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The Immigration Scam

The Immigration Scam

Portrait of a con game.

Love on your author..with cash.

As is the case, present day, every time two political whores have a conversation YOU are being conned, so too is the illegal immigration grift coming near to a conclusion among RINOs, Lefties and the Regime.

Who are the Players?

Along with the usual suspects, the Squad, House and Senate Leadership, White House press bunny, Little Orphan Annie and the puppet himself, you have the players behind the curtain. These are the representatives of the Davos cult in OUR government. Barry O, Ron Klain, Susan Rice, et al. (None of these people give a warm poopie about the illegals. They have an agenda, and the illegals are their playthings.)

There is also an army of NGO’s (anything at all other then non-governmental) and non-profits (which actually boast no profit, but the owners of which bilk the government for millions in out tax dollars.). These latter two are the people who coordinate the movement of diseased foreigners into and around our country. You see them at the beginning and end of the sanctuary bus trips for example, giving out hugs and smiles. They are there to instruct the illegals how to get to the free hotels (that are being wrecked by illegals), how to get on welfare, how to get on social security (Legally? Cool. Illegally? Just as good.) and how to get bogus ID cards so they can [sigh] come out of the shadows and later vote illegally.


They also remind the illegals constantly which party got them in and monied them up. Democrat-O. Comprende amigos, bitches?

The Set-up

For decades, in fact since the day after Reagan’s amnesty fiasco, the Left and Rino whores have called America heartless if they didn’t want illegals infesting their streets. All the while they were happy to bring them across in ever increasing numbers.

Then the Donald came along and kicked over everybody’s sand castles. There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth. The Lefties knew if they were going to get this game rolling again, they needed an action plan

So here’s the set-up. Coordinate with other Lefties throughout Central and South America to start sending trainloads of people to the border WHILE the Trump administration was trying to staunch the flow.

The Hook

Most of what Trump did from here on out played right into the Lefty agenda by providing daily grist for propaganda. Who remembers AOC’s faking tears next to the cages, of which Obama had made much more aggressive use. All the while, Trump thought he was making progress against illegal immigration. The numbers were down. If he were dealing with an honest opposition, he would have been. But they were using the fiction and propaganda to their advantage. Trump was just drawing back their slingshot further.

Covid brought numbers down even further. No to zero, we were still bringing in thousands of illegals with THEIR Covid and other diseases and their crime and their drugs, etc. But we got more images of people piling up on the Mexico side, “vitcims” of the remain in Mexico policy.

The Tale

An old phrase began to take on new life as we struggled to keep the illegals on the far side of the border. “The system is broken.” This was the nexus of the bullshit used to confuse the mark (YOU) into thinking the millions they were going to smuggle were the result of a “broken immigration system”. It was employed in the con as a Tale because it didn’t actually mean anything. We have a system. whether you like it or not, you don’t have a LEGAL choice to move without it. The political whores running the grift knew that half of you would fall for it and echo it on social media.

The Wire

Even before he was elected, the puppet, Joe Biden followed orders and started inviting illegals to come here contrary to law. There was a chorus on the Left echoing his stupidity. Once in office he started to say don’t come. But behind the scenes, minions were working hard on the Regime’s behalf to get as many illegals into the country, and to kill as many Americans as possible in one four-year term.

And over the border they came. The Left was beside itself with joy to learn that not only were Latinos pouring in, but people from all over the world realized the most insecure border in the world was the US southern border. It was beyond the wildest dreams of the Left that some were suspected terrorists from Yemen and Uzbekistan, as well as Chinese communists with REALLY nice luggage.

The Shut-out

With millions coming per year, the GOP finally got up the sack to start pushing back. But they lacked the numbers in the Senate. The RINOs in the House helped by giving lip service to the problem, but at the same time making sure the purse strings would remain open and that no substantive vote would ever pass to stop the flow, at least for a while.

The country had to REALLY EXPERIENCE a MAJOR illegal immigration crisis before the con was finally played out. And eight million (and counting) illegals later, another 70 or 80 thousand drug deaths per year later, that is precisely where we are now.


The Sting.

A quality con requires that the mark (YOU) doesn’t know it’s been played. I am doing my best to ruin that. Since no one did anything about it to date, despite warnings from people like me for years, that’s all I have left.

The Biden Regime, or what I like to call Obama’s third term, is about to reach a “compromise”1 with congress whereby only a few million unvetted, possibly criminal, possibly diseased illegals per year will be brought in. The welcome wagon we call a border patrol will be a little less busy every day handing out freebies and doing useless paperwork that will never be seen again.

Twice as many as planned will come in. You’ll be told the welcome wagon is doing everything they can….And here’s Sting…But look what SAVED you from! Last year we had more than 8 million illegals ooze into our midst. But THIS YEAR it’s only 3 or 4 million. Are we heroes, or what?! They will have SAVED you. And millions of you are going to believe it.

Some will really believe it because they’re stupid and gullible. Others will accept it and pretend to believe because they are ashamed that they did nothing and won’t want to face that reality.

Lesson Learned (If you’re capable of it).

This is the exact playbook that will be employed to bring the Davos/WEF cult, and their bankers, and their cronies, and their government drones deep into our society; solidly into your life.

They’ll run this con to get you to accept CBDC, smart cities, ESG, DEI and green scams.2 Whatever your tolerance theshold for this kind of game is, you better reach it quick. Will you fight back NOW? Or in 10 years, with pretend money in a pretend account, will you be siting in the house you used to own and renting it from some WEF jerkoff

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Compromise here defined as the Dems get everything they want and Mitch McConnell makes his caucus eat a shit sandwich…again!


The green scam ship has sailed. We’ve already been played for hundreds of bilons of dollars on that score. Some of it will actually go to make tinker toys that WILL NOT work as advertised. The rest will go into the pockets of people like that knob, Al Gore.


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Photo source: Federation of American Immigration Reform.
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