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More Diesel, Quick hits, and John Kerry

More Diesel, Quick hits, and John Kerry

Kerry tells you he and the WEF are going to screw you!

All 50 States by hte New Year!

Still being fascinated.

I am still reading The Mysterious Case of Rudolf Diesel by Douglas Brunt (first mentioned here). I usually have two or three books open at any one time. And I wanted to finish the next in a WWII series of novels I was engrossed in. I did. Now I have the time to dedicate my morning reading to Brunt.

I can tell you most confidently, it is a worthwhile read. The complex threads Brunt weaves into the story are having a duel effect. As I said before, the long-standing power connection between government and cronies (that’s called fascism), that drove corruption then, is still as prevalent, or more so, today. More on this in a bit.

But it is also an excellent history lesson about things large and small. And it demonstrates how the small things (Diesle’s love of art and conflicting views of militarism, for example) give color and life to the large.

I’m about half way through the book. Perhaps I’ll do a proper review when I finish. I should probably do one on the After Dunkirk series as well. It’s an interesting historical fiction loaded with little factoids we never knew or have long forgotten in the sea of low-rent TV documentaries that are so popular these days.


Mea Culpa

I was wrong. Take a screen shot. It doesn’t happen often.

I told you that the pathetic wretches Gavin Newsome had scraped from the streets of San Francisco for Xi Jinping’s visit would be back within a few months. That was other than correct. It took about a week.

Newsome, his nose still brown from his previous visit to his comrades in the CCP, held a news conference during the great disinfection of San Francisco’s streets. When asked the obvious question about the stunt, he was most firm. No, he insisted, these streets are now safe! And this is only the first step. We are going to make all California’s streets look like this.

You bet.

Predictably, it did turn out to be just another opportunity for Newsome to snuffle like a piglet between Richochet Rabbit’s butt cheeks again.

And this is the guy most likely to replace Biden when Old Joe steps aside after the convention. Remember this. Think about what a shit stain California has become in the last few years. As president, Glamorous Gavin will not only allow the entire country to become California, he is determined to make it happen. It will be intentional.

A quick question:

Where, IN THEEE HELL, did the boney, confused, old puppet come up with $200 million for Ukraine last week? Did the Federal Reserve issue him a personal check book? Chew on that and hit me in the comments. It should prove a lively discussion about who would be allowed, in a REAL constitutional republic, to spend money.

Yes, by that phraseology, I am implying we are no longer a real republic. We haven’t been at least since LBJ, possibly since FDR. The United States of America, as identified in the Constitution no longer exists. Do we have enough patriots in this country to revive it?

Is there an insult which would go low enough to label congressional Democrats?

I really like British and Australian comedians. They have real moxie. They frequently refer to weak, ignorant losers as “cunts”. It sounds funny as hell when they do that. Surely, this week, watching events unfold, they’d refer to House Democrats as cunts. And they’d be right to do so.

I would never do that. I never employ such language. But comedians loyal to King Chuckie1 might.

As of this writing the crackhead has flaunted the congressional subpoena in a remarkably stupid way. He stood in front of the building he was supposed to walk into to give testimony.

Strictly speaking, if you don’t show for a subpoena, you best have a damn good reason why you cannot PHYSICALLY be present. But the crackhead was physically THERE! And he used the opportunity to insult the entity that issued the subpoena. Pretty damn stupid.

Naturally, the House Dems circled the wagons to protect the crackhead. The cunts (oops, sorry) complained this initial appearance by the crackhead was supposed to be a closed-door event. That somehow invalidates the exercise.

Well, for all four years of the previous administration, in support of charges devoid of the least validity, the very same Dems held countless initial closed-door hearings with subjects. Most of the proceedings were held in secret. But now they bitch.

How long will you let these creatures represent you?

John Kerry spews cringe-worthy truth from his blue-blood blowhole.

When the cult gathers in Davos every year they spout the most egregious affronts to individual rights and decency. They capture themselves on tape doing so. Then when called out on it, they deny saying such things in interviews. Ignorant drones on social media, welded to their tribe in blind loyalty, call quoting the Davos cult “conspiracy theories”.

All this is led by their cult leader, a ridiculous German who likes to dress like a Klingon, Klaus Schwab. He is the Jim Jones of the wealthy, power-hungry, private jet crowd. These rich geeks think the lyrics to If I Were a Rich Man are an example of valid philosophy rather than the simple-minded cynicism they were intended to convey. “When you’re rich they think you really know…”. This collection of wealthy wingnuts have convinced themselves that since they built computer businesses, or designed better mouse traps, they have been endowed with a mystical knowledge of EVERYTHING. They conclude thereby, that they should be the masters of all life on the planet.

Don’t get me wrong. At least some of them realize the nonsense about Global Warming and the population crisis, etc., that they make up, is truly bullshit. Some don’t. But they all know the manufactured problems they claim to combat should be their ticket to untrammeled power.

Their greatest advantage is that the stupid, true believers are working at all levels of all Western governments. These are both professional politicians, who have never put their hand to real work and career bureaucrats, most of whom owe their existence to busy work, mini-empire building and spinning the wheels of bureaucracy to create the illusion of activity.

It is through these drones that the cult is gaining traction for their ideas and ambitions. And what are these ambitions? One way to find out is to browse this Substack. I have taken on the Davos/WEF cult frequently over the last few years. The buttons lead to examples here and at the Revolt.

Rome In Bed With Davos Cult

Then there's this from the Revolt

The cult’s immediate priorities.

It is through listening to John Kerry in a recent interview with France 24 we see the immediate plans of the Klingon worshipers. They have decided in the near term to go after your food supply to control population growth. Naturally, Kerry uses global warming as his casis belli.

Let’s dip in, shall we?

Idiotic point #1: Population

“This has already stretched food and energy needs and supplies. UN projections say the figure will balloon to 9.7 billion2 in the middle of the century.”

Kerry is concerned. "I don't think it's sustainable personally".

Why is this such an idiotic point?

Well, first, right out of the gate the article mentions food and energy. The assertion is that there won’t be enough to feed everyone.

Until recently, despite piss-poor planning and the glorification of urbanization, the United States had a pretty damn good agricultural sector. We, along with Ukraine were among the countries that fed the entire world. But now, as Kerry expresses his worry about feeding all those new humans, he’s doing his best to make it impossible.

And while he is saying this, his cult, the WEF, is convincing their drones in government to eviscerate the farming sector with propaganda about climate change causing GW/CC and the need to cut back on fertilizers. If we are going to have more people on the big blue marble, we need more food, not less.

The cult knows this. That’s WHY they are attacking the farming industry. They want it to fail. They need it to fail. It must shrink and become unstable so they can buy it and control it.

The Chinese know this too. They are in bed with the Klingon and buying up huge swathes of farmland in America. Bill Gates is doing the same thing. He’ll tell you it is because he cares. That has nothing to do with it. It’s all about how many calories will be made available to you in their Retarded New World and who will sell them to you.

I said I’d get back the the Diesel book earlier. Here’s the parallel. Bill Gates and the Chinese and the rest of the Davos/WEF cult care about you in the way that John D. Rockefeller cared about people in his day. He didn’t. He set out to corner markets for every single thing he sold. In the process he found more things to sell and monopolize again. THAT is the thinking that drives the Davos cult.

They intend to do it all by breaking modern agriculture first.

Christmas tips for MJ

Sri Lanka as a cautionary tale.

Let me wax tangential for just a minute or two. When the Davos/ WEF cult announced their plan to use Sri Lanka as their test bed for farming, to prove they know better than framers how to grow food, their drones across the globe applauded. The project was a propaganda bonanza.

At the time, Sri Lanka was a tiny country with a dense population. It relied on exporting an annual surplus of food for income.

The Kilngon’s minions convinced or cajoled or bribed the Sri Lankan government to immediately halt imports of real fertilizer. Farmers were told to use natural compost.

The first year yields were in the toilet, of course. Only a hopeless idiot would expect otherwise. By the second year the population was broke and starving.

Instead of seeing the failure for what it was, cult drones in the media blamed the RESULTING shortage of cash for being the ORIGINAL problem that led to the crash of the Sri Lankan economy. This is revisionist history, written within a year of the failed green scam. The propagandists said it couldn’t have been farming methods. Established “organic” growers had yields as good or better than the regular farmers during this inhumane experiment. AND “organic” farmers even got a premium for their tea!

Some of you see where this is going. But some don’t.

The first clue you can glean that this is propaganda is that organic farmers always charge more for their product. It is labor-intensive and low yield operation in the best of times. It doesn’t provide any additional nutritional value over real farming. AND they have a captive clientele who will pay more so they can impress other idiots that they only buy “organic”.

So, when Davos and the Sri Lankan government trashed the nation’s farming sector, organic farm yields didn’t COME UP to compete with real farming. Real farms failed to the point of yielding what the little “organic” farms could yield, which is not enough to sustain Sri Lanka as an agricultural exporter.

So no, asshats. It wasn’t a shortage of money and credit that destroyed an agricultural success story. It was a hair brain, cult scheme that destroyed Sri Lanka’s farming, CAUSING A LOSS OF CASH AND CREDIT! If anyone tells you different, and they are trying, it’s a lie.

And through the manipulation of fertilizer guidelines in the US, along with restricting the use of natural gas in the process,3 the Davos drones in our government, backed by the Davos kingpins working to corner markets for their own benefit, are doing to our Ag sector what they did to Sri Lanka’s. And you’re going to fall for it! Or are you? Much more in a minute.

Continued after ad

Okay, let’s take a break.

I don’t know about you, but I need a couple minutes of happy, happy, joy, joy. And we have that right now. The holidays are here. The time of year between Thanksgiving and Christmas is my favorite time of year. I hope that’s true for you, too.

Please, as you celebrate this year, don’t get caught up in the hype. The gifts are fun, but they are not that important. Take pictures, but don’t be like me, getting so focused on taking photos that you lose the actual experience of the moments. See EVERYTHING around you. Your kid’s giddy smiles, your granddaughters hair, the neighbors crazy over-the-top decorations, the quiet time before going to bed. Take mental snapshots of your family and friends. Inhale it all deeply. Immerse yourself in it.

This is the point in the podcast when I would talk about our main support, Po River. And I will put some pics and links in the text. But I can no longer guarantee arrival by Christmas for the designs I have made offsite, mostly mugs, clothes and ornaments. There is a fair chance it will, but I can’t promise. Even my in-house stuff will be a tight squeeze.

But whether you do order something or not, I am hoping you are looking forward to the next few weeks.

I realize some people reading this don’t get too amped about the holidays. You don’t have family or you don’t like crowds. Social obligations give you anxiety. For you, I’ll suggest that you go through this time and just be you. Don’t interact in a way you think people expect you to. Seek joy your way. Smile at strangers and say hello. See how many smile back. Wish everyone well and be grateful for the ones who reciprocate.

And my challenge to everyone is to look out for those you know are alone for the holidays. Seek them out. You know who they are. Invite them to talk about things they care about. Make them smile. Take a mental snapshot of that. Be grateful for the joy you’ll feel at seeing them happy or grateful.

The two-stroke reciprocating engine of love is never so valuable or evident, or as easy to operate, as it is during the holidays. Use it.

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It’s almost time to plan your beach vacation.
Listing image 4

Listing image 1
One of a kind. Salvaged wood. Custom etched and hand-painted.

See everything at Po River HERE.

Back to America and the wider world.

Along with their patented GMO veggies and taters, the cult wants to sell you their fake meat. They claim this will fight global warming. But fake meat plants will emit more pollution and “greenhouse gasses” per pound than real beef, pork or chicken. The cult and their bankers (BlackRock, Vanguard) own the fake meat industry and the bugs-for-food industry. They know their shit won’t be nearly as satisfying as the real thing. They know they won’t reduce pollution by a single cubic liter. So they need to destroy the real thing. They’ll reduce it down to a level of production and raise the price point so that only they can enjoy it.

In other words, John Kerry, et al, are not the least concerned about feeding the masses. They are concerned with controlling the markets and selling you everything you will be permitted to eat.

If these power monkeys were as smart as they pretend to be (they’re not) they’d have been striving since their inception to EXPAND the farming sector, possibly improving the chemicals used in fertilizer to make them even safer. They would have been touting the benefits of lots of REAL, HEALTHY food production. They’d have encouraged the training young people how to become successful farmer themselves. But they didn’t.

If these power monkeys were smart enough to run everything (they’re not), they’d have seen decades ago that we were reaching our demographic/productive peak. Which we did in 2019.4 They’d have encouraged us to decentralize, reduce urbanization and not try to rely on tech to save us. But they didn’t.

The fact is, the cult and their government drones DON’T know what is good for you. They only know what they want to do to you. Climate alarmism, what I referred here to as a new religion, isn’t real. It’s a tool, a magician’s misdirection. These people are using an Orson Wells flimflam to spread panic and get you to fall into line with the rest of the drones.

Crap! I am several minutes into this segment and I’ve only scratched the surface of the bullshit in ONE article. See? That’s how prolific is the manure spread by these charlatans.

What else did the BS article say?

“Global warming is exacerbating the problem. The landmark 2015 Paris Agreement calls for capping global warming at ‘well below‘ two degrees Celsius and 1.5C if possible.”

This kind of talk gets funnier and funnier every goddamn time I see it!

These people don’t know how to achieve anything like what is touted in the quote. They just don’t. They make it up out of whole cloth. First the make up the problem, GW/CC. Then they make up fake figures to fight the fake problem. They tell us that if we cut X amount of carbon or carbon dioxide5 from the atmosphere, we’ll throttle the global temperature by X amount.

They don’t know that! They have no idea the effect. The West has made radical reductions in all kinds of pollutants, including CO2 since 1970, radical reductions! And yet we are told that had no effect. So how can more reductions result in in an exact temperature reduction? 1.5 degrees! Kiss my ass, liars.

And, as I’ve said on this Substack before6, they claim to know how to control global temperatures to within a degree (they can’t). But not a single one of these schemers and charlatans can tell you the optimum temperature of the earth. Are we moving toward it or away from it? None can explain the greening that is occurring around the Sahara desert.

In this light the article goes on to repeat the old GW/CC scam line. “Cattle rearing for human consumption, food waste and deforestation further contribute to warming, which in turn is responsible for droughts, flooding and extreme weather conditions.”

What an amazing substance the devil gas, CO2 is. Like it’s partner methane, as designated by the Cult to find new villains, it can cause floods AND drought! And of course, it causes all manner of imaginary “extreme weather conditions.” When asked to catalog those conditions, the drones and cultists just get mad at you.

Continuing the point from the previous week about Rockefeller compared to the modern monopolists, these guys are playing you. They are using a long-game con to acquire total control of governments and economies for their own gain. And that of their progeny. They truly wish to go down in history as the creators of a new feudal system in which you will be the serf providing these modern lords with luxuries while you eat the bugs and fake meat they require you to eat.

Another way to look at it might be a global company town. They monopolize the output, you get subsistence, nothing more. Anything you do buy; food, clothes, furniture, comes from their stores ONLY.

You will be warehoused in their “smart cities”, mentioned here among many other places. You will be monitored, controlled and obedient.


Personally, I think King Chuckie is a cunt. This has mostly to do with his membership in the Davos cult, to be discussed here.


This figure must be taken with a grain of salt. First, most of the world is experiencing demographic decline. Also, we are already well over 8 billion. 9+ billion is not “ballooning”.


Natural gas is a byproduct of oil rigs that used to be burned off (flared). When a use was first found for it, the gas was sold at a loss to avoid storing it. Natural gas is the cheapest shit on the planet! But by restricting the import of component parts of fertilizer, and over-regulating their use, the flip side of the process, (natural gas) is purchased in smaller quantities. This makes fertilizer across the board much more expensive.


It’s all downhill from 2019, folks.


The two terms are used interchangeably. They are two different substances with their own properties. But no matter when you are running a scam anyway. Just keep repeating the lines. Thank you, Joe Goebbels.


You should employ this question in every discussion with a GW/CC sucker you encounter.

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