra, and a secret.


The source of the funding was, quoting Teona Lowe Doesher, of the Washinton Examiner:

“the Targeted Violence and Terrorism Prevention Grant Program, which was created under President Barack Obama to target al Qaeda, put on hold, and then clandestinely revived by then-acting DHS head Kevin McAleenan and Miles Taylor…”

The money was awarded to the lab in response to the application featured in this excerpt below.

“Propaganda can also be used for socially beneficial purposes,” the application read as it outlined its own counterpropaganda model. “Indeed, because the public has long been recognized as being suggestible, the United States has long made use of beneficial propaganda during WWI, WWII, and the Cold War.” The university’s Media Education Lab would then work with a partner activist organization to write blog posts equating “MAGA supporters” to antisemite Louis Farrakhan and blaming former President Donald Trump for creating a “darker, scarier, angrier, less hopeful country,” offer cash incentives to children to post social media demands for increase “media literacy,” and expand anti-conservative seminars established by the State Department. These seminars, known as Courageous RI, are based on a manifesto that claims “political extremism, rage, and anti-government theories … can lead to targeted violence and domestic terrorism.”

Yeah we’ve used propaganda in the past. When WWII wasn’t going well, Uncle Stinky lied to the people to keep their spirits up. We used propaganda against all manner of world leaders who we found inconvenient. The propaganda machine tearing at Trump (we can safely say the Uni RI is a part of that) runs 24/7.

So, not ONLY is DHS running illegal snooping of American citizens, they are also targeting a domestic audience with political propaganda because some sunken-chested, man bun, quasi-adolescent in RI says it’s a good thing.


A quick review of this series. Solutions

Things we need to shit can in the US. Green scam, EVs, CBDC, the UN, ESG, DEI, illegals, Davos, the WEF and that knob, Al Gore.

It’s long past the time, folks that we got off your rusty dusties and started hounding our elected reps. TROLL THEM. Consider it a family activity, a lesson in civics for you kids. Primary the lot when the opportunity presents itself, if that’s what it takes. It wouldn’t hurt to call for the repeal of the 17th Amendment.

Just don’t let your kids see you kneeling down to these people.

Your P4B book list

Your P4B book list

A strong P4B recommendation: The Mysterious Case of Rudolf Diesel: Genius Power and Deception on the Eve of WWI by Douglas Brunt A real-life murder mystery.

An easy, fun read with lots of follow-ons: After Dunkirk by Lee Jackson. Part 1 of a WWII historical fiction series. Will be a featured review on the P4B.

A studious and interesting study. Excellent reading. Jefferson's Godfather, the Man Behind the Man: George Wythe, Mentor to the Founding Fathers by Suzanne Munson. Will be a featured review on the P4B. See Suzanne’s appearance on the P4B here.

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