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The Mentor to Revolutionaries, A Review

The Mentor to Revolutionaries, A Review

Jefferson's Godfather: The Man Behind the Man, by Suzanne Munson

Before we get into the meat of the program today, I want to give a shout out to my buddy Chris Briscoe. He has a cool business fixing wheels on cars. Not tires, the wheels themselves, mostly the decorative rims.

I clipped a curb entering a tunnel a while back, hit it pretty good, and dinged up the two left rims pretty badly. I priced the wheels at $450 per. The same day I was finally pricing the parts, I ran into Chris, towing his business behind him.

For a couple hundred bucks, I have like new wheels again.

This is not a paid endorsement. Chris is a nice guy who did a good job at a very good price. I thought I’d mention it. So if you live in southern Maryland or in Virginia between Richmond and DC, and you have an affinity for caressing curbs with your deluxe rims, call Chris. His info is here:

First, my commentary on the news.

Well, boys and girls, the political whores were out in force on Wednesday with their idotic talking points BLAMING TRUMP for our present border madness (1,000,000+ known illegals this fiscal year to date). When trying to assess the hubris and arrogance of these wretched people…language fails.

Here are the points the whores were trying to make after the failure of the border/Ukraine bill.

  1. The Dems compromised and gave the GOP what they wanted. Have you ever heard anything more removed from reality? The “bill”, intended to fail BY THE DEMS was a bucket load of shit no responsible adult in these United States wants. It was a grab bag of Dem wet dreams and nothing, for the opposition, not even for conservative Democrats.

  2. The “bill” increases funding for border security. If you believe that one, don’t show up at your states primary, or any election for that matter. You’re too stupid to vote. The spending on the border was to increase the size of the welcome wagon so the empty federal uniforms, devoid of dignity, could wave through more unvetted, likely diseased illegals and cut them loose in our population.

  3. The”bill” secures the border. Okay, for the truly credulous, listen closely. The border was already a murderous free for all when the daily invasion numbered 1,000 illegals per day. Now it runs into the several thousands. And that is what the “bill” was intended to codify into law.

Did you know the bill had MORE money for sanctuary cities? That was the primary cushion that draws the diseased masses here to begin with. HOW THE HELL DOES MORE MONEY FOR THEM HELP?


Lankford, McConnell and the Senate Democrat caucus are WHORES! And the garbage they brought up this week in the Senate was designed to fail so these whores could say it is right wing extremists that are stopping us from solving the border problem.

Well, you bag o’dicks, I suppose 73% of Americans are right wing extremists, because that’s who wants the invasion SHUT DOWN!

If you fail to recognize when you are being played this nakedly, you lack both intelligence and dignity. Pray you are not in the majority. Because if your tribe prevails you will get the shitty country you deserve. Who is to say we don’t have that already. But honest, hard-working CITIZENS don’t deserve it.

Seal the border. Start deportations NOW!

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Byron - PLEASE!

As of Wednesday, the Regime’s boot lickers in the DOJ have wrapped up their pretend investigation into Biden’s handling of classified documents. Even as favorable as they will try to make it for Joe Duh, understand this. By the time you see it, it will have been twisted into a pretzel to avoid stating one obvious fact. Old Joe committed MANY counts of illegal acts by STEALING classified documents.

I listened to Byron York comment on this on Wednesday night. He’s an OKAY conservative as TV commentators go. But in his assessment of this case he whiffed it - badly!

When asked about the end of the investigation he said there was a distinct difference between the Biden document case and the Trump document case. He said the difference is that Trump “obstructed” the investigation into his possession of documents, where Joe Duh did not.

That ranks up there with the Dem talking points I discussed before.

THE PRIMARY difference between Trump’s documents and and the Puppet’s case is that Biden STOLE the documents. He had absolutely NO authority to remove them from the spaces in which he viewed them. Trump has a document-by-document case to make for what he could declassify and remove as POTUS, and here he has the advantage over his persecutors.

And as each count drops away, and they will, there is in each, no obstruction possible - only the assertion of the defendants rights under his office.

Damn, Byron. Get your shit together!

On with the learning

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of sitting down with author Suzanne Munson. See that episode, Great Men Speaking to Modern America here.1 Her two major works are the one in this episode’s title and The Metaphysical Thomas Jefferson.

From the outset I made it clear to Suzanne that it was the Jefferson book the sparked my interest in an interview. But I was actually more excited to read about George Wythe.

We all possess at least a fair amount of knowledge about Jefferson. Anyone with the least interest can read any one of dozens of biographies on the man. It is our failing that we know so little about the man who not only shaped Jefferson’s career, but was an important guiding hand in the birth of these United States of America.

So many of the traits we admire about TJ were made a part of his life due to his tutelage of George Wythe. Wythe was fascinated with astronomy, history, language, medicine, statesmanship, agriculture, social dignity and emancipation long before he would meet the author of the Declaration of Independence. These are all traits that fascinate us about Jefferson.

All this and much more is brought to light in Munson’s excellent biography of the man we should know so much more about. We learn about his healthy, almost fastidious habits that put him generations ahead of his peers; for example, he bathed daily. We get to know the man who was considered perhaps the most incorruptible man in Virginia.

In telling us of Wythe and his world, the author brings to life the sights, sounds, grit, beauty and smells (not all of them pleasant) of 18th century Virginia. In learning what moved Wythe, we learn what shaped the loose band of Colonies that would very quickly form a new nation - very much in the mold Wythe would inspire.

The reader will also see many of the names we see as legendary, Washington, Madison, Adams, Franklin, attached to people who were men who would become legends, thanks to their exposure to the intellect and vision of George Wythe. Perhaps we can make Franklin an exception to that, as he was a peer of George’s and a world figure in his own right.

To understand Wythe is to understand the most essential underpinnings of not only the revolution, but the foundation upon which this nation staggered onto the world stage. Without his steady hand at the till in those early days, forming the minds that would stand in our courts and legislatures, who knows what might have become of us.

There is much for anyone to learn and emulate in George Wythe. But young men especially would do well to shape their lives as he did.

Suzanne gives us all of this in a pleasant, readable narrative. One can see the moments of fun the author had in connecting old cliches to where they may have been first uttered. And that flavor, along with her detailed understanding of politics, society and commerce of the age, places us in the streets of Williamsburg and greater Virginia in the life and times of George Wythe.

I give Jefferson’s Godfatherfour stars **** and a strong recommendation. If you are a student of early American History, it is a must-read.


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There are only two healthy places for your eyeballs, here and in a good book.

Some of you may have noticed that a lot of the books I review here, and did in my WordPress days, are not new. My goal is not to promote the newest best-sellers (although I am always open for business if you need a promo), but to encourage among my readers the habit of reading for enjoyment. As well, I want to offer regular readers a list of choices they may have not considered.

For my part, when browsing a book store, a great pastime if you haven’t tried it, I almost never buy a book. It is often too hard to decide what to chose from reading one front flap after another. Sometimes I score. But usually if I buy a book at a brick and mortar, it was the one I went with the intention to buy.

I have more often than not bought books on a trusted recommendation or as a branch of research.

After Dunkirk, by Lee Jackson

My habit is to read for fun over breakfast, then start my day. Lately I have been pursuing series packages. The most recent of these is the series that starts with After Dunkirk. I have one or two installments left before I find out how WWII ended.

The books are pretty basic, but with characters and story lines the reader wants to see to the end. Most of the main characters are relatable and easy to sympathize with.

To be honest, the story line is what hooked me. It is perfect for two types of readers. The perfect age group for this series would be the young adult market. The plot feels a bit like The Hardy Boys Meet World Conflagration. The Littlefield family members time and again find themselves sitting across the room from Winston Churchill, FDR, famous field commanders and other movers and shaker of the period.

It’s all pretty standard stuff as historical fiction goes. But it is a bit ham-handed. An example of how such works should develop would be Herman Wouk’s Winds of War (to be featured here soon).

So along with young readers, if you are a person not likely to pick up a tome from the likes of Wouk or Ladislas Farago, but you really like WWII stories, this series is for you. You get to see real events unfold up close. Historical figures take on a more human stature. The characters are your eyes and ears. It’s an easy, fun read. It can be a list of beach books, lasting for several weeks of your summer or just something you do instead of watching Joe Rogan shows, which you should never do anyway. He’s so last week. I’m the man now.

I give the entire After Dunkirk series 3 stars ***. Recommended for enjoyable, light reading. If you start the series and like the Littlefield back-story, you’ll finish the lot. Get your copy here. After Dunkirk by Lee Jackson (Book 1)

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The P4B Book List

A strong P4B recommendation: The Mysterious Case of Rudolf Diesel: Genius Power and Deception on the Eve of WWI by Douglas Brunt A real-life murder mystery.

An easy, fun read with lots of follow-ons: After Dunkirk by Lee Jackson. Part 1 of a WWII historical fiction series.

A studious and interesting study. Excellent reading. Jefferson's Godfather, the Man Behind the Man: George Wythe, Mentor to the Founding Fathers by Suzanne Munson. See Suzanne’s appearance on the P4B here.

New on the List

The Winds of War by Herman Wouk This the first in a two part epic. Like After Dunkirk, it is a WWII historical fiction. But it is a much deeper dive. Very well written. You will get lost in it. I will do a complete review here later. But I’ll cut to the chase…*****


I find a book takes on a whole new significance if you know the author and the author’s voice.

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