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As We Watch, the Stupid Unfolds Before Our Eyes.

As We Watch, the Stupid Unfolds Before Our Eyes.

Ep 21 The insanity of the debt ceiling shitshow.

If you give a hot damn about the future of this country you will aggressively share this ON YOUR EMAIL LIST and social media. Then when you got to the end, type “I’m in” in the comments. There is so much happening beneath the surface while these DC lunatics wreck what’s left of our economy that coming difficulties will turn into actual Mad Max shit in parts of the country.

If you’re in any way associated with farming, ranching or food processing, you will get slammed by all this. If you are early in your career you’re prospects at the hands of the DC whores would be laughable if they weren’t so tragic.

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I refer often to the Biden administration. That’s a misnomer. Biden runs nothing. People like Obama, Jarrett and Rice run everything. Similarly, I refer to the United States. That is nearly as empty a phrase. The United States are a combined entity that only exists as defined and guided by the U.S. Constitution. That nation has been reduced to little more than a geographic location, nearly severed from it’s constitutional foundation. What is left of the Great Experiment is about to go away - if you let it.

As we witness the pathetic kabuki theater that is the debt ceiling “negotiation” ooze out of the sewer that is our central government, we should all be furious. FURIOUS!

State governments should be angrily threatening recall of Senators if they don’t cut more from the budget than the debt ceiling WOULD HAVE represented. Sadly, state governments are just a gaggle of people who know two things: 1 - They want to work there way into DC and get REAL power, fuck the stupid state. 2 - They don’t want to interrupt the flow of money from the Nanny State, for which they claim credit, resulting in money for them or their campaigns.

Municipal governments should be making the same threats against the House and Senate. But they are as addicted to the same cash flow and see themselves as the little intramural team in American politics. That’s because they don’t understand the Constitution or their proper place in the Republic.

Citizens should be in the streets pulling protests, ANGRY PROTESTS, that dwarf the French near-rebellion we are witnessing now.1 Unfortunately, the average citizen has a pile of excuses to not open their eyes and FIGHT BACK! There’s work, little league, Netflix, vacations… who has time to ward off the certain disaster this insane exercise portends? Let someone else do it. OR… You tell each other that nothing will ever change.

Well, duh!

So, what the hell are they doing in DC?

Good question. Thanks for asking.

What the Regime, including McCarthy and McConnell are doing is pretending to hammer out a deal so they can raise the debt ceiling…so we can keep paying our debts.

First, it should be said, the fix is in. The ceiling IS going to be raised. The theater is there to make you think they are actually doing anything constructive. I predict the cuts McCarthy is “fighting for” are, in fact, easy hurdles and won’t come anywhere near covering the amount of money we are about to borrow. Brandon’s puppeteers will toss the GOP some kind of bone that sounds big, but it will end up being around 1/100th of the damage the ceiling hike does.

And here’s the best part. These amoral idiots aren’t raising the ceiling to help their constituents. They are doing it so we can service (just pay the interest on) the $30 trillion in existing debt for the next couple of years. If they come up with more stupid ideas, like the Inflation Reduction Act or the Covid Relief Act, they’ll BORROW that too. They will also BORROW 60% of all the money they need, annually, to keep paying for all the government dogshit they shouldn’t even be involved with.2 80% of those boondoggles just make those being “helped” weaker and the rest of us less wealthy.

Rank and file party members, or liberals and conservatives, are watching the kabuki theater play out. I see the social media feeds. Each side thinks they will benefit from a deal, or in the case of the Left, a clean debt ceiling bill. ALL are wrong - delusional. As in every case, when we carried out this unforgivably stupid exercise, THE ONLY outcome that will be a net plus for our stumbling, wasteful economy is to reduce spending to a point BELOW the need to raise the debt ceiling, then balancing the budget.

There are nowhere near enough honest statesmen in DC to even bring that to a committee vote. And none of the whores fear you. You should teach them to. You can do so right now and almost effortlessly be a part of the fight. Click on the button AFTER you share and subscribe.

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For the record, the protestors in France are actually protesting the wrong thing. The fact is French Baby Boomers are aging out faster than they are in the US, and in a smaller economy. There is no conceivable way France can continue to support their bulging retired class without raising the retirement age to 68 - NOW!

What the French should be marching for is a break with the EU. They should be cleaving their economy from dead weight like Italy and Greece. They should be calling to join the UK and North America in the strongest trading organization in world history.

To my knowledge, this idea is not in the works yet. Our political whores probably lack the vision to see it.


The federal government was assigned by the Constitution to carry out foreign relations, interstate trade and national defense. That’s it. Do you want money for schools? Money for an LGBTQRSTUV monument? Money for welfare and a government retirement program? (I could fill volumes with these questions.) You should be talking to your mayor or Governor. It’s absolutely NONE of the central government’s business. But Franklin and Adams warned us, didn’t they? People would figure out that they can vote other people’s money unto themselves. PATHETIC!

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